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  • Mandi Lulur

    It is supposedly used by Malay brides for 7 consecutive days before their wedding.

    Has anyone heard of this before? Any other further information? And where to puchase it?

    I have made a search earlier and can't find any information, if there is a similar topic, can the CozyCrew please merge the thread. Thanks!

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    Yes, heard of this before. Please view link here for more info: Asmara Tropical Spa

    Weeks ago, I saw one shop providing such a service at Parkway Parade Shopping Centre located opposite of an Indonesian Store near Level 1 washrooms.

    Hope that helps some!


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      i've tried mandi lulur once when i was in Bali It's great and i like the floral nice smell. I'm not sure if this pdts are available in SG but when my aunt came over for visit last year, she brought like 10 tubs of different mandi lulur thingy for me. It cost RM 15.00 on the price sticker.


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        Thanks peeps! Can anyone advise me where i can get hold of a tub?


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          Hi chiyochan,

          Be aware that lulur scrub uses turmeric as one of its ingredients. As the result, your hands and fingernails may turn yellow. That's why I prefer to have mandi lulur at spa


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            chiyochan - You can try beauty shop that stocks indonesian products like Puteri and Mustika Ratu. The one that i have are from Mustika Ratu. They comes in different scents and ingredients. One of them are Mandi Lulur Bunga and it's white in color and won't turn you hand yellow.



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              Hi jepunnye, where can i find these beauty shops? Any address? TIA!


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                ermm have no idea sorry.


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                  i got my frend to buy me 4 bottles!
                  2 milk and 2 honey...
                  anyone interested? i can sell u 1 milk and 1 honey..cuz it's extra bottles...
                  $6 each


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                    chiyochan, read from another Forum and as dolphin
                    mentioned before, krem mandi lulur is available at parkway parade ($5 per tub) another place at one shop that are same level as Daiso, cost $4.90 per tub.
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                      Thanks jepunnye! I shall go check it out!


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                        if you go to bangkok or london, check out the boots pharmacy. they have same mande lulur products from "the sanctuary" spa. they don't come cheap though. one tub will set you back $20 but i happily lugged back 3 tubs. they have mande lulur (body souffle), mande scrub (which i like!) and mande susu (bath foam).

                        alternatively, if you've a bath tub, you can conjure up a bath filled with water and yoghurt or water and milk. hold your breaths though.


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                          LULUR: (translation: Coating of the Skin), is a luxurious ritual from the Royal Palaces of Central Java, Indonesia. The ancient tradition lasts for 40 days. Every day, prior to marriage celebrations, Lulur is given to the bride-to-be to beautify, soften, and sweeten her skin by the other women in the family, as a way of passing on wisdom and nurturing. In modern times, Lulur is now a popular spa treatment suggested for men and women, and not only on a wedding day!


                          Where to buy lulur?
                          1) JAMU @ #03-25B IMM (same level as Daiso, near Commercial Press) $3.60 per tub

                          2) Toko Warisan @ Blk 1 Joo Chiat Complex #02-1017 Tel: 67455871 $3 per tub

                          3) Any malay beauty/jamu shops

                          250g in a tub


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                            CAN WE HAVE A SPREE FOR THIS PLEASE? i'm like having something on everyday that i cant actually go down to have a look


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                              Lesean, yday i was at IMM, that's where i saw the JAMU shop, but didn't get the lulur since it's $0.60 more ex (i admit i'm a cheapo). This shop sells really interesting stuff. I saw alot of malay tradional stuff eg. breast firming cream, those malay herb thingy for slimming, herbal shampoo, after delivery stuff for mother etc.

                              Hmm... if I go JC complex, I sms u, can help u CP the lulur.

                              P/S: the 3-tier drawers at Daiso are oos again. 2-tier still left with clear and blue. =(