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  • Sleeping stockings

    I recently bought a pair of Firstmix sleeping stockings from for $25. I didn't have high hopes that it'll really work but I do hope that it'll at least help shave off a few cm. I can't comment on the effectiveness yet as I have only used it for 2 weeks. It feels really comfortable but the tightness might need some getting used to. The quality isn't very good though. After just using it for 2 weeks, some furring can be seen and there's some loosening of threads. I don't think it can last for very long. For the original price of $100 plus, I don't think it is worth it at all. I've heard of another brand Medi Otto; has anyone used it before? I might get that when my current one can't be used anymore.

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    I also saw that brand. The price is around $45 in Guardian. So expensive and they say it's not effective at all.