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body aches - any cures?

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  • body aches - any cures?

    Hi there!

    Has anyone felt constant body aches.. like when u wake up u feel that ur whole body is aching?

    Any cures for it?
    please help.. TIA

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    I get body aches too especially when that time of the month is coming.
    When it gets really bad,I just take pain relievers or have my bf massage my back. Not sure what else can be done :roll: anyone?


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      priscillia, sometimes i get body aches too especially when i just woke up. I think it might be due to your sleeping position. Either that or something wrong with your bed. Might be too hard for you. Did you just change mattress recently?


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        i think its due to streneous exercise? :roll:
        actualy its not me, its my SO.
        his work involves alot of streneous work.. every morning he complains of body aches.
        i was wondering how i could help..

        does going for massage helps?


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          Massages should help.. u can help massage him & see what he says.
          Did he just started this job? Maybe he's just not used to it.. should get better over time


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            there is this believe that if you use too much metal or stainless stil to cook your cook you'll get the constant ache... use earthern wares and porcelain will be better... and there's this cream which is very multi purpose.... the brand is l'erbolario.... its very good for body ache and all sorts... it really works for me.... it ease the pain....


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              actually he has been on this job for more than a yr already..
              he uses alot of strength to do work.. that's i supposed how the aches come about.

              in fact i have been massaging for him already.. its either realy no cure or that my massaging skills is atrocious..

              Audrey may i knw where to buy the cream - l'erbolario hopefully its not only by prescription. thanks!


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                Originally posted by Priscillia
                Has anyone felt constant body aches.. like when u wake up u feel that ur whole body is aching?
                Any cures for it? please help.. TIA
                Priscillia, you may want to change your bed to a harder one. I find that my body tends to ache whenever I sleep on soft beds.


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                  A nice hot steaming shower helps you sleep better, loosens your knotted muscles & relaxes you @ the same time too! Try it, it works!


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                    I have bodyache after every workout at the gym and my FH bought me an Electronic Pulse massager. Personally, i find it works. Alternatively, a nice hot shower should do the trick as well.


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                      you can buy the cream from l'erbolario at stamford house... at city hall.... the shop is one the first level....near the entrance... the cream is call mud cream... or you can also use the copper cream... but mud cream really works for me cos recently my left arm was very weak and no strength and i applied the cream everyday and also on my neck and back.... now its so much ease off the tight tension from my back and neck and helps regain the strength on my arm....

                      and alos a warm bath will help... use shower gels like lavender and geranium... they work for me... and massage helps a lot..


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                        thanks Audrey!!
                        a tube roughly last how long? i shld b going down to take a look..
                        seems like they sell quite a range ya

                        poochi, in fact i just changed my mattress just a few months back.
                        the mattress is not too soft, but not those extreme hard kind.. IMO

                        i shall try the cream n monitor its effects..
                        thanks all~


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                          no problem, it depends on how often you use prisicilla, its not a huge tube though and its quite a thin tube.... something like toothpaste tube but smaller in size and its about the length of the 15 cm ruler ( the short ruler ) . and its only 50ml.

                          i use it everyday twice, once in the day and once before bed time for the first continous week and then lesser... so i still have my tube and it last quite long. at least more than a month. but it works and is useful. try the copper cream too. and the scent is not very strong, not that medicated, smells natural so its good.

                          good luck!


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                            Home acupuncture product. For instance, pillows, mits, etc like the Prickley Pad. I am sure there are other's on the market, I am just familiar with this one. I have had numerous issues with my shoulder, neck, and back (I am a retired tennis coach). This type of product is very practical for those who are looking for a natural way for the body to heal by stimulating blood. It has worked wonders for me, 30 minutes a day.

                            and to cure muscle aches put more potassium in your diet by eating bananas or taking potassium caplets. Potassium is an essential mineral required for proper heart and muscle function.