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    Originally posted by snowrunner
    Question, what's the difference between Eau de Perfume and the Perfume oils?
    Under FAQs:

    What is the difference between eau de parfume and perfume oils? Which one will last longer on skin?
    Eau de Parfumes are made with special perfumer's alcohol base. I personally tested 4 bases before this one, none came close by staying power. It specifically designed to sty longer on your skin - and it will, all day!
    Perfume oils are formulated for customers who does have problems with alcohol on skin, and prefer more natural approach to perfumes. They contain same % of fragrance, but in oil blend base.
    Both Eau de Parfumes and Perfume oils contain same % of fragrance - usually 30-35%.
    In mist cases, Eau de Parfume will last longer on skin, but it really depends on you particular skin chemistry - and for some perfume oil may work better. Try our vial samples first to find the right base and scents.


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      i went through the whole site of the scents! too many for me to make a decision!

      all the scents sound can't wait to get them!

      just wondering, any non musky scents you ladies can recommend?

      cheng: i wanted to get the lipbalms initially! but i couldn't decide.


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        I got a reply from Nadia!

        Hi, J!
        They called flavors instead of scents just to differentiate from regular scents (regular fragrances cannot be used in lip balms). It's only smell, no taste; but sometimes smell tricks your mind to think it taste like it, too.
        As far as color, it is colored lightly - you see the color in the container, but it goes clear on lips. More like a gloss
        Grape is blue in container, clear on lips, and it does smell like sweet grapes
        Have a great 4th of July!
        Nadia @ GLS


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          sounds so tempting. slurps*


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            i'm sorry if this question has been asked a million times.

            that means for the spree, we can get a max of 10 Eau de Perfume only if we get $10 worth of normal products right? or is it that we can get the Eau de Perfume only if we get $10 of the regular products.

            i got again cause i saw some cotters posting for the Eau de Perfume only.

            cheng: that was fast! try the balms and LMK?

            don't worry Vin, you'll get yours soon too!


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              Yes, you have to order something before you can order the vials. If you wish to order about 2-3 vials, you do not need to chalk up $10usd as there is space in the spree.


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                thanks, jean! for the clarification! can't wait to get the stuff.

                how long will it take to reach us? vpost ya?


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                  Hmm.. got my package yesterday. The perfume sample vials are REALLY tiny - I think not more than 10 uses.

                  Seems to fade too - or maybe i didn't put enough. But it smells great anyway, although I may have overdosed on Mango-smelling ones..


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                    I got my package yesterday! Thanks nitefrost for the meetup

                    So what did Nadia give you ladies for extras? Yup the vials are indeed tiny, and I didn't try to sniff all tho'. Scared it'll spill Trying one scent now - "Iced Mint Tea" and I love it! A little goes a long way and I am looking forward to try the soaps tonight


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                      I got iced mint tea as an extra and Im loving it more than the ones I actually ordered! I love my summer fling soap too! it fills my room with this fresh floral fruity scent, BUT when I use it to bathe, the scent didnt quite last

                      As for the lotions(rich and creamy range), I do very much prefer skindazzles's body whip. Perhaps I chose the wrong scents. Lait sucre and oatmeal,milk,honey just didnt work for me. Coconut pear was okay. I quite like the texture though. not sticky at all.


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                        You're welcome Fates It was great meeting you...

                        Lea, I am sorry the scent didn't work for you.. I love OMH scent in the soap but not so much in the perfume oil.. I have Lait Sucre n Coconut Pear in EDP vials before and they are still my favourites.. probably the lotion/cream made the scent change a bit?

                        Ice mint tea sounds interesting... I am looking forward to try this

                        What are your top 5 scents would you recommend from GLS in EDP or soap?
                        Let the ball rolls...

                        Here's mine - EDP - Pot O Honey, Amour de Cacao, Lait Sucre, Coconut Pear, Color Purple (Got this as extra - it has candy scent which is violet I think)

                        I will do the review for the my order when i have more time...


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                          i think i have ice mint tea as an extra too!

                          the scents smell all the same to me in the package though. haven't really had time to go and sniff them. but i think i'll take a better sniff at the ice mint tea when i do get down to opening the scents.

                          i like the applicious soap sampler that i got from the spree! a bit disappointed that the scent doesn't linger on the skin though.

                          jaslyn got a bottle of the blackberry EDP. and i think the smell's so jealous!

                          will do a proper review when i use the scents!


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                            I've noticed that the scent tends to only "diffuse" once warmed by your skin, so you can't really get an idea of what it smeels like in the vial.

                            Has anyone noticed if the scent can be smelled by other people? Seems quite subtle to me.


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                              Originally posted by chiri
                              jaslyn got a bottle of the blackberry EDP. and i think the smell's so jealous!
                              I rec jas to buy that! I was introduced to that scent by jemay, when jean decided to dispense some from her bottle for jemay to try. Jemay spray it on my hand and the scent still linger after i bathed. And best of all it works well with my body chemistry!


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                                daphnee: i know! jaslyn told me: daphnee recommended! OMG, i should've asked for your recommendation! i wanna get that the next time!

                                snowrunner: i noticed that the smell's quite subtle too. i think it wouldn't be strong or too lasting in the weather we have here?