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    Has anyone tried their spa or massage package from Aromatic House ?

    I was reading the papers today when I chanced upon their advertisements. Their massage and scrub is only going for $68 now (usual $170)

    Any reviews on the services from this place?

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    I've been to the one at Serangoon Gardens, which is supposed to be the biggest outlet for them. It has an outdoor jacuzzi (didn't see it as it was night then) and a mini gym.

    The treatment I got was pretty ok, quite standard. I had the scrub, wrap and massage. I didn't like the way the therapist did the scrub. The bed was against the wall, so she had me to bend my legs and kinda have to assist her in having her scrub my body. Not relaxing as I had to do the work, moving myself around. Same as with the wrap.

    The massage, done by another therapist, was better.

    The place itself was not bad, treatment rooms can be bigger though. The lounge area is nice, with several large daybeds to rest on.

    The consultants were very pushy in getting you to sign up for packages. She kept me there for more than 30mins after the treatment despite me telling her I am not interested. She just kept lowering the price of the packages and throw in more freebies. Then she got another consultant to talk to me, so the two of them kept yapping away. But I just wasn't interested as I don't really want to tie myself to a place where I wasn't wow by the therapists.

    Conclusion: You can get good bargain if you are interested in signing up the packages as they will keep lowering the prices to fit your budget.


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      I agreed with silvercloud, they are very pushy and made you stay with them to listen to sales talk. I would say I walked out of the spa house feeling more stressful than relaxed. Will not go back again, bad experience.


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        Did they have an outlet in Tanjong Pagar some years back? Still there?


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          The first outlet is at Outram, opp SGH carpark.
          My mum had a package there many yrs back then she stopped going and transferred the package to me.
          It was so sickening everytime I was there they "announce" to each other that I'm using my mum's package and keep pushing me to sign their package although still a lot left.
          End up I'm too scared to go back there. Rather leave the credits unused than to go back to be pressurised.


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            I have the same experience - the consultants keep pushing me everytime I go such that I would rather give up my credits than go there to be stressed. I think there're other better places around!


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              is aromatic house still around?

              hey, does anyone know if aromatic house is still around? my mum still has a few thousand dollars there (which she stupidly added more credits a few months ago). i tried calling today to make an appointment but no one picks up the phone at all their outlets.

              i hate their pushy staff since day 1 of my visit a few years ago and normally wouldn't go there. Was really craving for body massage recently and thought I should help my mum finish using her credits before they close down sometime down the road. But it seems like i'm too late?


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                the one at outram closed already, u can go to holland village branch
                i bought a package frm there
                need to be fierce with the consultant, just say no when they offer u smth


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                  How much for normal package?


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                    service still sucks !! The lady boss supposedly gave me a good deal but end up "better" facial *** deduct more slots and each trip there *** tahan the black face of the manager.
                    I *** black face back; just that go facial is to relax .. end up black face


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                      hi there,

                      I am also a member at Aromatic House. I feel that their services are good. They will follow up with me reqularly to remind me of appointment as i am really forgetful at times. They send me birthday card and special during my birthday. Their treatment delivered results and i really loves their serangoon garden outlet ambience very much( resort getaway). From what i know , there's alway a treatment card for customer to sign on what they have purchased and to sign on every treatment we have done.i do not agree they don't promise what they say as all details will be stipulated in the card.

                      For me as long as their treatments are of quality i do not mind and moreover their packages are value for money( they give alot of freebies and benefits). and i feel that if you are frim enough, no one can force you into buying anything.