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    anyone knows which spa is good for massage? my bf has back probs n i wanna go with him.

    i've tired spa espirit(ex) n jannah spa. wanna try others.

    any recommendation??

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    How about St Gregory's Spa? The variety of massages they offer as stated on their website looks really good.


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      have u tried it yet?

      'coz i know of a lot of spa/massage places but whether they r really good is another thing.

      any more recommendations?


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        i've been to these spa: optima (at raffles place), renewal day spa and rustic nirvana.

        service and environment wise, i'll vote for optima and renewal, though they are definitely not anywhere near to banyan tree or even angsana.. don't really like rustic nirvana though.

        but my reason for going to spas is to pamper myself rather than for treatment, so what i look for in a spa might be different from what you want.. sometimes for backaches i think it might be good to go to those "chinese physican" for "tui1 na2".. (not very sure what you'll call them in english)

        hope that helps!


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          SPa retreats in SG

          I am looking for spa retreat..
          those that does spa+accommodation...

          one eg is Aviva spa
          but it's only on Mon-Thurs...

          i also considered..sentosa...but very exp..
          $600+ for a couple..
          Sentosa Spa



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            How about Simply Spa? I am going there end of this month.



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              i like the one at hyatt..
              the spa was good..
              i like the massage...
              and the interior of both the massage room and changing room was nicely decorated and large....
              nice shower rooms too..........
              the indoor jacuzzi was the best i've seen in singapore so far...

              been to st gregory at the plaza, IIRC
              don't like the changing room..
              the cupboards were tiny, crowded and warm..
              felt as if it was the sauna itself.....

              body contours at hill street is a big no ono..
              they do not have individual massage rooms...
              in fact think it was a big room with partitions as i could hear the old lady in the "room" beside me talking at the top of her voice..
              and no proper changing room..meaning the massage room is where you change..
              also the masseur was talking to me non stop... :Doh:
              and as i was changing after the massage..
              she was waiting outside and kept hurrying me, asking if i was done...
              traumatizing experience... definitely not a place for relaxing....


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                Re: spa massage???

                i like the spas in bali and thailand.


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                  Originally posted by whitefrost
                  been to st gregory at the plaza, IIRC
                  don't like the changing room..
                  the cupboards were tiny, crowded and warm..
                  felt as if it was the sauna itself.....
                  Agree with the above. But didn't try their massage so not sure if its any good.

                  I went to Amritaspas last weekend and had a post natal massage. It was superb!!!!! The ladies at the reception are not very professional but that doesn't bother me cos once you are inside everything is great. The massage is simply excellent (especially the back massage which I received).

                  I am thinking of going to them on a fortnightly basis. Yes, thats how much I enjoyed myself and the lovely facilities and the big bathroom plus its not crowded even on a saturday (it was so much better than st gregory).

                  See here:


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                    i just came back from batam and the spa package there is great!! 2 hrs for only $99. There were herbal wrap, body scrub and massage. Very worth it!


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                      Feedback on Jean Yip Beauty at Causeway point

                      Recently I just went to Jean Yip Beauty at Causeway point for a simple back massage, feedback as follows:

                      - The massage skill is so so, didn't really cure my back muscle ache

                      - The room is so messy & untidy, dirty, crack line on the wall, look dull with white light, they do not have full wall so very noisy, you can hear all the other girls talking in chinese and laughing loudly...

                      My view: $70 for 30 mins back massage at such place = very expensive!


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                        I also tried the Jean Yip Hair Salon next door for a evening hairstyling, at the end of the night, my hair was a whole big mess because cannot hold and the style is so outdated! :Doh:


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                          Why not try House of Tradditional Javanese Massage - Tel: 62506078 I have booked an appointment with them this weekend, but it will be my very first try with them.. They have a few branches, so you can call and check it out. The prices are very reasonable Renewal day spa experience for me was not bad, but didn't think it was good enough for me to return the second time...


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                            the branch of traditional javanese massage i go to does not allow males and female to be massaged together. i do find them 'cheap and good' thou


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                              Spa Massages

                              Hi All, I'm a newbie here. Seems that everyone here needs a break from the bustling world out there and indulge themselves in pampering treats, me too! Any good place to introduce? Need a massage badly! I was wondering what could be the difference between town & HDB Spas.... Anyone to enlighten **????