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Luxurious facial spa recommendation ?

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  • Luxurious facial spa recommendation ?

    Dear fellow cotters,

    Has anyone got any good experiences and recommendations to share with luxurious facial spa in Singapore?

    I have an economical facial package with a nearby spa close to my home for convenience and easy maintenance which works fine but I would like to start visiting a good facial spa as at least once every two months to enhance the facial works ! :D

    I always believe we get what we pay for and I know the more up-market facial spas always uses better ingredients vs the cheaper one as I've experienced it myself overseas.

    Apart from having a better maintenance, I'm also looking to destress and chill out at a place with great ambient, amazing service and with therapists who are sensitive and not treat you like a piece of meat. LOL !

    A few I'm looking at are :

    • SKII
    • Banyan Tree at 55th storey of MBS
    • Grand Hyatt ( I get a 20% discount ! )

    I'm not into the gimmicky facials - bird nest, caviar, chocolates and champagne are best reserved for the stomach and not the face !!

    Any experiences to share and recommendations in Singapore would be greatly appreciated ! Which spa and treatment did you go for ? Why the particular facial ? How much did you pay ? And what's your overall experience ? Thanks !