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Unlimited/Lifetime IPL packages - not "unlimited" afterall for women who may get pregnant

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  • Unlimited/Lifetime IPL packages - not "unlimited" afterall for women who may get pregnant

    Thought I'll share my bad experience so those considering buying one of these packages will reconsider or ask about the terms and conditions in detail before getting the coupon. I bought mine from Touche a few months back, where it's touted as a lifetime package of unlimited IPL for underarm hair removal plus a free facial. I went for my 1st appointment, and they told me about the terms and conditions which i've to sign, like the following:
    - IPL is once a mth for the 1st 6 mths, and once every 2 mths thereafter (ok this is standard & reasonable)
    - if i don't turn up for 2 mths for an appointment, the package is considered cancelled forever (so too bad if u have overseas postings or somehow forget to go)

    There's also a list of medical conditions which IPL is not recommended for, and i'm supposed to ask them about IPL technology which they can explain to me (but if u don't ask, they won't volunteer info also). so i asked the usual questions abt pain, symptoms, any side effects, what kind of technology is it, suitable for those with metal fillings in teeth etc.

    Then I got pregnant, so I called up and asked about whether it's ok to do IPL while pregnant. I had tried researching on the internet, some say safe, some say not safe. Touche told me not safe and they can't take any responsibility if something goes wrong. This is reasonable also, and I agree that it's not worth the risk. They also told me it was listed as one of the medical conditions not suitable for IPL in the terms and cons I signed. HOWEVER, this means my package is effectively cancelled, bcoz i can't go for 9 mths. They don't accept postponing the treatments. The 1st lady (receptionist) I spoke to said a lot of customers also like that. Later I asked to speak to an officer or admin staff, and the 2nd lady told me the same thing, it's really too bad, and I was a rare case and alone (why the discrepancy? sounds fishy!).

    So effectively I paid abt $100 for this package but had only gone once. I guess I'm as unlucky as it gets in terms of timing, but it's mainly women who buy these packages and alot are married or brides-to-be - unless you don't ever intend to have kids, these packages come with a built-in deadline for your so called lifetime treatments.

    My friend is encouraging me to bring this up to CASE as it's misleading advertising and in the clauses, it's not mentioned explicitly that your package will end once you're pregnant. Info is spread in at least 2 clauses and you have to link up both sets of info to understand what they're implying but not spelt out. Wonder if anybody also had a similar experience? Feel free to PM me.