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Anyone tried the spa and massage in Bali?

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  • Anyone tried the spa and massage in Bali?

    any recommendation?

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    I went for couple spa with my dearest friend.It is milk spa after 1.5 hours massage. It is like honeymoon trip.


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      Ur guy fren???? how much for this? I going with my boyfriend next month/


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        Hi ladies! I also want to inquire to you on the prices of full body spa and massage in Bali. On September me and my Boy friend will go there just to try visiting other countries and not dating only at Singapore. I also want to know how much do you think is our budget per person if we are going there and just spend one whole day.? Need suggestions of itinerary and places to go.


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          I was in Bali a couple of months ago (Ubud area) and there were plenty of spa choices to choose from. Depending on which area you are but my feeling is you don't really need any recommendation as it is very competitive and they are everywhere. Just go there and spend some time checking the different spas out - ask them to show you the place and then you can consider whether you want to go for it.

          I would suggest everyone to avoid the cheapest available offer because you ultimately get what you pay for. You could pay as low as S$20 for a 1.5 hour massage for the low end options but you can be sure the ambience and staff etiquette will not be up to par. (Dirty showers, chatty staff, clumpsy service). For this price - you are paying purely for the massage on it's own which is good anywhere in Bal

          The slightly premium ones cost around S$40-S$50 for a 1.5 hour and comes with great ambient and brilliant staff etiquette. I paid around S$70 - S$80 for a 4 hands 1.5 hour massage ( 2 masseur massaging in synchronization which is heavenly and a must try)

          The high end ranges can cost as much as the Singapore ones - S$80 and above for a 1.5 hour massage but you get more for your money being in Bali and all. Definitely a must try if you can afford it. IF you want to splurge - check out Banyan Tree Spa at Bali.

          If I go to a spa - apart from having good masseurs which I expect is a given due to the competition anyway, it's also all about the little details - the ambient, the decor, the fragrance, the staff etiquette and the discreet and considerate customer service - tea, towels, snacks, slippers, great showers, quality body lotions for after showers etc... (that's where the price difference is in)

          Don't forget to tip the masseurs in USD if you think they are great. They don't earn all that much and is dependent on customer tips I believe.


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            $350 per person is enough.