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  • Spa at HDB home?

    Spa at HDB home? Jacuzzi? Bath Tub? STeam Bath?

    I'm one of those who have been dreaming of a bathtub etc since young. My current house has it but mum dont allow me to use. She said its so troublesome to clean it

    I'm now thinking of getting a bathtub or a jacuzzi for my new home. However, the jacuzzi I'm looking at is like bath tub sizes with bubble jets at the side. I'm wondering if anyone in HDB purchases these and from where? Roughly how much will they be? I dont need those designer brands that costs like $8k. Too much for my budget.

    And when I went to see one family house, I was told someone on the 25th storey ordered a jacuzzi... but the jacuzzi never made it to the lift So he dont know whether that unit still has the jacuzzi tub.

    My SO is telling me that jacuzzi jets get stuck/clogged easily and its high maintenance. And with all the water pipes, electricity pipes, whatever, its going to be a high maintenance plus headache issue..... Any advise? Thanks!

    Btw, I also read in papers that some HDB owners are using their toilets as steam bath room..... electricity or gas is being used. Somehow, I feel that its not that safe to DIY at home?

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    Re: Spa at HDB home? Jacuzzi? Bath Tub? STeam Bath?

    I've a jacuzzi at home and have no such problems so far. We don't really do anything to the jacuzzi except clean it


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      its sad that your mom doesn't allow you to use the tub.... anywaysince you r having your own home soon, you can oppt for one with jaccuzi if you like. but i prefer the bath tub with claws footed. they look very nice and deeper. normally, i soak myself in for about 30 mins and i lite candles and filled the tub with nice bubble bars/bath and with aroma oils to unwind. you should try it cos its very relaxing and theraputic.


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        I have a bath tub at home and don't find it difficult to clean. Reason could be the way you use it. I don't bathe in it. I only dip after a proper shower so maybe thats why not much dirt.

        A tub may be all you need cos the hot water you dip in has a steaming effect too (if you know what I mean )

        I second Audrey's way to de-stress


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          naughty girl: you get some bath melts from lush and drop them in the tub... its very nice!!


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            Re: Re: Spa at HDB home? Jacuzzi? Bath Tub? STeam Bath?

            Originally posted by qiu
            I've a jacuzzi at home and have no such problems so far. We don't really do anything to the jacuzzi except clean it
            Hi qiu! May I know how much you pay for it? Any recommended contracter?


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              I heard from someone that Jacuzzi requires lots of voltage, and the power might trip! Is this true? hmn......

              and I've another query too. For you gals who placed bathtub in yr bathroom, do u conceal the bathtub up with tiles etc? Flipping through those European magazines, their bath tubs are always placed as it is. With 2 solid wooden block or other material 'holding' the bathrub away from the ground. Looks very sleek and modern but I was told its hard maintenace for the 'outside' surface of a bath tub *faint* No matter what, I will try to protect my childhood dream
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                [yup, its how you use it...i don't bath in it normally but i soak in it so i don't have mush problem cleaning them. i prefer tubs that are deep so you can submerge yourself in and just away to dream land....


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                  i have bathtubs and whirlpool jacuzzis at home but i think bathtubs are mcuh easier and cheaper to maintain (if there's any maintenance required at all). one of my whirlpool jacuzzi recently broke down after only 1 year of installation and 3-4 times usage. we're usually in a hurry to go out or sleep so we take showers instead of baths...after more than half a year of not using it, i decided to have a relaxing jacuzzi bath........and to my horror, when i switched on the jacuzzi and pressed the on button......the motor made a noisy sound but nothing worked!!! no jets no nothing. my mum got someone to come and check....and...sigh the motor is faulty because water has accumulated around the pipes and motors. the water has to be drained and motor be tested...if it still doesn't work, it means that the motor needs to be replaced!!! money money money!! so expensive!!! i would say that a bathtub would suffice (warm water with bath salts ) but if u're looking for additional luxury then go for the whirlpools!! i believe that the whirlpools do require maintenance from time to time so if it's not too much trouble then go for it. there are many shops along balestier that sells whirlpools, jacuzzis and bath accessories. there's a particular shop, Ideal Bathroom, that i like to go to when i need to replace shower sets or have problems with the jacuzzi. the lady manager is very nice, knowledgeable and patient! Ideal Bathroom she doesn't try to sell you the most expensive stuff and such. She recommends what's suitable at a reasonable price and may even seek cheaper alternatives for you.


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                    Don't know if it's available in Singapore but I've seen "portable" jacuzzi machines in Australia that you can just put into a bathtub and it will blow air/water into the bathwater. If expense & maintenance is an issue, something like that could be a suitable substitute.


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                      What's the difference between a whirlpool and a jaccuzzi?


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                        its about the same...


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                          and i love candles when i have a bath.....very relaxing...


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                            Might be different? temperature controlling? jets etc? i'm thinking that jacuzzi might be bigger size?

                            Isnt having candles during bathing bad esp when you are in warm water? stuffy toilet and less oxygen since candles are using them up and giving carbon dioxide instead :roll:


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                              I don't think having candles burning in a bath is that bad. Unless you stay in there for hours & hours. A little won't kill.

                              Jacuzzi (TM) & whirlpool (bath) is the same thing. Jacuzzi is a brand. Just like Xerox is a copier.
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