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    Urban Spa

    5 COLEMAN STREET #03-09, Excelsior Hotel & Shopping Center, Singapore 179805
    (Besides Funan IT Mall)

    Nearest MRT

    6337 6377

    Services Available
    Body Massage $60
    Body Scrub $30
    Foot Reflexology $30
    Brazilian Waxing (First Trial) $22
    Spa facilities (Jacuzzi, Steam Bath, Sauna) for Men $30
    Facial with Treatment Mask (First Trial) $48

    Time of visit : 31st May 2012

    Today I saw a deal at on Urban Spa for an hour massage for only $29. I decided to go for it with a further add-on of $15 for a 30mins Body scrub.

    Called up and make my appointment at 8pm, just to make sure that no MRT delays would affect my massage session.

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    Urban Spa is rather easy to spot, standing out against those potential competitors who are also in the Spa/Massage. The premises were newly renovated and nothing was spare on providing an unique experience for their clients.

    I was asked to fill up a Health declaration form before the massage, something a first for me after going through so many sessions with other Spa. Most of them would only need me to write my name and IC number for verification.

    I reached at about 7.45pm and the lady the counter greeted me. Seeing that I still have some time to spare, she brought me around to take a look at her proud Spa explaining on the importance personal hygiene and cleanliness. (It was only then I realized she was the lady boss)

    True enough, the room which I went to was really spacious and neat. Though it was meant for couple, I felt the room was actually big enough to put 3 beds. (Pardon my lousy camera phone which didn’t managed to take a wider picture)

    I then changed to the shorts which they provide (not disposable underwear mind you)

    The therapist first clean my feet before we started out with the body scrub.
    The therapist was slow and steady with the scrub but I felt it the scrub was a pretty normal one which didn’t leave a smooth feeling after I clean off.

    The massage method was a combination of Shiatsu and perhaps TCM.

    She first asked me if there were any areas of my body I felt aching or uncomfortable. I told her to focus more on my waist (ok technically I still have a waist) and perhaps my back.

    After the usual stretching of my back, she started working from the neck down to the shoulder and finally to the back.

    The key to her style is more towards finding the correct vital points to apply pressure on.
    To put simpler, it looks as if it’s foot reflexology done on your whole body.
    She took some time to explain on certain points of my neck.

    When I turned over, she began working on my feet. The feeling is close to doing a foot reflexology while lying down. She would work on all the toes and applying pressure on certain points in between them.

    “You should do foot reflexology more often to improve blood circulation” she advised.

    It was this point of time when I felt something very strange.
    My back was actually getting warmer. Nope, the warm feeling didn’t come from the massage but rather from the electrical warmer underneath my mattress.

    Unique experience but according to her boss, clients will not feel cold after some time.
    When the time was up, she asked me to lie down while she went out to take a warm towel to wipe my body away from the oil. She then passed me another separate towel to wipe my face.

    I looked at the clock and it was 9.35pm, considering I started the session at about 7.55pm so the whole session was rather worth it. No time wasting as I got up to dress.

    When I came out, the therapist invited me to take a short break over at the lounge area where I was served with their home made ginger tea.

    The lady boss, Ms Jenny Lim came in and we had a short chat.

    According to her, they have established in Excelsior Hotel for about six months and gradually building their own customer base. They worked closely with the two hotels Peninsula as well as Excelsior on tourist crowd.

    Being a Spa lover herself, Jenny took great efforts in making sure her customers are relax at her premises.

    “Being in Singapore is already a stressful place; sometimes you accumulate more stress at work. So if you come here, you are supposed to relax yourself. We would try as much as we can to be accommodating”

    The hot pool Jacuzzi was something she was proud of as it makes the difference between her spa and other competitors around the area. Unfortunately it’s only opened to men as the ladies might feel uncomfortable and a fuss having to remove make up, wash their hair again. Also there are foreign male customers which might have their own practices in the hot pool.

    “Ladies can try our facial and hair removal while their boyfriends soak in the tubs” she explained.

    Personally I felt it’s not easy to try to accommodate the unisex consumer group as the premises were not very big. In fact, when I looked at the size of the Urban Spa, I actually proposed for her to come out a package for private functions.

    It could be a department team building gathering or celebrations, a group of 10-20 folks can book their Spa for maybe 3-4hours enjoying the massage as well as the facilities.

    “If it’s a private function then the ladies could just wear swimsuit and soak in the Jacuzzi too” she suggested.

    Talking to Jenny makes me feel that I’m talking to the mother of a friend.
    Not implying that she’s old but she makes a point to talk to every client as much as she could.
    It looked as if we are going to a friend’s place and Jenny was the mum as the host.

    Price Rating – 10/10
    Probably a great steal at $44 for an one hour massage and a half hour body scrub, thanks to

    Ambience – 8/10
    Everything single detail of a cozy and clean spa was taken care of. No reuse of towels as well as towels for face and body are kept separately in a warmer. Although they took great pains to install glass door to defuse noise, somehow laughers could still be heard once a while.
    Also being in a building, the ambience could sometimes be affected by the tenants above or below them. Take for instance; someone was dragging his chair across the room when I was having my massage.

    Massage Skills – 7/10
    Although the therapist took effort to explain her style, her technique. Somehow this was not appealing to someone like me, very much accustomed to perhaps Swedish or Javanese massage. I also didn’t know if the therapist was focusing on my waist or perhaps all the joints she pressed were linked to it?

    Overall Rating – 8/10
    Urban Spa being only about 6months into the business wins in their furbishing as well as efforts to upkeep the hygiene of their premises. All therapist were very serviced orientated and polite in their own way. If you are working in Cityhall area and decides to head down, do give a call as crowds might gathered usually from 11am – 1pm or after 3pm. If you prefer less crowd, try coming at night on a weekday.

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