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What if he doesn't like your fragrance?

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  • What if he doesn't like your fragrance?

    Once a guy commented on 3 separte occasion that I smell like Insecticide, the 3 fragrance are namely:

    Escada Ibiza Hippie
    True Love
    Gucci Rush

    Anyone encounter this before? Feel like him!!

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    Haha, I once use TBS Cocoa Butter shower cream and my guy wondered why would someone want to come out of the shower smelling like a huge hershey?

    Ibiza Hippie & Rush are pretty strong (sweet) scent but True Love is pretty mild. I myself use Sexy Grafiti & Rush 2 but my guy didn't complain or maybe he didn't dare. Probably your friend has an ultra-sensitive nose.


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      then i'll use it when i feel like being alone


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        I think he has a sensitive nose, how about trying for something milder?


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          Sad, so now everyday use either DKNY or Elizabeth Arden Green Tea if im meeting him.

          Got a few occasion, a few guys commented that they like the smell of Gucci Rush. Wonder if it tells their character if they fancy certain fragrance. :roll:


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            how can he say it's like insecticide? :roll: that's not very nice also, he should at least say 'that scent you're wearing doesn't really agree with my nose'

            so far i've been lucky and most of the people around me (both girls and guys) don't take offence with my perfumes. then again it could be cos i use clean, or mild scents.

            if the people arnd you can't take the smell, is it because there's too much of it being sprayed on? perhaps lessening the amount used might help.

            otherwise, if it's someone close to me i'll just not use the scent when he/she's around. but that's only if i'm going to be seeing this person everyday. otherwise, i'll definitely use up the scent since i'm the one who loves it and bought it in the first place :D


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              my guy doesn't like M&S Oatmilk & Honey lotion. so i use that at home or when i'm not with him.

              i used TNS Vanilla & Mandarin Body Butter and he exclaimed "you smell like cakes!"


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                Originally posted by sharon
                then i'll use it when i feel like being alone

                Scents are very subjective stuff. I HATE my SO's fave perfumes except for Burberry's. They smell worst than insecticides. Oh well, he has his weird taste for scents, I have mine for weird shoes. All's fair and square


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                  There is one time my cousin said that I smelt like insecticide.

                  That time I applied Escada Island Kiss. Im feel like boxing her .


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                    Don't any of you shop for scents depending on what both you and your man agrees on? I know I do. He'd rather get a scent I like and he doesn't like SO much rather than the other way round. Because then he won't get hugs and kisses.


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                      Problem is some guys do not like to go shopping with us.


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                        That's also true. I guess I should be greatful my man goes with me SOMETIMES? lol. seriously though, I always thought I'm among the unfortunate few whose boyfriends don't like to shop with them.


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                          I normally use those light floral fragrance too, so no complain so far, but I remember once in my sec sch days on my way to school in the bus, I spray this perfume, (I don't know what brand isit, it's a gift from friend), my friend sis ask me why is there a smell of toilet refresher smell. You know those kinda toilet perfume?? Apparently she didn't know it was my perfume.

                          I feel like her and find a place to

                          Actually I don't feel that scent is so bad, but after she commented on it, I threw it away.



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                            My guy likes whatever i wear so i'm lucky. No so much luck with my dad though, he thinks i smell like food/garden/toilet.


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                              I'm using Estee lauder Pleasure instense. Actually at first, My SO was so in love with it that he always wanted to hug me even more whenever i use it. But at time pass, the fragrance changes. I think it's Not so sweet/fresh . Wonder why??
                              And my SO now think i'm not so sweet smelling anymore.