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    Islande, happy to hear that you like the serum.

    Dewy, if you have a fine limp hair, I will not suggest you to use the Smooth Intense (Orange colour) Anti Frizz Conditioner too often. As it thickens my hair, then makes my hair a bit limp sometimes. However, I find that it will be ok if I use it in alternate day with Inner Strength Conditioner (Yellow).

    I have no complaint on using Inner Strength Conditioner daily, but it does not moisturize the end of hair enough. Hence, i use the Smooth Intense Leave-on Serum after towel dry my hair. This seems ok for my hair now.

    I got fine & limp hair. Sometimes, really depends on your preferences: which one prefer more -> reduces damages caused by brushing & smooth hair - Inner Strength or thicken hair, Smooth & shiny hair - Smooth Intense ?
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      i guess smooth intense will be my choice! may be buying their hair mask..
      my mugens hair pack lost its effect after 2 rounds..


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        what about those who have thick hair like me? my hair's rebonded and i have A LOT of hair. so i was wondering which shampoo, conditioner and leave in serum will work best for me? need some advice. hee.


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          Shon, all thanks to you

          xuxurella dear, i have thick dense hair! the serum's working for me... but of course i had my hair cut such that it is thinned out with layers. so it's not that thick.

          since your hair is rebonded, i recommend a hair mask since rebonded hair is brittle. try the Inner Strength Hair mask. i have it and LOVE it. it got rid of my tangles and makes my hair smoother. also less dry and brittle i think.

          shampoo IMO i think you should get something for your scalp, if it's oily, something a bit stronger but not too strong i'm using Clairol for Dry/Damaged hair, it's okay.


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            OMG! love the anti-frizz serum. can feel that the serum is absorbed into the hair immediately upon application. can definitely be use as a leave on conditioner. a good buy


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              I bought the anti-frizz serum and smooth intense hair mask but they don't seem to work at all on my hair which has grown out frizzy (especially the bangs argh) after a few months of rebonding. I have really dry & slightly frizzy hair and NO products seem to work on it at all (I've tried so many!).


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                i absolutely love the new loreal smooth intense hair mask! i think both formula, the new and the old one work excellently on dry and damaged hair. i swim very often and recently just coloured my hair, and i definitely can't live without this hair mask. It can literally transform my dry and frizzy hair into smooth and more manageable hair for days. It's one of the best drugstore product i've tried thus far.


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                  Hi, all. I left Singapore for only a week, surprise to see that there were lot of reviews on this smooth intense.

                  Personally, I use smooth intense & inner strength alternatively 2 -3 days. I find the result is better if you can use both (mix-match oftenly). I just used Inner strength hair mask last night, love the result. my hair is very smooth and darker this morning still....

                  Will try on the smooth intense hair mask when there is a 20% off in Watson.


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                    Loreal Professionel Haircare

                    which product do u like from this range?
                    i personally like their vitamino shampoo and conditioner but not the mask.

                    has anyone tried their sebo control shampoo for oily hair before?


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                      hmm any replies?
                      thought of buying it over the weekend..


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                        watson's and guardian are selling both the shampoo and mask set (for the smooth intense and anti-breakage variation ) now!

                        At $13.90-$17.90 only!

                        Thinking whether to get since I had just purchased some Kerastase products recently....


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                          Hi all,

                          is the serum suitable for oily scalp and dry end hair? The serum sound good.

                          I was afraid it's make my scalp oilier.


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                            Has anyone tried the new Loreal hair smoothing gel(?) It's got the word SMOOTH on it..can't remember the full name. It's the same range as the hair wax, etc.


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                              hi josie
                              which serum? if it is the loreal eleseve anti frizz serum, i dont find it oily. a bit liquid..but i find it kinda useless..


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                                L'oreal Elseve product

                                HI...Anyone..using the brand above .....i try the smooth intense conditioner b4 but it find it abt others ranges...any feedback....TIA