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Cheap & good shampoo & conditioner!

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  • Cheap & good shampoo & conditioner!

    Tried doing a search but I can't find any thread relating to this.

    I always use lotsa wax on my hair, so at the end of the day I need to use lotsa shampoo. Kinda heart pain if I use my expensive shampoos hahahaa... cheapo me. So any suggestions for a cheap and good shampoo & conditioner will be much appreciated!

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    Flowerfairy, I find that it;s more expensive to use a cheapo shampoo, because it's very likely you need to use alot... and wash many times to get that wax/clay/ whatever styling products out, in fact, it waste $ and waste time washing the hair.

    I find that HABA Squa Shampoo is effective in removing wax, clay and other styling products off your hair. All you need is very little amount, and with just one wash to completely remove gatsby clay.


    HABA SQUA Shampoo:
    $26 for 350ml,
    $46 for 700ml and
    $43 for refill(700ml).

    It's really not expensive at all, if you compare how much cheapo shampoo is needed for each wash. My first bottle bought in February is only half-used... I use it once everyday.
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      Try a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the product buildup? The Neutrogena one is cheap and works pretty well. Origins also has one called No Deposit.


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        I second Huili's suggestion. I'm using HABA Lavender Shampoo. Such a big bottle for only 20++ bucks. Really leaves your hair SQUEAKY clean and a little goes a lonnnnng way. My fave clarifying shampoo! HBAB has really value-for-money shampoos.

        As for cheap conditioner, I buy my Loreal Elseve Inner Strength Conditioner at Katong Shopping Centre for only $3.90. How cheap can that be? If u want, I can help u buy the next weekend.

        Huili, the Squa Shampoo also leaves the hair squeaky clean, ya? How's the scent?


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          i like Lavenus conditioners they smell fruity and nice, and do the job well for me!


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            HABA shampoos sound good! Shall go check it out next week.

            Rac, is the Loreal elseve inner strength the one in yellow tube? Damn cheap, maybe I want! haha


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              Rachel, I cant really describe the scent of SQUA shampoo, you can say it has no scent, but that's not very true... I can send you sample if you want, just pm me...

              I have both the Lavender and Squa Shampoo, i like SQUA better, because it cleans better, i feel... Lavender is more moisturising.
              I'm using the Lavender rinse as well... NIce smelling, but not moisturising enough, after all it's a rinse, and not conditioner.

              I tried alot of drug-store conditioner too, these are the one I will repurchase: Lavenus[$3], Loreal Smooth Intense(Conditioner[less than $7] & Mask).

              I have the Neutrogena Shampoo, Anti-residue Formula also, it's more drying than the HABA shampoo, in the sense that it tangles my hair, while HABA didnt... HTHS.


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                Huili, that's sweet of u to offer I find that HABA Lavender already leaves my hair VERY squeaky clean and everytime I use it, it cleanses my hair so well that all my hair got tangled up! You mean to say Squa works even better. Wow!

                Seems like we all go for economical haircare. I just bought a huge bottle of KOSE conditioner at Sasa, Caltex House (blue bottle) for only $5.90 (I think but definitely less than 8 bucks) cheap!!!!

                Flowerfairy, here's a picture of the Loreal conditioner. It's the Inner Strength range. I will get it next weekend and just let me know how many u want.


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                  SQUA shampoo cleans better, IMO... but that's because my scalp is an old field...


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                    i've been using loreal conditoner too even for my perm colored hair, works very very well! =)


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                      Great Rac! I was actually eyeing that Loreal shampoo and conditioner actually since I read somewhere in CC that the yellow one's good! I'd love one please I can transfer you the money first, PM me with your acc number yea? Thanx lotsssss for offering!!!

                      And I'm definitey checking out the HABA shampoo!


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                        My vote goes to Neutrogena, for removing build-up and other gunk.


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                          Actually I'm using Neutrogena too, but I only use it occasionally, like once a week or less. I think using it too much's gonna be too strong for my hair I'm looking for a daily shampoo.


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                            Actually for daily shampoo, I've found Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and good shampoo for everyday usage. It may seems mild but it cleans well, sometimes if I feel I used too much styling product, i simply wash it twice.


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                              i like lux shampoo for dry hair..and dove conditioner!