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    Gray / White Hairs

    I notice I have more and more white hair! this is very distressing..... Anyone has any remedy to share for getting back black hair or reduce gray / white hairs?

    I heard coconut oil helps, but I dunno how it works.


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      Me too, I have more than 5 strands of white hairs. My husband said cannot pluck them out, because it will hurt the hair root, that will make me growing more white hair! Is it true?


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        in theory plucking the hair out will damage the root thus it will not gow anymore when the root is dead. think better not pluck it as hair thinning is a very common and serious problem now. life here is getting more competitive and stressfull thus it explains the loss of hair. ha ha ha


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          My white hair is increasing and my friends thought im too stress, however im not so i had no idea what is the cause of it.

          I agree that my white hair increases as I pluck. So now I stop myself from doing that.

          I went to a medical hall in chinatown and a lady suggest me to take pills with he shou wu extract. I have to finish the course in 1.5 mths to see results (total 3 bottles to finish, 5 pills taken before each meal).

          Im on my 2nd bottle but have yet to see improvement. I guess I have to take it long-term.