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Shampoo Recs for 'Combi' Hair

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    Has anyone tried Nioxin haircare products before? I also have oily scalp and dry ends. Wonder if this brand of products is good.


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      i tried it before..does help a bit in oily scalp but by the 3rd bottle it seems to have lost its effects..

      plus it tangled all my hair ..i dont think i will want to use it again.


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        i am currently using "Feather" Shampoo. . .

        my hair is smoother, i feel. . . thou its just a "normal" brand of shampoo.

        try the "for dark, shiny hair" one!


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          Originally posted by clpersonal
          I'm using an old version of L'oreal Elseve hair mask, but i've heard many raves abt the newer improved version. It's in an orange tub. Not sure abt the price though. You can find it at Guardian, Watsons, Lee *** etc.
          I second L'oreal Elseve! it's really good and i've been using it for years....It's really value for $. Outside stores retails at about $7.90, but u can purchase it at $5.50 at Chinatown area...great savings...I always end up buying quite a few bottles at 1 go...hehehe. Oh ya and the new coloured hair ones retails at only $5.70 at Chinatown area...