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La Parlor Groupon Deal - get a refund if you can

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  • La Parlor Groupon Deal - get a refund if you can

    I would like to share on my experience with this hair salon located at Yong Siak Rd (Tiong Bahru) who tried to pressure me into paying more than what I paid for on a groupon deal I bought. If you google them, all you get is a great review from a random blogger gal who got a good hair from them (probably free to get her review). So I was similarly misled into thinking they were good. I was wrong.

    This is La Parlor hair boutique located at Tiong Bahru. I believe many customers have or are seeking refund for not being able to get through their phone and no appts being made.

    The whole time I was there, I noticed the phone kept ringing but no one bothers to answer. Only when the boss is free and in the mood, he will pick up calls at random.

    When I first arrived for my session, I had already purchased the cut option and was expecting a proper hair cut. Instead he told me the length I wanted to cut was too long and required me to pay additional of 'at most $30'. I had mid-back hair length and wanted to cut down to just past shoulder length.

    I told him I did not understand as I already paid for the cut option. He claimed that was just for short trims and not cuts. It made me wonder what the groupon meant by 'cut'. Then he told me my hair was too long and that is why a top up was required.

    It was never mentioned that such top ups were required on the Groupon deal and the length described in the deal was 'up to mid-back' which mine was! Yet he denied and exaggerated the length of my hair by indicating with his finger a length just above his waist. My hair was NOT that long!!

    After some reasoning with him and asking what he meant by 'at most $30' he said its up to you. Hearing that made me feel he was totally taking me for a ride. I knew he was trying to pressure me into paying more. It was unfortunate that this only happened after he started snipping away so I was left with no choice except to tell him to do the minimum cut which was a basic trim (which I already paid for in my groupon). I had to pay $10 after that.

    I was at the mercy of his scissors and there was no way I could argue my way out of this without risking a really bad cut or perm.
    Throughout the whole session I also noticed him try to make similar attempts to sell more than what the groupon offered. Though I was not very certain they were all groupon buyers, they all walked out with less than perfect hairdos, unlike the kind you would expect coming out from a hair salon.

    I believe this salon probably regretted doing this groupon sale and that us why the owner (i think his name is Jerri, looks like an old ah beng with floral shirt) is so hesitant to offer his best services and kept trying to con customers into paying more. He was also not responsible in picking up phone calls for booking appointments.

    I was coughing so badly the whole time and they never offered me a drink. Yet I saw other customers were given a mug of water on the table. Perhaps because I argued with him and he didn't want to offer me a drink. The whole time, my hair was tugged quite roughly, it hurt. I knew he was just unwilling to do my business. The feeling was mutual.

    I am posting this here as no one seems to have posted their feedback online.

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    Sounds like your experience is worst than mine. Did you post a feedback to Groupon? Groupon should do something about that. If not, people like me will have doubt purchasing with them. I also encounter some thing similar and I have to top up another $50. First and last time to that saloon. Don't go E-Ling Saloon in Orchard.


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      Just bought the groupon deal for E-Ling Hair Shop and it's my worst hair salon experience... Sigh, looks like I'm not alone... May I know what is your bad experience, Ellis?

      Just visited the Salon using Groupon (bought $58 ) for wash+rebonding+Additional Shiseido Final Step Hair Treatment yesterday (May 7 2013) using this Groupon. The shop owner is not sincere in giving this deal, and forcing customers to top-up $60 more for 4 step treatment which is used together with the rebonding. Otherwise the shop not willing do the rebonding, and ask us to go back refund from Groupon.

      How can the shop refuse to do rebonding unless she I pay additonal $60 for 4 step treatment? If the salon has made the deal to advertise themselves at Groupon with this attractive price, she has gotten all the attention and advertisement from it, then how can they refuse to do the deal without extra charge? They said that because the hair condition is bad etc but this is too subjective. My last rebonding did was 2 years++ and didn't do any hair coloring, how can they use this lame excuse? There are other customers using Groupon at the time of visit also paid this extra $60 for treatment. This is a fraud!!! Felt so fed-up with the shop, actually I don't mind to pay $60 more for the 4 step treatment but this is like using Groupon to trick the customer to come..! I wouldn't pay 1 cent more because the salon didn't have the right to force customer to do so! Salon owner said if she refuse to take-up the treatment, then just ask refund from Groupon and it's "easy" only. Whattttt??? It's so unprofessional.

      If I were to pay more, really I would go to more professional salons, there are so many better choices. Actually it took much effort just to arrange for appointment for this Groupon deal. Called 10-15 times of calling to the salon because most of the time I called it just ring for a long time and go to the voice mailbox. You can try calling this number 6235 6335 then you will know how many times the call is ignored. I guess they are under-staff because there is only 2 person in the salon when I visited yesterday so hard to response to customers. Then because of Groupon deal, the weekends are mostly booked. I'll arrange the time to suit this Groupon deal, visited on weekdays - Tuesday, rush to Salon after work, and even no time for real dinner.

      Eventually the salon did help to do the digital rebonding after I try negotiate with her again and again. But the customer service sucks... Black face and didn't even want to say goodbye when I leaved... Who deserve this kind of service... I would say they should be removed from Groupon to prevent others get tricked! I really don't hope others are not being treated like this.... I'm sure consumers who are not firm will sure willing to top-up more and make it a deal. But I would not because this against the principle.

      I would never come back to this saloon again, and hope others don't get into the same dilemma so please to share this.


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        By the way Ellis, I didn't top-up $60, because I negotiated with her firmly. I know this is my right, so can negotiate if I'm doing the right thing. But as the result, I sit there 3 hours with bad customer service. She black face me and made me really embarrassed and feel bad. I think maybe just walk away and refund is better... :-(

        I have reported this to Groupon and I hope more people will. How can us consumer be protected from these fake deal besides posting in forum like this?? Sigh....


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          Went to get my hair perm today... been trying to look for a cheap n reliable salon to get it done.till when i google search perm promotion singapore, E Ling Hair Salon is the 1st 1 to show up.

          Reviews are bad on her shop, saying about her attitude.But not the service. So i tried to call up n check. To my surprise, e lady boss is so polite n friendly! Unlike what the bad review said. So i drvided to give it a try. Cus its cheap! $58 for perm + 1step treatment. Add $50-$80 for intensive hair treatments.

          I know my hair condition. So i selected $58+$50(4steps treatment). But its still cheap! After which, she recommend me to add addition collegen treatment as i hv bleached hair. Initially i did not want to add. But e lady boss see i hv budget constrain, still want me to hv nice hair, she throw it in for me for FREE! (Was $30 i think)

          so total, 2 pre-treatments, 1 digital perm, 4 after perm treatment, hair cut. $108! Those eho know me, know how long my hair is... till my waist! So for this price, grab!

          During e whole process, she hv been very concern. Asking if i m alright, if i m thirsty, if i am hungry, if got any show u like to watch... she kept giving me food n drinks n all e pampered a customer shld hv. The whole process, she will also explain what she is gonna do, n how it affect ur hair. I dont need to even ask, n i know that is what product, for whatever purpose...

          But 1 thing as a customer must hv in mind. Just in case if u walk into any salon, n e hairstylist told u which is not suitable, what need to do, pls heed their advice if u still wanna proceed. If not, then just leave. Cus as a service provider, once anything that they touch on, they hv to be responsible for any damage. But if advise is given n u still want to do e opposite way, they hv all e rights to reject u...
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            Blueskyy, as you mentioned that they refused to do your hair unless you top up more money, then you can just get a refund from groupon. I have stopped buying from Groupon. Two months back I ordered something online and they have not send it to me since. Called and email them and they keep telling me to wait. Wait till now also yet to receive. Very disappointed with their service.


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              E Ling hair shop review June 2013

              It's true that the owner will pressurize you to top up $60 for the rebonding and she's extremely pushy and will give you some bad attitude if she don't. She uses the same tactic on everyone.. She would say your hair is dry bla bla and the treatment is extremely good and essential. although my hair wasn't permed or colored, she kept asking me if it was as if I was lying about it. Because she would be able to charge me for another treatment if it was -.- I also saw her refuse treatment to another customer because she didn't want to top up. I don't think it was because her hair was "too dry and she wanted the best results for the customer" but because it was late and the shop was crowded already. So if she wasn't going to top up.. It wasn't worth her time and effort. I asked her if she would do without the top up but she looked shifty eyed and said it really depends on "hair quality". It's so subjective though.
              She had bursts of good service where she offered me drinks and biscuits but I could tell she was easily irritable if I asked about the price of top up or too many questions about the rebonding process. She is also quite impatient and very rough when blow drying my hair and I think she pulled a lot of my hair out . Her assistant is more gentle when he took over for a while I think. The rebonding was not bad but it took me 5 hours(hair below bust line).
              My verdict is: be prepared to pay 120 in total and service can be Improved If she is more polite and keeps her eye rolling In check and learn to be gentler.... My rebonded hair result was not bad.


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                thanks for the review! i'll steer clear of this store


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                  To top up $30 more is fine for me if it's stated under the terms and condition already. I will also pay for it if the skills is good. Usually when I purchase vouchers online, I will call up and make sure I dont need to top up more or if there is any hidden costs. Especially those travel ones, I wouldn't want my holiday to end up in an unhappy state.


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                    E Ling Hair Shop (Orchard Plaza) FALSE ADVERTS!!

                    I had been to E Ling Hair Shop (Orchard Plaza) yesterday to avail my voucher for rebounding despite being aware of all the negative comments.
                    I've been using online beauty deals since past 4 years in Asia, Middle East and Europe...believe me when I say I have never come across such a SHITTY SALON with a SHITTY ATTITUDE WOMAN!! Well every single review mentioned before is absolutely true.
                    I was so curious to know why this merchant is scamming so many people since the beginning of this year with the extra $60 4-step hair treatment.
                    She asked me whether I bleached my hair ever I said no, she said it looks colored... then she started her same old BS on buying the extra treatment or walk away with refund. I firmly confronted her with the below:

                    *ME: why do you force people to buy this service without informing them prior? Or mention it on the voucher T&C?
                    *REPLY: We are partners with Shiseido, so if the clients hair goes bad then our partners will revoke the partnership. This Shiseido pre-treatment helps to prevent damage. We forgot to mention it on the deals website but next deal i will definitely mention it. ( Later she gives me a contradicting excuse) . I will talk to my manager who handles all online deals to refund you in 3-4 days.(She speaks to somebody on phone and gets back saying its done)

                    *ME: How can you guarantee me that I will get back my money in couple of days? Let me call the customer support to confirm the refund...
                    *REPLY: (With hesitation) Don't call now, call tomorrow as they might take time to update in their system...
                    ME: This isn't convincing enough for me....I don't get it?? Why the hell do have to sell these deals online with hidden purchases and then when I take an off from work travel an hour for my appointment and you just force me spending extra..,

                    Here her story starts (OR yet another BS LIE) REPLY--- Few months back in one of our other salons we gave the same perm service to a Pakistani lady (me being an Indian I think she wanted me to relate to her ) without 4 step treatment and a month later the we received a law suit because her hair went wrong. Hence, to avoid a law suit we don't prefer to touch colored hair.
                    ME: (Startled with her reply) When you already faced a lawsuit why didn't you mention it on the voucher that its necessary to buy the 4 step treatment. You are simply wasting your clients time.
                    REPLY: (here's her contradicting excuse) You know the obvious reason. If we mention 4- step pre treatment on the voucher which is to be purchased separately people wont buy it.

                    Finally got all my answers...The Lady Owner is an unprofessional who thinks high of her self....She told me she is aware of all the bad reviews and the comments if you are reading this let me be clear that "Every Tom Dick & Hairy can go to London to get a barbers certificate or simply might pay for a forged document to showcase it ......Your the owner of the salon its your responsibility for every client to walk out with a satisfaction.....I don't know how you sleep at night with peace after annoying soo many potential clients"

                    P.S: I called as soon as i was out of the salon for refund surprises a $58 refund will take 4-5 weeks not 3-4 days as the merchant mentioned.
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