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    anymore reviews for other products? i'm mostly interested in their conditioners/treatments.

    Stops hair breakage, repairs and strengthens severely damaged hair.
    Dramatically improves hair?s health, condition and shine.
    Contains a renewing blend of Polymers, Elastins, Amino Acids and Collagen.
    Creates an internal framework within the hairshaft to restore integrity.
    Strengthens internally and externally.
    Repairs and smoothes damaged cuticle; restores flexibility.
    Magnifies shine and depth of colour.
    Improves body and stylability.
    Acidifies hair, pH 2.5.
    Excellent pre-treatment for delicate hair prior to all chemical services.
    Great nail strengthening treatment

    this has lots of rave reviews in MUA!

    am probably interested in these too: Keraphix, Humectress.


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      not much of a help but ya, i read in mua they give super good reviews for nexxus treatment, making it sound like its the best.

      i think should be good too!


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        dewy, which treatment is that? the emergencee?


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          ya i think so either that or some mud thingy..they seem to like Nexxus brand alot!


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            can anyone post the prices for nexxus products?

            i thought i paid $19 for the 5 oz bottle of HYdruss much is a babassu mud treatment?


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              Have been using Inergy shampoo (green bottle) for a month and i like it alot! When lathering my hair, my hair feels super moisturised, but when i rinse it off, i can feel that my hair is clean.. a little bit squeaky clean though, But once my hair is dry, my hair becomes soft! After so many uses, my hair is noticibly softer. Oh, and the scent of it is quite alluring.. it smells of ylang ylang.. very aroma therapeutic.. when i first use it, my parents asked what's that nice smell!

              I think i'm going to start using nexxus hair products and try all of them!


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                what is their inergy shampoo for? suitable for oily scalp and does it helps in hair loss?


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                  may i know if anyone has seen this Exoil oily hair normalizing shampoo retailing in sg?
                  and any idea how much their products cost? and anyone actually tried this before? have heard much raves about this brand but can't seem to find them.


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                    i can only tell you about the Nexxus babbasu mud treatment (bigger bottle. sorry not sure how many oz.) its $55.

                    check out ebay as there are sellers who are willing to ship to singapore but may be expensive or use vpost!


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                      nexxus products

                      hi cotters
                      may i know where can i get Nexxus Products ??
                      Thanks in advance


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                        erm, i believe most of the hair salons do?
                        i got mine frm my neighbouring salons


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                          Nexxus Hair Products - Share Shipping Cost?

                          Hi Dear Cottys,

                          I'm currently using Nexxus Brand Hair products, great products but very expensive in Spore as it can only be purchased in hair salon!

                          It really did wonder for my chemically treated hair, rebond at least once 3-4 mths, color every 3mths.

                          Manage to find a US website that sells a whole range of it and it does international shipping and giving 10% off for international orders. E.g. under phyto organics range the Hydruss Moisturising Shampoo in Spore its selling for S$36 for 300ML but its only selling at US$9=S$14.60 more than 50% cheaper! :wow:

                          But if i just purchase on my own with the shipping cost involve i still save but save a bit only. Thus i am looking for anyone else also using Nexxus brand and is interest to do the purchase together to spread out the shipping cost as more worth it if purchased more items.

                          Please PM me if u are interest to do the purchase together

                          Thanks in advance



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                            trying to send u PM but failed...maybe u did not activate it??


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                              Originally posted by twinkleangle

                              trying to send u PM but failed...maybe u did not activate it??
                              Hi twinkleangle,

                              i have activated my PM, and i have sent u a PM, please do reply me accordingly if u r still keen. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



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                                does anyone know of a salon that sells the nexxus emergencee strengthening polymeric reconstructor? this seems to be hard to find product in singapore....