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    I started using this after seeing that my friend who has flawless skin is using this. She has really even skin tone and she does not use any other makeup except for this powder.

    I guess it all depends on individuals. :roll:


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      I used this when I'm in poly. I only use it on and off just for fun. Quite like it & it doesnt clog my skin.


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        Hi there. A confession to make here. Pigeon has clogged up my pores...FINALLY.

        I've discarded since and my skin starts to clear now gradually.

        It was okay when my skin was quite good during teenager times. Guess my pores are getting larger and thus, more prone to clogging these days.

        So my conclusion is:
        unless your skin is totally flawless and you have micro-pores like baby skin, don't ever risk it!


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          fyi, it contains minearl oils which clog pores....

          jus my 2 cents worth...


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            how long does it take to see the effects of clogged pores? also how will it look like? like white heads? sorry for the lame question but i am pretty new to makeup. Thanks babes!


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              I started using this powder recently and found it quite good. I only use it on Sat and Sun, when I am at home. So far I find the powder matifying and give a natural look. It helps to minimise the look of my pores. I brought the beige shade. I like everything about it except for the strong frangance.

              Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will happen to my pores.

              Actually I remember I read some where that quite a few local celebrities swear by it?


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                i think when your face is oily n sweat, clean up your face with a wet tissue n blot with pigeon powder

                clean the sponge frequently or use a tissue paper/cotton pad to apply the powder on your face n discard.

                U can put one cotton pad in your compact n use till its time to throw. It will not only freshen the make-up but prevent bacterial growth leading to further damage on already pimple prone skin


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                  Originally posted by Bashful View Post
                  Actually I remember I read some where that quite a few local celebrities swear by it?
                  Do you mean jacelyn tay? I think she mentioned she use pigeon powder if Im not wrong.


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                    I have also tried using it before during my teenage years. It clog my pores too.