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    I am lemming their gel liners, too! And also their e/s quads :wow:


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      How's the pricing like?Is it similar to the price range of brands like chanel,dior etc?


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        Yes, their gel eye liners look good in those Japanese magazines.... so lemming for them and I like their packaging too.


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          What about their mascara?

          I am also lemming for their eyeshadows, water foundation, brightening makeup base, eyeliner and lipsticks.

          But their products are so expensive. Their lipstick cost around $50+.

          I also like their gel eyeshadows it so cooling when you apply to your eyelid.


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            Here is the gel eyeliner which is always featured in all the japanese makeup mag:

            Btw, you can see all the products at their homepage:



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              Here are all the eye gel liners colours:


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                Got a few of their lippies yesterday from seiyu. Must say that that are really moist and creamy. I usually have a real problem with chapped lips when using lipsticks,but not with this one. Expensive at $50, but I think the texture is worth the money. Sigh, which means I can't get too many colours though.

                There is a GWP for every $120 spent. It includes a moisture essence,whitening serum and a sample sized water gel foundation. Tried the foundation this morning, decent coverage and goes on smooth. Not sure if its just me, but I thought there was this slight "cooling" sensation when I applied it. Very nice ! The sample came only in 1 shade "03", which happened to be just right for me.

                Tried the cream/gel liner thingy too at the counter, but alas.. its too expensive - $53... well, maybe next time! Anyone tired this before? Does it smudge? I didn't really like the bb gel liners cause they dry up too fast, such a waste.


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                  any website to see? cos i knw this prdts s popular in japan ,my collegues uses e sunblock!


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                    Yup, here's the link. But the site's all in japanese . Too bad I can't understand a word of it !



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                      Originally posted by by7812
                      Yup, here's the link. But the site's all in japanese . Too bad I can't understand a word of it !


                      Thanks for the link, me too cant understand,hahahaha


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                        But at least we get to drool over the pics.. I am planning on getting the gel liner and the eyeshadows next.

                        I wonder if they are just over priced here.... Hmm... single eyeshadow for $42? That's pretty crazy. The quads are more worth it, but I didn't really like any of the colours.


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                          Just to update you gals... Sonia Rykiel now has a counter at Metro Tampines. I called earlier to enquire about their products and it seems that their items are "blue tag" , which means that there should be direct discount during the 20% metro sales or with the 20% birthday vouchers. Good news !

                          Oh, and I think the x'mas sets have also arrived. Quite a good deal . For $135 you get an eyeshadow, a lippie, and the gel eye liner. Not bad considering each item alone retails for like $50 plus. Might go get myself the liner


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                            Wow, it's good news that I can get the discount during Metro sale. Too bad it's a little far away.. but will definatley consider during the next Metro sales.

                            Here are the pics of all the Xmas limited ed items out in Taiwan:

                            Creamy Eyeliner
                            #06: Brownish golden orange tone with sparkles
                            #07: Black with 7 rainbow colours sparkes

                            Eyeshadow Duo 
                            #01: Warm beige with gold shimmers
                            #02: Cool blue with pinkish shimmers 

                            Marble Lipgloss  
                            #01: Red ruby/ golden red combination
                            #02: Purple/ pastel purple combination


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                              I saw the sets at the bugis counter today. But the SA was saying that we can't choose the items in the set. Eg. the blue eye shadow comes with the black liner and the purple lip gloss... Sigh. I liked the beige shadow but I don't think the orange liner will be useful though...

                              Kinda OT here.. but I find bugis to be one of the better places to shop for makeup these days cause they have almost all the counters... with harder to find brands like KP and SR. By the way, there's a new Lola cosmetics counter there too. I like their lippie casing with a mirror that pops up .. such a thoughtful design


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                                Spring 07 Collection Fleurir coming out in Feb 07.

                                Compact Eyebrow