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POLL: Which colours suit you best/worse

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    Fair with slight pink undertone.

    Take golden beige (01) of Vincent Longo liquid canvas

    Since I've small eyes, light & slightly bright/natural hues tones (white/blue/green) will open my eyes

    Cant take deep red/deep plum/gold color as they are warm colors.

    Lipstick/gloss (brown/pink/peach/light red is ok for me)


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      FAIR SKIN - fair skin & blonde to brown hair

      :note: for glowing complexion - cooler shades, blue-based tones & iridescent textures.

      :note: wear baby-doll pinks & deep fuchsias

      :note: avoid corals, ornages & golds - might look shallpw

      :note: can wear bronzer but not too warm or terracotta

      :note: keep cheek colour similar to lip shade

      :note: classic blue-red lipsticks can suit cool complexion

      Cosmo by Lamar Fullilove (Nars)


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        DARK SKIN - dark skin & dark-brown to jet-black hair

        :note: the darker the skin, the richer the colours used

        :note: try electric blue, purple, fuchsias & intense plums

        :note: pastel colours can make skin look ashy & grey

        :note: dark skins tend to have different areas of colours on it so mix 2 foundations to get the right colour

        :note:pores more noticeable on dark skin. choose a foundation that minimises pores without heavy coverage.

        cosmo by Pat Mcgrath (GA)


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          This page give you step by step instructions on how to identify if you're cool or warm ->

          Some information about olive skintone (most asian skintone) ->

          I'm still confused which type I'm.


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            Skintone: Fair (GA LSF #4)

            Best: I can wear most colour. Love pink/ peach blush & lippies.

            For eyes - brown or reddish brown in warm colour. Minimal eye mu look best i.e. 1 or 2 e/s + mascara
            For lips - lilac or dark purple + very pale nude make me look like a corpse


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              skintone : quite fair ( Loreal Nude Beige)

              best : Greens!

              Worst : Browns. They make me look like i've not slept for a really long time


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                Skintone: FFF (Chanel DPF 20)

                Best on lips: pink, bronze, light red

                Worst on lips: true-brown, vampy purple (makes me look like a tramp-- Chanel Aqualumiere in 'Copacabana' was a failure on me)


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                  im not sure about mine.

                  skin: fair, loreal light beige

                  lips colors: warm browns , loreal shine delice in luscious lychee

                  i dun really know what i cant take... i only got to know im a spring/autmn today.
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                    Skintone: Fair (LSF #4, Becca Cashmere, IPSA 101)

                    Best eye colour: Green, shimmery grey, bronze/gold like retrospeck, nude.

                    Worse eye colour: Plum, purple, red, brown. Makes me look like I am punched!! :roll:

                    Best lip colour: neutral/nudes (when match with smokey eyes only), glossy pink.

                    Worse lip colour: purple, brown.


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                      Rekindling this thread.. a nice one.

                      Skintone : MAC NC20/25

                      Best eye color : greens, dark plums.
                      Worst eye color : pink (makes my eyes look puffy. can use this color but must mix with other colors for more definition)

                      Best cheek color : warm pink and peach. Like MAC's WellDressed and Foolish Me!!!!
                      Worst cheek color : matte brown

                      Best lip color : nude gloss
                      Worst lip color : striking red


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                        Skintone : MAC NC20/25

                        Best eye color : greens, turqoise, light purples, yellows, golds, oranges

                        Worst eye color : Browns (yeah surprise surprise...most people can take browns but not me), makes my eyes looked bruised

                        Best cheek color : warm pink and peach.
                        Worst cheek color : brown

                        Best lip color : Peachy pink lipsticks/ lipgloss
                        Worst lip color : chilli red / fuschia red/ fuschia pink


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                          Skintone : MAC NC40ish

                          Best eye color : purples, golds, bronzes, browns, greens
                          Worst eye color : blues

                          Best cheek color : Berries, peaches, browns, corals
                          Worst cheek color : cool pinks

                          Best lip color : Peaches, berries, reds, fuschia, coral(how can i forget this?!)
                          Worst lip color : cool pinks
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                            Skintone: NC20ish (C2 on studiofix)

                            Best eye colour: Green, brown, gold
                            Worst eye colour: Turqoise

                            Best cheek color: ANY! 'Cos different colours give a different effect

                            Not a big fan of lip products, so no comments on lips.


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                              Skintone: NC 20/25 or ZA 21/22

                              Best eye colors: Warm colors like browns, beiges, taupes and medium to deep colors.
                              Worst eye colors: Blues, reds or striking colors (i like how the color gives the look but is not nice on me, hmm must be my thick brows )

                              Best cheek colors: Warm pinks, plum, peach, rosy and muted brown.
                              Worst cheek colors: Light pinks or too pinkish and orange.

                              Best lip colors: Warm colors like pinkish brown, rose color and peachy brown.
                              Worst lip colors: Pinks and oranges!


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                                Originally posted by geeko View Post

                                Worst eye color : Browns (yeah surprise surprise...most people can take browns but not me), makes my eyes looked bruised

                                Geeko~ You're not the only 1, I looked so bruised in browns too.. I think fair girls can't really take browns..

                                Skintone: NC 20/25

                                Best eye colors: Greens, pinks, yellows, blues, oranges, greys, purples
                                Worst eye colors: Reds, browns, gold

                                Best cheek colors: Warm pinks and corals
                                Worst cheek colors: Cool pinks

                                Best lip colors: Shimmery pink, rose pink, nude colors.
                                Worst lip colors: Oranges and browns