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Recommendation needed for purchase in Europe

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  • Recommendation needed for purchase in Europe

    hi ladies, I will be in Barcelona & Paris next week and would like some recommendations on what cosmetics and toiletries to buy while I'm there.

    Appreciate feedback on
    1) Items that are much cheaper to purchase there,
    2) good products that are only avail in Europe


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    Actually European brands aren't really that cheap in Europe, not really worth the effort to lug the stuff home.
    I found only UK brands to be cheap in UK such as Morton Brown but as you'll be in Paris/Barcelona, not sure if they're cheap over there.

    Go for brands that aren't available in Spore such as Giorgio Armani and NARS.
    Some American brands such as Philosophy are also cheaper in Europe but not the major brands such as Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown etc.


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      Thanks zjaninez for reply will check out the brands you mentioned. you reckon Avene & L'occitane is much cheaper in France compared to Spore?


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        Nope, they're not that much cheaper in France, despite the low Euro.
        I would say buy them only if you've got extra luggage space.


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          Checked out l'occitane's pricing in the NICE airport, indeed not any cheaper despite tax free. Kinda disappointed. Will do some reccee in Paris in few days time and update pricing where I can.