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updated: 9dec - wedding day photos

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    now that I saw his face again in the photo..really look like the guy I know..used to call him nick - xixi
    he is also in my friendster..


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      hi bluerosie, i'm afraid you've got the wrong keymaster... my husband says he doesn't know you and he doesn't have any "daughters" in IRC either. he's in DALnet mostly last time and there are 2 keymasters in Galaxynet. think you know the other one.


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        I am using angel too for my mothers makeup and sister makeup... haha.... and same case as u, using jessie for my ROM makeup...

        Now that you say that, I am seriously considering to get ampoles and eyelashes from my friend before the day.... but will she be unhappy and makeup badly for me?


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          Angel charges $5 for ampoule and $5 for eyelash. Jessie charges $50 for ampoule and eyelash ($25 each). I used Angel's eyelash and ampoules on my actual day and I don't think Jessie's is better, Angel's ampoules are from Germany. However, Angel's eyelashes are a bit harder to put on because Jessie doesn't know how to use them, the lashes are more filmsy whereas Jessie's is more "hard".

          Yup, Jessie was quite unhappy when I used Angel's ampoule and eyelash and commented something like cheap stuff not as good, especially on the eyelash part. She didn't deliberately do my makeup horribly but i think in the first place her makeup is quite dated and i don't like it. the photo that you see of me is my own request of colors. my photoshoot makeup makes me look more matured and they were chosen by her... i don't like the hair she did for my wedding gown on actual day either...

          sorry for the very long post! haha!


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            very cheap ***... Angel's ampoule and eye lashes...

            I bought my own ampoule at $12 from a friend who free lance as a MUA. then for the eyelash, I bought it at face shop at $5 too...

            When I asked Jessie and she charge me for that price, I told her that I have my own.. she used it and didn't comment much....

            As for hairstyle, I paid her $35 to do my hair.... My friends commented that the makeup is quite okay..... let me try to post a few pictures later


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              guess the deed is done! congrats on getting married! look forward viewing your photos!


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                U look beautiful & radiant on your wedding day N i think you look better than Jamie Teo!


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                  hahaha, you're too kind Ashlene! i look quite far off in real life. but thanks dear!