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    i see, but i also heard that it is not advisible to buff nail surface too often as they will damage nails in the long run?


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      If buff to smoothen nails should be ok cos only lightly buff for a short while. If buff to make nails shine is not good. cos those buffing requires more strength & longer time to buff till the nails shine. It actually thin the nails if do it too often. Doing it abt once a mth will be ok.


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        that's funny. i was told differently.

        buffing to make the nails smooth, getting rid of ridges and stains etc will thin the nails if done too often. think exfoliation or sanding. this i was told not to do as often.

        however buffing for shine won't make the nails thinner. i was told i can do this as often as i like.

        "shine buffers" are usually soft eg. chamois.
        the more abrasive smoothening buffers are rougher, more sandpaper-like.

        made sense to me when i heard it. can anyone clarify?


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          Not sure. Wasn't told that buffing to smoothen nails will thin the nails when I was doing my basic manicure course. Was only that that it's not good to buff & shine nails often.