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  • Disfigured Nail

    Dear Cotters,

    I desperately need some help here. I discovered a few months ago that the nail on my ring finger has become crinkled and dry. It has little dents on it and it looks rough. It looks like an orange skin. I've no idea what's the problem as the rest of the nails seem healthy and fine

    I've seen some manicurist and none of them seem to tell me what's wrong with my nail except that it could be due to malnutrition which I don't buy as why it's only that particular nail.

    I seldom apply nail polish on my nails and thus cannot actually pinpoint any causes of it except that I love to bite my nail and my unhealthy diet.

    Should I go to a hospital to have my nail checked or should I just visit a normal clinic or something..

    Really appreciate some help here as I'm really feeling very upset about it. I really want my beautiful nails back.... pls

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    hi...don't be so worried. I believe it should be no cause for worry. Maybe you have hurt it accidentally without knowing. Why not you buy Nail Tek's Foundation II and use it diligently for 2 weeks daily? And if it is still in bad shape, then maybe you can see what alternatives you have. This is just my humble opinion which I hope may help, cheer up and don't be too worried okie?


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      Thanks for your advice. Where can I Nail Tek's Foundation II ?? It has been for months, the manicurist had buffed away the top layer but it still comes back to be the same...


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        You can get Nail Tek's stuff from manicure salon? I saw most of them carry their products.


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          like ylyl said, most manicure shops should carry nailtek. you might want to check out far east plaza or the shop opposite VNC @ citylink.


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            psyence , do let us know if Nail tek helps (I am crossing my finger for you, but you must use it diligently okie?). If not, then we will see if there are any other ways to heal your nail


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              Hey Girls,

              Thanks for your concern and advices!!!!

              I cant stand it anymore and thus went to visit the doctor. It seem that its due to fungal infection :huh:


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                hi your nail alright now? :wish:


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                  Thanks Meisim! Ya such an angel!!!

                  Guess it's getting better..but still hmmph disfigured..had to use fungal spray for 1-2 mths


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                    be patient and use the spray regularly ya?


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                      Nail Tek stuff did help me through those ugly nails days too. Hope it helped you!