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    Today just went to Plush @ 313 to do my nails. I find their service very good and very hygienic. Was voted by Cozycot as the best nail salon in 2011. Thinking of signing up their package the next time as their per service is quite expensive. Don't know if their package is worth it? Any feedback?

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    Plush Service is Good

    Hi Selene

    I am a regular customer in Plush. And I would say their package is worth it if you are paying the amount of $550 for Gelish, Classic Mani and Pedi package.I got it during their promotion. Maybe you can check with them.

    Actually I find their price quite reasonable. I used to go to another nail salon near my work area and they only charge me $30 for a classic pedicure session. However, I spent more that than that usually. Cause they would always ask me to top up money for a better quality scrub for $10 and a better top coat and base coat another $10 and finally a quick dry another $10. Cause generally, they uses salon base and top coat that does not protect my nails I think as I noticed my nails turn yellow after a few months. And after adding all the additional charges, I got to pay $60 for a normal pedicure. Also they only sanitized the tools by soaking in the lotion but who knows how long the lotion has been there for and spraying some antiseptic spray on the tools.

    And till I went to Plush to try their classic pedicure. And I am surprised by their 3 stages of sanitization using heat and chemical. And I can see it in front of me. And I do not need to top up any money for any additional gimmicks as they uses good scrub, provide me with Poshe Top Coat and Base Coat and finally Poshe quick dry with just $48. The first time I was there, I felt so safe and clean, quality is so good and skill is good too. And I got my free cup of latte.
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      Thank you. I think what you said is qutie true. Ok. I will ask them about the promotion package next time I am there.


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        I also go have my nails done in Plush @313. Love the design of the salon so elegant and comfortable. Staff are friendly and they provide great service.


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          I have just signed their promotional package. Ambiance and skill is of no doubt. So comfortable seated in the big chair. And their current promotional package for GSS is worth it. I have just been told that they have an outlet at Eastpoint Mall. Go check out their website too.
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