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Golden Manicure Kit in plastic travel box, 5pcs

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  • Golden Manicure Kit in plastic travel box, 5pcs

    Nail Clipper
    A product with increased cutting force by 1.5 times compare to existing products by special polishing technology and heat treatment technology of Three Seven. Clean cutting is possible with its ideal blade structure, and durability is enhanced with Ni-Au 14k plating.

    Anti-Splash Cap
    Device that prevents slipped finger or toe tails from flying off is mounted and after completing with trimming, you can put the cap upwards and collect residues for easy disposal.

    Non-slip Handle
    Droplet shapes are carved in to prevent it from slipping. Its durability is enhanced with Ni-Au 14k plating, and can be used cleanly

    Cuticle Trimmer
    An integrated product of patent design and exclusive technology of Three Seven. It comprises ideal blade structure and angle to be used effectively when trimming cuticles. It is proper to be used on infants and to remove excessive skin around finger nails.

    Hair is slippery because there is certain amount of oil, but it was manufactured to organize exact target with technology of Three Seven.

    Beauty Scissors
    it has excellent durability and cutting force by adopting and applying two materials of different hardness with Three Seven's technology. Ni-Au 14k was plated on aluminum alloy for its body and blades are stainless steel.

    It's an optimized product for filling rough and sharp finger nails by maximizing friction on the blade surface. Convenience is maximized with a design of stable grip.

    Ear Pick
    With its appropriate size for average body type and simple design it is being exported all over the world and does not irritate skin because it is made of stainless steel. It's rounded to be used safely for sensitive ears.