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    ooo how come the eye balm there is more expensive than in aust??? that's wierd.... or hav i not rem'd correctly?

    i haven't tried the tonic myself yet. am currently using la prairie's cellular purifying toner... it's working pretty well so i might not change. i do wanna try the lotion however. (have u tried it atypical?)

    do u also know the diff bet the spf18 fluid in the normal range and the blanc range?

    cheers! thanx sooooo much!


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      Lauren, I've checked out La Mer's prices at DFS before getting it from Tangs. Think the price difference isn't that great. Maybe a few dollars..

      How much is the eye balm in OZ?


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        The prices arent' much different from town prices. I think the only difference is the GST! :huh: LMK when you're going to be here ... I can get a 10% discount if you buy it with me.

        I've never tried the tonic - never had the urge cos I read reviews that it does absolutely nothing. The oil absorbing lotion is very nice & keeps my skin moisturised but still matte. Works great as a makeup base.


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          yeah that's what i heard about the tonic too- but i was actually hoping that it was cheap enough for me to buy and try... oh well, guess it's not! i was also looking for a non-alc toner since i've got the kose sekkisei & la prairie's one already.

          wow cool! thanx for the offer! where do u work at the airport & what days do u work?

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            I work at MAC Cosmetics & the perfume shop is right next to me. My workdays are all on roster so do let me know when you'll be arriving.


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              wow! that's way cool!

              i'll be arriving next sat actually.

              hey... i might be meeting my 1st cozycotter (is that what u call the gals here)?

              very exciting


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                Originally posted by Queenie

                How much is the eye balm in OZ?
                oops.. i've rem'd wrongly. it's A$260 so yep it's cheaper over there. thot it would be like a whole lot cheaper... hmm.


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                  stella, do we get 10% discount with la mer as well? i bought my lotion more than a year ago and wasn't entitled to a discount. hopefully, it now applies.


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                    All airport staff & aircrew are entitled to 10% at La Mer. Do you still have your receipt?


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                      don't think i got it. it was quite some time ago. thanks for the info stella. i hope this is not an excuse for me to do more shopping.


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                        ooh can check for me if PPS club members are entitled to discount for CDLM and how much? thanks girl


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                          sharon, PPS members are definitely entitled to 10% discount for on board items. we have la prairie on the plane.

                          but will check out if the discount applies in the stores. if not, i'll be most happy to get whatever madame desires.


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                            why thank you my dear...madame will let you know *sniff sniff*

                            cheh, like real

                            actually i'm so broke i have to sell not only mine but my husband's :booty: too SIGH

                            thanks dearest michelle, i just wanted to know if applicable...will get hubby to buy end of year for Xmas
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                              Originally posted by lauren
                              oops.. i've rem'd wrongly. it's A$260 so yep it's cheaper over there. thot it would be like a whole lot cheaper... hmm.
                              I see. Think with Stella's discount..probably a little cheaper??


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                                yep yep... but not sure if stella will be at the airport this sat. will u stella?