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    Beauty label, Sophie Monk has come to SG!

    About Sophie Monk Products
    Sophie Monk makes use of natural botanical extracts to formulate their products. The formulation helps to inhibit melanin production and to lighten skin pigmention and uneven skintone.

    Strawberry extract is the key ingredient used in the products. The products help the skin to achieve a glowy skin, with natural radiance.

    Anyone who aims to achieve some whitening/brightening skinton on their skin should try out Sophie Monk, especially their masks!

    Sophie Monk has already been launched in Taiwan and Japan, and is highly popular right now.

    I’ve fallen in love with its cute packaging!

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    Review on Sophie Monk - Whitening Double Lifting Mask

    The mask sheet has got a light sweety scent, soaked with alot of essence.

    It is a mask sheet with double ear hooks. One pair to be stretched from the face to the ear. I could feel a little tightness on my face during the stretch. The ear hooks and the stretch ensures the mask sheet fitted nicely onto my skin.

    Another pair of ear hooks was from the chin and upper neck, stretched all the way to my ears. It was meant to lift my jaws line and double chin, to create the lifting effect!

    the masking session was relaxing. The mask sheet seemed a little small for my face because after hooking, the mask was stretched until my nose area wasn’t fully in contact with the mask sheet. But this wasn’t a bit issue for me, the area which I wanted to target on was my cheeks with pigmentation and dry surface.

    Before (top) and After(below) photos

    The whitening result on my freckles were not obvious but the overall whitening effect on my skin and neck was very obvious!

    Lotsa whitening essence (Camellia) remained on my skin even after the mask sheet was removed. No rinsing was required and I slowly gave my skin a little massage while it absorbed the essence.It was only when the essence was fully absorbed, then I saw the instant bright-up on my face!

    Skin was well-hydrated and felt supple after masking. I like the double lifting effect during mask, it sure acts as a maintenance masking tool to avoid double chin and saggy cheeks!