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    any tips on skin care using herbal or natural remedies that ca be found at home?

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    For most, dried-out skin isn't a symbol of an ailment, however is a result of severe soaps as well as soaping all too often, itches outfits, misusing moisturiser, as well as prolonged, warm showers. Even so the drugs you adopt -- and in some cases medical conditions including diabetes, psoriasis, low thyroid gland, and lack of nutrition -- could also result in extreme dried-out skin. A reduction in hormone levels as we grow older could potentially cause as well as magnify this disorder. Moving into areas the location where the fresh air can be dry out is an additional lead to, same with acquiring dried up high temperature with with your room over night during wintertime weeks. Use a air humidifier in your room.

    Apply moisturiser whenever your pores and skin remains to be damp.


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      Dry lips
      Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and use a humidifier at home. Apply beeswax or petroleum jelly to your lips. Put on lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen when you go outside. Avoid being in the sun and wind too much. Don't lick your lips -- it may feel better but it only makes chapped lips worse.
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