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    Hi may I know if it is possible to just buy the BB cream from her? Without consultation?


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      Hi all,

      I've been seeing Dr. Louisa Tan since the time when she was with Niks Maple Clinic. As I felt she was the only doctor who knew my skin well, I followed her to her own practice (The S.K. Med Clinic) after she left Niks.

      I've been onto my second session of laser at SK Med. However, this second session left me disappointed. My acne scars mainly focus on the forehead and jawline area. During the treatment, she directed the laser on my jawline and conveniently missed out the forehead area. She also did not up the laser frequency that was used since my first session. As a patient, I expect myself to be getting what I paid for, considering laser isn't cheap. However, now I feel that I paid double only to receive half the treatment.

      As the frequency of the laser was not increased, I only saw a slight improvement in my jawline area, which was not what I expected as I had 2 sessions of laser done with Niks as well, and could predict the extent of improvement I should be seeing. Also, as she did not target the laser on my forehead, my forehead scars still remain. During the treatment, Dr.Tan gave me the impression she was rushing through the procedure. I suppose it could be because there were 2 other patients awaiting treatment. However, I feel that such an attitude is not right for any doctor if he/she wants to retain patients.

      Going forward, I should be moving on to find a new doctor, or return to Niks as I never had such an unpleasant experience with Niks before. This is an unpleasant experience and it left me disappointed considering I had so much faith in Dr. Tan.