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How to give your face extra care during stressful times!

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  • How to give your face extra care during stressful times!

    Hi All!

    I've been hearing my peers complaining about outbreaks during stressful times - especially nows the exam season, and for working adults, overload resulting in stress is extremely common

    If you have any facial tips to combat stress, please share in this post so that everyone benefit from this!

    Btw, i did up an graphical rep which i thought might be useful.
    Cant upload too large a file (so it looks blur below)..

    Do visit TravelShopper | Facebook to view a clearer image and share it on Facebook to spread the love!! :D
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    Snacking really plays a huge part. When I don't snack on tidbits and fried food, my skin is not so bad. But I snack all the time.


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      Yea! it is okay to snack, just need to snack right tidbits and deep fried food are definitely no no for the skin.. but i read that yoghurt, nuts, grapes etc are skin food and these does wonders beneath your skin!

      you can also find more information here: 9 Best Foods for Your Skin - US News and World Report