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Apple Cider Vinegar for Scar Treatment

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    Originally posted by Nuggets View Post
    Hi all,

    I read someone saying that apple cider vinegar works like AHA except that it's not as harsh. I don't know if its because of its acidic content and whether this is true. If that's the case, isn't it unsuitable for long term usage? Because like AHA, it'll thin the skin and sensitize it in future? Do we need to put on sunblock after we apply ACV?
    I am sorry that this reply is very belated as I just saw this thread. Anyhow it is also good for everyone to know.

    Yes, ACV works like AHA. It is suitable for long-term usage unless your skin is sensitive to fruit acids. You have to dilute it though and wear sunscreen all the time or else you may not like what you see on the long run. I am a been-there-done-that; trying this ACV for a time when it was popular on MakeupAlley. It cleared up my skin and gave better texture but I committed the mistake of not using sunscreen constantly. My good days did not last long needless to say. At that time my skin was tough and could withstand a lot beating but now it cannot anymore. I cannot use ACV on my face again with the kind of sensitised skin that I have right now. This is the price that I paid for as a result of my ignorance. I learnt that simple-mindedness really makes one pay. It is just unwise to put aside knowledge. I was so carried away by this-and-that that I did not take the time to sit still and do my research. Had I known about the risks associated with using home treatments like ACV, I would have been more prudent with my usage and not end up with what I have today. Then maybe I can still use ACV and won't get skin problems.

    Bottomline; you can go ahead with using ACV but know what you are doing so that you do not hurt yourself.


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      I tried this Zit Zapper from

      This easy-as-you-please combination has helped me zap unexpected and annoying zits overnight. Try it!

      Yield: 1 application for a zit
      Prep Time: seconds
      Price Category: 1
      Difficulty Level: 1
      Shelf Life: Indefinite

      1/4 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
      1 drop tea tree essential oil

      Blending Procedure:

      Saturate a cotton swap with the apple cider vinegar. Add a single drop of tea tree essential oil. Dab the cotton swab on the zit and leave overnight. Cover with a small band-aid if your pillow might rub Zit Zapper off while you sleep. When you arise, you should notice the zit has diminished.

      Will update my reviews


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        tried for few days but don't really seem to see results, maybe would require more days, but i cannot stand the smell! i rather go for commericial brands!


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          Anyone using apple cider vinegar for face?
          I am using it and find it very effective.
          Face is smooth, and it dries up occasional pimple that i develop in 1 night.
          But i heard cannot use it daily, is it true?


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            Just bump into this thread. Wow..i didnt realise ACV can act as a toner. I hv a bottle (heinz) in my fridge for dunno how many yrs. It was initially bought for my cooking. Recently I only took out ACV to clean my baby steriliser coz it has limescale in it. It's quite effective to remove limescale too. But my whole kitchen stinks...

            I wonder do ACV hv expiry date? I removed the label few yrs back i think. Dunno still can continue to use it as toner or not? If not, think i better buy a new bottle.

            I read from the prev post that it can be drank with honey for slimming purpose. Anyone know the recipe of the drink? Thks!


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              flyn: Go to nearest mart and l ook for Heinz bottle and check how long they can be stored then you'll know whether yours expired or not. You'll need organic ACV to make into toner...

              princesscarebear: if your concentration is high, best is not to use it daily. It exfoliates the skin. Frequent usage brightens your face, but also makes the skin more thin...


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                Thanks vivavoomz. I mix it 1 in 4 parts green tea and dab it over my face before sleeping. Some of my pigmentation has lighten!

                Flyn: I usually drink it with fruit juice, strawberry milk or oat milk.
                You will slowly get used to the smell.


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                  by the way, it's better to use a straw to drink ACV cos it can be corrosive to your teeth, alternatively can gargle with water after that.


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                    hi...can i just use cotton wool to dab my spots with ACV?

                    just use directly on face ya?


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                      Hi, i think i'm kinda late to this topic..
                      I just realize this from one youtube video..
                      Share w you gals who wanna try out..
                      DIY Acne/Scar Reducing Mask & Toner


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                        this may be late but i ACV for face caught my attention. ACV will sure burn your skin! it's corrosive. use creams instead like Metaderm or other beauty regimen excluding ACV or anything like that. consult your derm first. but i strongly suggest to use cream becasue it's safer and gentler.