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    Whitist Milky Lotion

    Just bought it yesterday and tried it for the first time last evening. It's very light! very very light. my main reason for buying whitist is it's under Kose and I've all along been using Kose but want to switch to something cheaper that wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin. Their Nourishing Serum is my favorite moisturiser so i thought i would try something from Kose but a more budget line.

    To my horror, there's quite a few budget brands under Kose! there's Moisture Mild, Fasio (i think) and the latest Whitist. Well after about 1/2 hour of loitering in Guardian, NC Essentials and Watson. I finally decided on Whitist Milky Lotion which is the priciest ($19.80).

    Out of my many tries at drugstore moisturisers, I really like the effect this one gives. Usually drugstore moist leaves a greasy film on my face that takes forever to disappear. it goes on very light and leaves a very subtle film at first but nothing heavy or greasy - more of a hydrated feeling. about 20 mins later, i touched my face and it's been totally absorbed, leaving skin and smooth n soft! I think i'll really love it.

    Since it's my first application, i can't comment on its whitening properties yet. Will post 2 weeks later for my update!


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      So how is it? Good?


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        Yup... really like it, did not cause me any breakouts, very light yet hydrating with a light floral scent.

        Would give it a 8/10


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          How about the whitening effect? Did it make ur skin look radiant and glowie?TIA!!! :wave:


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            saw that whitia has a cleansing oil, has anyone tried it before? any reviews? it comes in a blue tube not a bottle


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              whitist sun block is better or whitia's?

              any reviews?



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                Hi hi,

                just went shopping at Guardian.

                Bought Whitist Quick Pact Ex ($36/15g)

                This maybe more expensive then Whitist 2 way cake. But this is like 2-in-1, no need makeup base.

                From the box:
                Liquid in compact. Fresh-capsule foundation turns into liquid after passing the compact's mesh applicatior. Requires no base makeup or loose powder for great wear.

                * Formulated with Excellent Cover Powder to cover spots and freckles well while maintaining skin's natural translucency
                *Easy to apply and long lasting
                * Frangrance free.

                To me it seems like Shiseido's liquid compact without the oilyness. Will update all.

                The other item i bought from Whitist:-

                CLear Up Cleansing $18/180g.

                Haven't try yet. Maybe like my Kose Rutina Cleansing gel. Will update again.

                Hope that this works as well as Kose Seikkisei range. 'Cos i am ultimate Kose fanz.
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                  Hi hi,


                  I Love the Whitist Quick Pact Ex & CLear Up Cleansing.

                  Whitist Quick Pact Ex- makeup stay longer, skin does not get oily fast and my skin looks great. Btw i'm using Colour 350. Great i bought this. 4.5/5 (Quite ex for drug store brand, but none-the-less great product)

                  Clear Up Cleansing - Cleanse my makeup well. Skin don't feel dry. This is a good 2-in-1 product, can use as scrub. Just leave this gel for 3 mins, then massage face starting from outer edge to remove dirt & grimr. Then rinse off. 5/5 Great product without burning holes in pockets.

                  After trying both products, i think i'll try more of this brand. Good quality, good value.


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                    BoonBoon, this Whitist Quick Pact Ex is creamy compact foundation is it? Is it drying or oily for combi skin?

                    Anymore update on this product?


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                      i bought the whitia day white. it seems good for a moisturiser and has spf, but i have an acne scar and uneven pigmentation. is there any cheap product that does that?

                      the whitia emulsion sounds good, but i feel stupid if i buy the emulsion when i already have the day white.


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                        Whitist and Whitia

                        Has anyone of you tried the Silk Whitia Mask range which can be purchase from Sasa? Any feedback?? Thanks!


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                          Whitia Discontinued ?????

                          just back from australia after a year n i've noticed i cant find any whitia products in malaysia anymore.....same with singapore,except i managed to find 1 watson thats selling off their whitia stock at half price....

                          i bought the last cleanser they had....

                          whats happening people?????????

                          is whitia being discontinued for some reason????


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                            I've wanted to try Whitia's Perfect Clear Oil for a long time now. Hopefully it's not being discontiued and i can still find it! It's an oil cleanser but with a different texture than the traditional cleansing oils; it's more like a hydrid between an oil and a gel. The description reminds me of Sofina's Clear Make Oil Gel, but alot cheaper.

                            Meiyen, which Watson (it's in Sg, right?) did you find the Whitia range in?

                            Can anyone confirm whether Whitia is truly being discontinued?



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                              its the watsons in far east plaza.


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                                I think it's being discontinued as there doesn't seem to be anymore new stock and Whitia is going at 50% off in every Watsons which still has them