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  • CoolTouch

    I just want to share this RAVE of the day

    Just accompanied my mom to her cosmetic surgeon, he does CoolTouch and other laser treatments and skin treatments as well, not just plastic surgery.

    Anyway she did her Cooltouch session and I have to tell you I've seen great improvement in her skin!! Her skin looks so much less wrinkled, filled out, much firmer and glowing! This is her maintenance session, she did 6 last year and supposed to do one annually for upkeep. Better than facelift because there's no downtime! I'm going to do it in a few years, now still no need.

    However need to RAVE about the doc...I was with her before the laser session and I asked him about my one cystic acne and he said ok, he'll give me a cortisone injection for it. Guess what??? He didn't charge me at all!

    Also found out he's one of the pioneer surgeons that brought in CoolTouch and some other laser thingie. Best thing about his clinic? It's very private, unlike some other clinic I used to frequent, treat us like a production line. He's patient and will tell me lots of other tips on medication etc

    Oh I went to him a few months back to get rid of some freckles, very happy with it

    The nurses there are very friendly too. Gave me a lot of Avene samples!
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    Wait better clarify, he's a cosmetic surgeon but does a few skin treatments like cooltouch, some other laser stuff. That's it, it's not like DermaRx


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      where is his clinic at?


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        I'm curious, a cosmetic surgeon is those who are qualified to perform plastic surgery right?

        How much did you fork out for your lasers?
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          sharon, you got to tell us more! where is his clinic? and how much does he normally charge for cortisone jabs? interested in that, especially when i get the unexpected painful pimple.


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            Yes Cooltouch is available in many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons locally. Dr Yeap's the first or second to bring it into Singapore so he's very experienced.

            I have to stress that experience is so important. My mom got her first Cooltouch done at this popular private and very expensive skin clinic and she ended up with blisters! Then we found out the clinic just got the machine so the dermatologists there were not too experienced yet. They were also very laissez faire about the blister thing, just told her not to poke it and to use a saline compression to draw out the blister. She had a very dark mark on her face where the blisters were and they lasted almost 8 months!

            All I can say is my freckles were gone and his handiwork was perfect, no marks nothing I think it's got to do with the fact that he's very nimble with his fingers since he's a surgeon, not just a doctor.

            KellyC - his clinic's in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. No. to call 67340061/62

            I like it there because face red after treatment, can just hop into cab immediately and go home! If face not red, then go shopping heh heh

            How much is the Cooltouch session? Sorry, dunno since my mom pre-paid hers sometime back.
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              micchanat, it's at Mt. E so it's very convenient The no. to call is 6734 0061/62

              For charges, you'd better call to ask.

              My rant about many other places, they're very not accomodative when I need an emergency jab. A quick 2 min jab and they'll say no. I called this clinic yesterday but he was in surgery. However they booked me for 1st thing this morning
              I'm going to stick to him..his handiwork's very detailed (I heard from a lot of people) and he doesn't push anything on my mom/me at all! Whatever he did was because my mom asked for it!

              One good thing, for major ops, they are done inside the clinic too so no need for pay extra for Operating Room Charges etc.

              OK regarding the Cortisone Jabs - I've had a lot of cortisone jabs before, the dermas just sanitize the area and jab..very very painful you know.

              I was very pleased when the nurses actually gave me something to clean my face, then an anaesthetic cream to apply BEFORE the jab!! This doc KNOWS it's painful so he makes sure his patients are as comfy as possible I really like this. Even at the expensive derma clinics that I used to frequent, they just say ok and JAB. OWWWW

              He has teenage children so he gave pretty good advice about pimples/ acne


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                What advice did he give?? Share!


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                  I called them just now to check about the prices.
                  1 CoolTouch session is $1k, consultation fee is $90, another type of laser for freckles would be $500 per session. No. of sessions would depend on you skin condition.


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                    Yeah 1st time got consultation fee, after that don't have

                    Advice? Oh we were talking about acne medications and he told me the medicines that his son was "experimenting" with. Says that he saw improvement.

                    Mine is mainly hormonal so he advised not to take too strong meds. I BEGGED him for Clindamycin which was recced by okpocky (thanks!) but he said NO NO NO

                    Sorry I can't remember what medicine he was talking about!! Must call and ask!


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                      thanks blushed. heard about the pain factor regarding cortisone jabs. i had a cystic pimple on my cheek a few years back. was terrified it might leave a scar but my mum cleaned it up for me pretty good. thanks for the number. it'll come in handy, probably 10 years down the road. or for my mum at least.


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                        Originally posted by blushed2003

                        Mine is mainly hormonal so he advised not to take too strong meds. I BEGGED him for Clindamycin which was recced by okpocky (thanks!) but he said NO NO NO
                        Clindamycin?? Dalacin T is IT! :o: i've been using that for past few years...until no effect already...


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                          Ya, i experienced the same thing too. Can't use antibiotics for an extended period of time, you'll get immuned to it.
                          So i'm using Erythromycin, another form of antibiotic, but once i get immuned to this, i don't know of other antibiotics i can turn to!


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                            wow he sounds really good. i hate the freckles on my face, maybe should consider going to him the next time i'm back.

                            how much does it cost blushed?


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                              Originally posted by babyflite
                              wow he sounds really good. i hate the freckles on my face, maybe should consider going to him the next time i'm back.

                              how much does it cost blushed?
                              around 1k+, PM me if you are really going.
                              if you say you've been referred by a patient of his, he'll charge a little cheaper