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  • I went for the 1st session of cooltouch. Generally its not painful, can only feel some snapping at the nose area. How long later *** i wash my face to remove the numbing cream? I wash my face about 2hrs later. The face has a tiny bit of tingling pain after i wash my face. Hopefully this CT laser will work for me.

    binglei, how much did you pay for your 6sessions? R u going to continue? After the session did you use any special cream to maintain?


    • $1575 inclusive of GST. at least not continuing with that clinic. Have switched to another one. The doc said will also use Cooltouch on me. But before that, have to minimise the oiliness on my skin, so have not started Cooltouch treatment from this place yet
      Did not use any special cream.


      • Hi binglei, wonder if we are going to the same place cuz me paying exactly the same price. Is it in the east?


        • I tell u after reading so many pages...i am back to square one

          can someone enlighten me where is the most economical in terms of pricing (i.e per session or how much a package)? And clinic plus doctor's name, tel number?

          I'm totally confused....sorry I dun have internet at home and can only access from time to would really appreciate all your advise and help!



          • Pinksuki, Yes... Simei.


            • binglei,. since you are going to continue the treatment, any reason for switching dr? Cheaper? U use PCA pdts after CT? Im attracted cuz really not many places r carrying CT3.


              • I was actually thinking of doing IPL after my course of Cooltouch to lighten my freckles & improve my skin tone. I thought the doc said @ the beginning, he charges the same price as Cooltouch, so before I completed my 6 treatments, I already looked around for other clinics.

                On my 6th & last session, he then said he charges $1050 for 6 times. I was considering on my way home as I thought it is quite cheap. When I just abt to alight the bus, I received a call from the nurse to tell me I have to pay up. I said, the doc said, I could pay $315 each time, and the last time will be free, but she said since I pay each time, it is not considered a package. If I want a package, it is $1575 at a go. I told her, the doc really told me I could pay each time $315 and asked her to check with the doc again. ok... both of us hanged up the phone. Think she did check with the doc, and she nvr call back again, which probably suggests that I am right. But I was a bit displeased over this matter.

                At the same time, I've read from flowerpod tt the rates @ BCNG are quite reasonable too, and they've a variety of machines. The docs there will assess your condition before deciding what to use. With all the reasons above + some others, I decided to give BCNG a try.

                So far, only been there twice over 2 weeks. As my skin is oily, the doc uses blue light on me. She said only when my condition improves then will go on to scar treatment & ipl.

                No, I dun use any special products after Cooltouch.


                • Binglei, good luck for your new treatment! Must update if have good improvements ok!

                  Anyone knows if i can still go for facial when undergoing cooltouch treatments?


                  • is thread is quiet for pretty long...

                    Cooltouch is for pitted scars right? How many treatments did we need to go through.. and how effective is it ?


                    • Originally posted by kookie View Post
                      i've done 5 sessions of cool touch 2 and it has seriously improved my complexion. All my friends now want to go for it too as there are hardly any scars left and my pores are smaller too and I used to have alot of acne scars and open pores.

                      I did it at a clinic in pasir ris and it cost me $1500 for 6 sessions. As far as i know, it is one of the most reasonable rates. You can choose 1 main type of laser (cool touch / IPL) and he also does another laser free for you. I've forgotten what it's called but it's supposed to kill the active acne and remove black heads etc. If you want both cool touch and IPL, it'll cost $2250 for 6 sessions.
                      Hi Kookie

                      Please PM me the address and contact of this clinic...thanks!! Do they do ultrasound MDA as well? I've been to medspa to get some products (and they're seriously expensive!!!) and heard about their ultrasound MDA, which is different from the conventional ones. But I'm thinking of sourcing out other clinics to see if they provide this same treatment at lower prices.

                      I've also had CT done at David L.o.h @ Wheelock Place. Mine's a package of 2xCTs, 1xTitan, Intradermal Botox which is suppose to reduce oil production, and Botox for other face areas as well. During my first visit I had CT and Intradermal Botox done. And the CT was seriously painful!!!
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