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  • Starting a nail salon

    Hi all,

    I am thinking of starting a nail salon and im wondering if i can get some tips on how to go about it and also how much i should put aside to start one.

    Hope to get some pointers from u gals. Thanks.

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    actually the bulk of the start up cost depends on the rental of the shop space you are looking at, so it's hard to advise.

    if you are looking for a place with $5000 rent you must be prepared to fork out a least $10K as deposite and $5k for first mth rent. That's 15 Grand fro a start. Some landlords might want 2mths deposit and 2-3 mths advance payment.

    And renovations. also depends on your requirement. even the simpliest renovations will be about $20K....


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      geez... yea cos i heard a few variations. From as low as 15k to about 60k range.

      Well either ways, thank you gals (fayray and creepcake) for the info!!


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        Setting Up A Nail Salon

        Not sure is this the right section to post this thread..

        Would like to ask any nail salons bosses here or working in there?

        Thought of setting up a nail salon and would like to know the costs, what needs to be done etc....



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          Setting up manicure shop

          I dunno if this thread can be here.. keke

          Anyway, i dream of setting up my own manicure shop out there.............

          The problem i'd think is the hardest is the hiring good manicurist out there, since i am unskilled in this line..

          wad u all think? Anyone *** haf same dream as me??


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            Yay, finally some other ppl who'd want to start a nail salon too!
            It's a very recent dream for me, I just like the idea of starting up a nail salon, though it will still be many miles away (i'm still studying) And I also cant paint nails very well, whenever i paint my nails, always not nice. I've been thinking of asking ppl if I can practise painting on their nails for free, coz i dont think i can charge anyone when I have no experience or even enough nail polishes ( ask them to bring their own or what? :X)


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              I find it is not easy to open a nail salon now.
              I did do some research. Rental will kill you.
              Hence my friends advised me to start off with home base first then see hows the market for rental.

              Places like Far East, rental can be up to 3k. Then must pay 3month rental upfront.

              In every shopping center, there are sure to have up to 2 more nail salons.
              Reason, it is so easy to open 1. You dont need license nor experience, just employ someone who can do it.

              At Bugis alone, you can find so many @ Bugis Village.


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                yes. there's alot of nail salon out there. There's also a saying in chinese that's 创业容易守业难(it's easy to set up a business but it hard to maintain/manage a business).

                There's a place i know of is that their rental is abt 10K. So you have to think of ideas to come up with to attract customers. Drink, art, promo, environment, decor etc. you'll need detail planning before setting up one.


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                  even home based salon is not easy. although without the worry of rental overheads, another major headache is to build a customer base and how to go about letting more people know about your services.


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                    创业容易守业难, that is a golden line for all business.
                    Now there are Hair Salon that also have Nail Salon together in a place.

                    chubbyvoo, thats right.
                    For home base, the only problem is to customer base.
                    Home Base are not like those Nail Salon, home base dont have walk in customer.
                    There are so many Nail Salon around, so is Home Base Nail Salon.


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                      jiaqing - sigh.......... for normal mani and pedi, ppl like to hop around, so very difficult to keep a regular. another headache is house-calls. lots of liasing to do, lots of things to carry. then sometimes too many pax cannot handle, have to partner with other freelancers. i think we might work together one day...................

                      have to constantly bring in new products. i ever encounter things i bought cannot be used and have to absorb the cost.


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                        chubbyvoo, true enough. ppl just like to hop around or just hop into any salon when they need to do up their nails.

                        If you need any help, you can email me.

                        Yaya, house call, really is a headache, the last round I got a freelancer to my house for manicure + pendicure for 3 people including myself, I saw the freelancer carry so many things along and she is so small build. The things look so heavy.
                        I saw a traincase, that got trolley from Bugis village. It is a ideal carrier for house call services.
                        But is not so cheap la.

                        I also encounter that, bought le, end up cannot be use. Need to source around again.


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                          tell u, don't buy those traincase, the attached handle is very fragile, any time can break like that. cost around $150 right? i use a small luggage with rollers. i use a small basin, foot bubble spa very heavy. i put the plastic basin into my luggage and dump in all the other stuffs into it, cushioned them with towels and off i go.

                          now i got problem with my top coat gel, cure already but erode once contact with water, very "sian"............. total damage more than $200.


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                            yaya. Thats the one. But normally such traincase should be very steady. I have not buy that yet. Still KIV.

                            200 damage. Thats alot...


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                              yes it a golden line for all business but yet, you still have to plan. It's not easy. Advertising and all. ...