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  • Chapter 2

    My friend recommended this place, says its only about a 100-odd for softstraightening, and says its definitely comparable to SuperCuts. I've got mine done at SuperCuts before and its pretty good, so I'm between minds about changing the formula

    Any peeps tried this before? Are they any good?

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    the price is definately much cheaper and also tempted to try chapter 2 too. but heard that they do not crimp your hair. so it probably won't last as long as supercuts ss~


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      Soft straight at Chapter 2

      I've tried soft straightening there. I've got naturally straight hair, so much so that hairdressers always asked me when I last rebonded my hair when I go for haircuts.

      Anyway, I was growing out a ceramic perm, and couldnt stand that some curls were "looser" than others. So I decided to straighten my hair.

      The process took only 2.5 hours for my hair that is thick and 2 or 3 inches past the shoulder. It looked super straight and flat the first day, like rebonded hair. But after a week or so, my hair got its volume back.

      I the effect so far cos it did not dry out my hair at all. So basically for me, it served its purpose ie get rid of my curls without making my hair flat, limp ot dry.



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        I'm also tempted to go for chapter 2 SS. but seems like not many pple tried there. Supercuts seems to be the best choice for SS.
        Any1 tried SS at chapter 2, pls share ur views here...
        and any1 tried cutting there? how was it? any recommand stylist there??



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          hi ariesci

          i did soft straightening at Chap 2 in Nov and it lasted me till Feb. my hair has a bit of natural wave so i thought its quite ok. my pals actually thought i went for rebonding


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            My colleauge went there for SS not long ago..

            The effect is quite natural. I will definately consider that if I finally decide I had enough of my curls..

            Worth a try..


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              last week, i done ss at supercuts. Compare to rebonding, i think this is better. My hair is not so flat.


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                I did my ss at chapter 2 ytd... indeed it's not as straight as rebonding.. quite natural... i quite like the effect...


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                  for those who tried ss, any recommendations of stylists? am thinking of trying it soon. any pics of ur hair too? TIA!


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                    I'm thinking of switching salon are the prices of supercut and chapter 2? Where can i find them? TIA..


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                      Curloff? Curlglow?

                      I saw this promotion at site, $99 for Rebonding and Digital Perm, including haircut and treatment.

                      Cannot decide which 1 to do?????

                      Any comments?

                      Curl nicer or Straight hAir?


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                        Rebonding at Chapter 2

                        Anyone has gone to the new Chapter 2 at Marina Square to do rebonding? saw the promo at their website.... hope to hear some reviews before going down...


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                          I had a haircut at Chapter2 in Feb. Cost me $25 (shoulder-mid-length hair). I won't go back there for a haircut though - my hair has been a frightful mess ever since the stylist ripped her scissors length-wise down my hair to layer it.

                          I might consider going for a chemical treatment there though - it's just that they don't seem to cut hair very well...


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                            Just made an appointment to go for their rebonding.... seems like everyone is going down for the offer.... they are fully booked for this week.... so for those who plan on going... better make appointment earlier...


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                              hiz~ was wondering what is soft straightening? and wads the price range?? thanks!