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Panda Eyes / Dark Eye Rings?

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  • Panda Eyes / Dark Eye Rings?

    Im referring to specifically dark eye rings and circles, not puffiness.

    Anyone using any eye cream or eye gel or any other remedies or methods (erm... yes, i do koe the most effective is probably to have a good night sleep everytime) even plastic surgery (which i dun think there is one for dark eye rings?.. i duno)

    would any kind souls please share ur experience on good and effective methods and products against dark eye rings? Im pretty sick of having to conceal conceal and conceal and gotta wear make up over it to conceal.

    From my friends, they recommended:
    - shiseido, bio-performance, super eye contour cream
    - MTM, panda pads

    both of which i've not tried and also not sure of the prices. anyone whos tried these please also leme koe ur reviews.

    Thank cute!!!

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    I need to know this too, my dark rings are terrible! So far, the eyecreams I've used don't work on me


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      I've seen slight improvement with Chanel's Eye Tonic. However this was after 6 - 7 weeks' usage. Even the pamphlet stated results to be seen within 8 weeks or so. My bottle is finishing soon so I'm estimating it a 8 weeks usage. I use it twice daily.


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        Another recommendation i got today is the Sisley erm... duno-what-eye cream/gel. Heard to be some star award product. Anyone tried or used it before?

        n coincidentally, the chanel lady managed to convince me to buy the chanel eye tonic! haha... i hope it really works like she said and also, like what sharon says.. haha

        but please do keep ur recommendations and remedies coming in!


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          juno it's only a teeny bit improvement! still i was expecting to be disappointed, so this wasn't too bad

          i've tried sisley's creams, good for wrinkles but not for dark circles


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            Remedy For Dark Circles

            Eye masks or whatever! bring it on!... my dark circles are horrid! HeLP!!


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              welcome to CC dolphin78! please do a before starting a new thread


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                Hi, I bought the chanel eye tonic a couple of days ago too ! it's really expensive. think it's too soon to see an improvement though. sharon, I'll keep your words in mind so that I won't give up too soo !


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                  a word of caution, be sure tt these eye products r not too rich for ur delicate eye areas. cos if it is, it will cause melias-small little oil bumps tt can only be remove by laser treatment.


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                    me suffering from dark circles...tried clarins, garnier, loreal, bodyshop, andrea, simple....all these dun work...

                    Now trying Bio-essence..recommended by big for her...but kinda doesnt for me..

                    Anyone else has recommendations pls tell me...i am desperate.. dun wanna look like a panda for life..


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                      Originally posted by ceruleus
                      Hi, I bought the chanel eye tonic a couple of days ago too ! it's really expensive. think it's too soon to see an improvement though. sharon, I'll keep your words in mind so that I won't give up too soo !
                      how much is it?


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                        Hi gal,

                        it's $76


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                          oh well!! if you are daring why not spent on this product from La Prairie!
                          the radiance eye cream. it is also her world's this issue nominated best product!! heard a lot of raves in the office which i am working part time with.

                          this is what i found : In an instant, your eye area will look smoothed and brightened as lids feel lifted, silkier and firmer. Give your eyes a chance to relearn the secret of being young.

                          Cellular Radiance Eye Cream utilizes a brilliant application of the science of physics, making skin look luminous from application.

                          Cellular Radiance Eye Cream contains Bioactive Complex which is the stellar achievement in eye treatment technology that is a revolutionary and synergistic combination of highly effective materials. This multi-complex formula targets under eye circles, puffiness, and wrinkles simultaneously working towards reducing the signs of aging particular to the eye area.

                          Comprehensive eye treatment.
                          Time-correcting therapy.
                          Re-defines, hydrates and brightens delicate eye zone.

                          HTHs!! Anyway I am using La Prairie Lipo-sculpting and their eye contour cream! Works Perfectly good for me! but the price is


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                            The best eye cream for dark eye rings I've tried is Cosme DeCorte's Clearness Eye in a blue pump dispenser.It is more for people with dark eye rings concern and not so much for fine lines or moisture.Definitely give this a try!


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                              wow so many options....girls can you all help me decide which is the best....?