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  • Hair Rebonding

    how long do u wait before u take a dip in the pool? i know a fren who took a dip 2 weeks after she did & it totally dried out her long hair ends. i need to work my lump of lard body but i don wanna end up with dried grass on my head.

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    maybe a month?
    my hair didn't dry out from swimming before though


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      hmmm i m paranoid. bad experience last year just aggravates. did a pleat perm, grew my hair, another pleat perm then straightened 2 months later & then the hair split big time almost half the length affected. trim regularly & swim 4X/ still a pain. cut it all off in august...sobs. now that hair is fine don wan the same trauma! just being careful...ok i m hitting the pools soon! yay i need my regular laps!!!


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        wow...sounds like u did a lot of very damaging processes

        maybe u should let your hair rest for awhile..i've stopped rebonding my hair..decided to go back to my natural texture

        it's time to learn to love what i was blessed with right? hehe


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          i just rebonded my hair again in dec, havent gone swimming yet. would love to though, but no nice pool here. the pool at my gym is an indoor pool and just reeks of chlorine!


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            I went swimming abt 3weeks to a month after i rebonded my hair...really drying so just make sure you condition and do whatever you can to it...but the rest should be ok :o: I love swimming too!


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              Think after 1 month and in the evening, unless u want a tan. Could be that the original condition of your hair is already not very healthy, need to be careful of it.
              Swimming my fav too but if u ask me to swim now, most probably I'll sink to the bottom of mid-pool 8O


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                I have a question about rebonding...

                The first time I got it done was in HK. Very happy with results since I've never had pencil straight hair before. (Cut my morning time by 25%!!) But some of the inside part of my hair on the sides & back were really frizzy fried!! I guess my question is, does this happen with everyone who gets rebonding done?

                About 10 months later, I got 2nd rebonding done but here in Toronto. I swear the frizzy fried ends were worst this time in the same areas. & I think I'm actually losing more hair! I'm wondering if it's because the hairstylist here is not as experienced in this procedure b/c simply, he would not do as much as someone in HK would.

                Having said all this, in almost all N.A. write ups on this process in magazines & online, the "touch up" process generally is only with the regrowth areas so they would not "rebond" what had been rebonded before. So, they wouldn't damage the already affected hair. I've gone as far as to tell my stylist that I don't think he should rebond the undersides of my hair. They're not noticible & now, they're even more "curlier" than my natural hair.

                I would like to know if others had similar experiences & is mine the norm? Or should it actually be better than what I had experienced? Thanks!!


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                  I have not gone swimming as regularly as i would have love ever since gone through 2 rounds of rebonding. I'm paranoid that it will strip my rebonding and colouring. The second rebonding was done in almost the same way as the first but somehow it didn't have as good effects as the first. Hence i'm growing out my hair again, and then hopefully start rebonding all over again.

                  My second rebonding was a full one, and not on regrowth areas. I could feel the damage to the hair, as the hair lost its elasticity and snapped easily.

                  I'm back to using my VS straightening plates as my natural curls and fizziness are starting to haunt me again. The heat and direct contact is no doubt bad for the hair, but is a temporary measure till the next rebonding session.

                  Similarly for me, rebonding saves my morning-getting-ready-time by 25%.


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                    How long do you wait before you tie it up? Was thinking of getting my hair rebonded just before my wedding but my hairdresser told me that it's a bad idea.

                    So now I'm thinking of doing it about 2 months earlier.


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                      Originally posted by gingerbread
                      How long do you wait before you tie it up? Was thinking of getting my hair rebonded just before my wedding but my hairdresser told me that it's a bad idea.

                      So now I'm thinking of doing it about 2 months earlier.
                      Actually since you are getting married and you are going to tie up your hair I wld suggest that you should not go for rebonding. Rebonding gives u poker straight hair and it might be too smooth for your hairstylist to tie them up. It doesn't matter that your hair is a bit wavy since you are going to tie it up anyway rt? And even if you decide to let your hair down, u can always get the hairdresser to blow straight for u.

                      I wldn't take the risk if I were u. U never know whether the rebonding wld turn out ok. Just my 0.02 ct


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                        i second meow......don't try anything new before your wedding. i learnt it the hard way

                        I went to a new hair stylist the weekend before the photo-shoot and god knows what he did to my fringe.....he cut too much of it, including some of the hair from the side and back that i couldn't tie it up. Went back to my reliable one to get it rectified and i ended up with short bangs something which i'm not used to

                        if you're tying up your hair, rebonded hair makes it difficult. in fact my stylist told me not to wash my hair the morning of my wedding cos it'll be too smooth to tie up. according to her, dirty hair is easier to style 8O


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                          I did my highlight 3 weeks ago. I thought i can skip the rebonding and let the natural hair grow but i just can't stand the fizziness anymore. Anyone know if it's advisable to do rebonding 3 weeks after colouring? I know the salon always recommend doing the rebonding first and then the colouring 3 weeks later, I'm wondering if it's ok the other way round.

                          Anyone know of a good place to do rebonding? TIA


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                            dreamie, yeah it's OK but it would strip the colour off! what highlights u did? big chunks? light blondish colours? if u did v v light colour, the rebonding would make it almost platinum rebond only if u think u can take the colour. or u cld rebond, live with the lightened highlights then wait a few weeks & colour again. but yr hair would be severely damaged & u might end up snipping lots off! gal, yr hair is fine as it is, not frizzy lah! & i saw u not too long ago. i would not rebond till maybe a month later when the highlights would have faded anyway!


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                              farah, my highlights are mainly cooper and browns in strips, and not really big chunks, not blonde or yellow. You mean rebonding will turn the colour lighter and more yellow? Sigh! So sad! Hair is in rather bad condition, you can tell the fizzy hair at the top and the rebonded hair at the bottom, from the back, like a line divided across.