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Eyebrow / eyeliner embroidery & tattoo

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  • Eyebrow / eyeliner embroidery & tattoo

    Does it look natural?

    My eyebrows are really short and straight. I thought of trying the soft tap (cap?) eyebrow tatoo....but am really scared....don't want it to turn out horrible and then there's no way of going back!

    I can't draw my brows Don't know how...everytime i try it ends up looking totally unnatural and uneven. In fact, i hate the look of drawn brows. Never looks natural to me, unless its really subtle.

    Besides, if you go swimming or the beach it would probably come off.

    But i'm really wondering if the xiu mei looks natural...or does it look like drawn on brows?

    if anyone here knows ANYTHING about it, please let me know!

    Thanks a bunch
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    hi there,

    i'm not a fan of tattoed eyebrows. i think they look more unnatural than badly drawn eyebrows. just my very humble opinion. also, i think they might turn green after a while. i don't know how true but i've seen some ladies with eyebrows with a greenish tinge. girl, all it takes is practise. i can't draw my eyebrows too but i hope to master it in good time.

    try Trinity Tricolore's eyebrow filler. it's pretty easy to use. probably easier than the pencils. it costs $28.


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      dont do it!!!!! my mum's good friend has tattoed brows and she looks so scary cos they just stand out of her pale face(her brows are too stern and dark) and i cant imagine whats going to happen when she's older and her hair turns white and grey.....and anyway, if u draw your brows, theres a great flexibility cos u can change the colour to match your dyed hair! haha... i have a friend who has virtually very very sparse brows and she uses ( i think revlon) dark brown e/s and she draws them on very fast everyday....she used to do that in the morning in jc when she didnt have time to do it at home....haha. but she was fast at it and it looked very natural.... try e/s if u think eye pencils are too harsh.... u can try shu's brow pencil... its very good cos its a value for money and it doesnt disappear when u swim.... =)


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        Thanks for the replies. I guess i should try learning how to fill them in....but ive tried sooo many times! I don't know how to extend the line....or what kind of shape/arch to make it, etc.. always ends up a disaster.

        Btw, i just wanted to add that its not the old aunty type of tatto that i mean. (u know some old ladies have horrible greenish black tattooed eyebrows?) The one im talking about is more like eyebrow embroidery...or they call it xiu mei in chinese....i heard it's very different to the old eyebrow tattoo. And it is not totally permanent....may fade after a few years, but not to a horrible greenish colour. I also heard you can choose the color for the it doesn't have to be a very dark black which looks very harsh on most.

        The shu pencil sounds interesting that it won't come off when you swim..hmmm...but maybe like you said i should try a shadow first for a much softer look since i always find it unnatural looking.

        Thanks again for your help!


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          why dont u go to the counter and get a nice SA to teach u? if u r interested in the shu pencil...its 28 i think.. and u can go to robinsons shu uemura and look for Ivanna to help you.. shes very nice!


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            yups, i agree you should go to the counter to let them try the eyebrow pencil on you to see if you like the effect. and if you do, keep practising till you like what you see. first of all, do go to a reputable beautician or SA to get your eyebrows shaped first (perhaps a soft natural arch) to make filling in the brows easier and gives a much nicer effect. i have rather sparse eyebrows too, and shu and clinique e/b pencils work for me.


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              practise makes perfect! when i first started using makeup, i was like u duno how to draw my eyebrowns etc but u gotta keep trying... draw with a simple pencil or u may try with the powder form together with the eyebrown brush! its really easy...u just gotta practise more...

              regarding abt the tattoo part, u guys are all wrong! nowadays tattoo is really natural not like our mummy's times, tatto will change colour.

              do u know why i said tt, it actually depends on which tattoo eyebrown artist u go to, if possible go to an artist which was recommended personally by ur frens( and u have seen the handiwork of the tattoo artist urself and not by ur fren's saying)

              my eyebrown was totally bare= no hair in the past, but after going tattooing my eyebrown, it has completely solved my problem, and i can totally go out w/o worrying my eyebrown is not drawn etc...and if i am happy/ mood very good...i will draw it over the layer...

              mine costs abt $250 if anyone wanna do it, can ask me for the number. do u need any pics to prove? oh ya, mine lasts only a year and its not totally tattoo, its dunno wat "sui mei"! its reallly very natural!

              maybe abt the green part, its our mummy's generation not ours
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                Hi racergirl, i dont know if you have shaped your brows.
                Its pretty easy to draw your brows if you have shaped it nicely. All you need to do is to fill in only and probably extend the line a little if your brows are short.

                hope this helps!


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                  well, tattoo isn't a very good idea, no offence but just take a look at some of the aunties, they look unnatural and sometimes the colour changes to green what's more if it's not done nicely you'll regret it...

                  i have heard of pp who have done the 3D kind of eyebrow tattoo, looks pretty nice but don't know what will happen in the long run, so just stick to trimming and filling in with eyebrow pencil


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                    Body and Soul has eyebrow stencils for you to fill in your brows in your desired shape! $36, comes with pencil and a few stencils i think

                    available at Tangs (?)


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                      Omega, yes I want pics!


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                        there is no option to attached pics...
                        hw to post pics???


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                          Omega! i sent you a PM.

                          Sorry...i've never posted pics here either...but there is an icon saying IMG just below the message icon when you are about to reply to a post...dont know how it works though.

                          You can email me the pics at: [email protected]

                          perhaps the others who also wanbt to see the pics can pass you their emails too.

                          Thanks a bunch!


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                            all want to see, dun want la... i shy la!
                            i am only sending to u!

                            i've send it.

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                              I kinda agree with Omega, nowadays the color used for tattooing is very natural.... I've seen 2 real-life examples before. I dun know if the technique & tools used any different from our mummies' days but the color is definitely more natural, also the shape that was done are very well acceptable.

                              Guess it really depends which saloon u go...