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  • estella85:
    no worries dear, it's peeling, hence it seems uneven, or maybe slight diff in color.
    just remember let them drop naturally, yah.


    • ee brows balance check tips

      hotaru :
      Hehe... thankU ^5!

      estella 85 :
      O yea, mine has some 'holes' too after a mth.. so thats y we need the touchup after bout a mth or two to fill in, aft that it wil b perfect!

      Update :
      I did mine touchup correction last week and Sophia did not charge me for it, and admitted her mistake for the unbalanceness. Somehow it still looks a bit unbalance but not that bad. Either its her mistake or i overtrimmed my browhair! HAHAHAH!!! Wcheva it is, Im still happy and loving them! Yea!! Mebbe I'll go try #1 Salon Amy skill one yr later or something! :D

      *excited n addicted to EE*

      Tips to check brow balance instantly :
      Ah.. I only learnt this when I got home. Should've done it at the salon. Anw, I found out a really ez way to check brow balance
      - Lift your brows real high in a surprise look. Check!
      - Frown. Check!
      - Wear specs. Check!

      I'll do that nx time! If I can rem! Hope this helps y'all!
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      • eneres: babe, here you go dont know how come the original link cannot access.. lol

        well, my brow has started peeling.. about 60-70% already... the color look kinda light.. so it's natural kind of look.. but i wish it was slightly darker and thicker... coz the color is abit light and the shape is thin.. so abit back to square just that its more defined in the shape. hehe... when i go for my touch up then consult her again for opinion.


        • estella85 :

          Your brows looks pretty good. Gave me more confidence for Erabelle. Was really shocked to hear reviews about Sophia.


          • eneres: hehe..thanks for your compliment oh i forgot to mention, that will actually do a patch test before they start the EE. they just apply the color on your neck to see any allergies. problem is, they forgot to wipe it off for me until i reach home and realise the brown color on my neck! it's quite a big patch too~~!!! lol

            Btw ladies, we have to apply the cream for how long? it's 1 week already..i'm still applying it 2 times a day. the peeling has more or less finish already..


            • raisins81:

              I apply till the peelings stop completedly.
              Mine still got at least 3/4 untouched!


              • js did mine with sohpia today~~~ i think her attitude was alright.. b4 i left, she was lik "rmb to write more gd comments fo me on the internet when ur free" haha
                i find my brows too dark! are they going to fade aft a few days? its lik so distinct now! ><
                oh btw, iirc, nobody mentioned that numb cream is applied on b4 the embriodery so thoes who are concerned abt the pain, dont worry!


                • opps actually aft reading thru d previous posts again, i realized sm gals did mention tht numb cream was applied >< haha.

                  anyway, did anybody's eyebrow didnt fade?? im so worried tht mine will stay dark! my dad said i look lik zhong kui! -_- omg. did u gals liked ur brow's color right aft u got it done? or u had to wait fo it to fade too? man i hope it'll look better by tmr! ><
                  sorry for all my ranting.. js tooo worried!


                  • Sophia- Best Beauty Centre

                    Thought that since I have benefitted from this thread, I should contribute as well.

                    My sister tempted me into getting eyebrow embroidery done and I cajoled her into doing it together with me with Sophia yesterday. She had hers done at Bishan Salon before and was actually scheduled for a touch up a few days later but when she saw pictures of the brows the ladies here contributed, she decided probably a change is good.

                    Called to make an appointment yesterday, unsure of whether the choice was right, probably hoping then that she will be too busy to attend to both of us but surprisingly she was available at 7.30pm for two.

                    Was a little apprehensive initially but gradually warmed up to her because she seems really friendly and sincere. Is a perfectionist in a way though I squirmed at having to take those 'before' and 'after' shots- I am not very camera friendly. Process was as the ladies here mentioned before, preview by drawing with a pencil, local anesthesia on brows for 30 minutes before the actual 'embroidery'.

                    She did put forth the options- EE or CE etc but we stuck to what we wanted- EE. Initially I was pretty relieved because there wasn't much of a pain until it kicked in much later. Tolerable though and with my high threshold for pain, I'll rate it a 3 out of 10. I guess the pain is also a result of the fact that she tries to be precise with the embroidery.

                    On the whole, she is pretty good at what she does- as in 'designing' brows suited for the face. Professional in that she kept ensuring that brows are balanced. Also for us she had to work till 10.30pm yesterday, way after her usual knock off time at 9pm. She told the rest of the staff to go ahead home while she remained in the shop alone with us. Only issue with the embroidery which I believe most of us who went to her have in common is the initial fear that the ink will not fade because it is a little dark- too dark at first. My brows are now really dark and without smiling I already look a little fierce, not to mention with the now DARK eyebrows. However after seeing the brows of so many ladies here, I do believe it will fade after it peels in 3 days time.

                    Anyhow I like the way she shape the brows- it blends in nicely with the rest of the features. And I do like her professionalism though I must add that for her brows to continue looking good, maintenance is a must. My natural brows are unbalanced so in order for her to balance it, one brow has to be trimmed down a lot and knowing the brow shaping idiot that I am, I will probably have to go back to her to be shaped.


                    • Anyone did eyeliner embriodery?
                      how long will the eyes be swollen ?


                      • glad you like your brows jazzylee, i had mine done 3 weeks ago and i'm loving every single bit...
                        initially the first 3-5 days, was kinda 'unbearable' coz i'm so fierce 24/7, it has fade to a very nice light brown and i really like the shape she drew for frames the face nicely too.
                        i'm not sure how to post my pics here, but if any podders is keen, my day 1, day 3, day 5 and after that pics can PM me i'll be most glad to share.

                        i will be going back to sophia for touch up maybe like 2 months later


                        • Can anyone give me Sophia's contact? Would like to fix an appointment with her after all the raves about her..

                          By the way I'm a little confused.. What is EE & CE? EE is the 'zhi mei' one is it?


                          • Originally posted by yoshimi View Post
                            Can anyone give me Sophia's contact? Would like to fix an appointment with her after all the raves about her..

                            By the way I'm a little confused.. What is EE & CE? EE is the 'zhi mei' one is it?
                            # is 63528812

                            dont worry whn ur there aft ur eyebrows are designed, sophia will explain the difference of ee & ce to u since she has 2 pckgs fo ya to choose fr~


                            • yoshimi:
                              in short, EE looks more like drawn eyebrows whereas CE is supposed to look more nature.
                              don't worry, she got CE's pictures for you to see.


                              • can I find out how much does it cost to do EE and CE with sophia?