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  • Recommendation on foundation

    Dear all,

    I'm actually looking for a good liquid foundation to alternate with my Lancome Macquicake UV Forever. I'm finishing my first one and it's good but it's a pink undertone so halfway through it, I find my skin look a littel greyish after application. I'm quite yellow in tone actually. I still like it though because it really helps with my shine, is smooth and very natural for a 2 way cake.

    But I'm looking for a liquid foundation and makeup base that will still look natural with medium coverage, so that I can wear it out when I don't want to feel so "made-up". I have oily skin and large pores and most foundation usually oxidizes pretty quickly on my face. I've tried MAC but it oxidizes for me. I've tried iNuovi too and the texture is a little streaky and turns chalky. I used Prescriptive Custom Colours but the texture was also streaky for me. So I'm still trying to find one that suits me...

    I'm considering KP liquid foundation and RMK liquid foundation and makeup base. Which will suit me better? I already have the KP loose powder with I love very much.

    Thanks in advance!

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    hey christie,

    if you use the 'SEARCH' function, you'll find that there are a fair few threads discussing liquid foundations and makeup bases already. Alternatively, try a search of the specific makeup brands too.

    i've taken the liberty of doing the search for you since you're new, but do try to use it before posting any new topics yah?

    take your time reading through them!


    Makeup Primer

    Foundation Help

    Camera! Foundation!

    Foundation Shades

    Best Full Coverage Foundation


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      Welcome, Christie

      I've used both KP and RMK liquid foundations personally but prefer iPSA. But if I have to choose between the 2, it's RMK. I've also used RMK's Creamy Makeup Base which I found to be too shimmery. I seldom pair bases with foundations. It's always one or the other.

      We can't really tell you what WILL suit you or not. I hear RMK gives out samples easily so why not try them out first? KP didn't work for me. I'm dehydrated/combi/dry. It streaked on me. You'd find my postings in most of the threads Vixette has listed for your reading. Good luck in finding the one that'll work for you!


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        Liquid Foundation

        Any good liquid foundation to recommend for

        1) combi-oily
        2) acne-prone
        3) sensitive


        have tried clinque n chanel (teint universal). they really give me a flawless look n i honestly could find no faults until clinque turns out pinkish for my face n chanel gives me fresh pimples everyday. sad...really feel sorry for chanel coz its really good and silky smooth just that it cant work on my oily face...

        am thinkin of estee's enlighten but opened to better suggestions...

        anyone tried enlighten? or can give me their best-used foundation in terms of texture (smooth or not, does it cake if its not oily, covers well?) goin to attend a wedding soon...really ho0pe i can solve this problem.


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          I have merged your thread with similar thread that was posted before.

          My fave liquid is RMK but they're no longer available in SIngapore. The texture of RMK's is quite similar to your Chanel ....

          Lots girls say very good things about IPSA's so you might like to check that out. Loads of posts regarding IPSA here
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            I'm currently loving RMK liquid, if you're keen, try getting it on yahoo auctions, I saw a few selling. For close colour matches, try prescriptives virtual skin, its rather sheer, so you'll be able to get an exact colour match. Why not search the archives? The main counter brands available locally have been discussed many times over, I'm sure you'll get the feedback u want.


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              Re: Liquid Foundation

              Originally posted by Helethea
              anyone tried enlighten? or can give me their best-used foundation in terms of texture (smooth or not, does it cake if its not oily, covers well?)
              I have. There're so many threads dedicated to foundations! Have you done a search already? I know it's hard to scour through the load and still not know which is a suitable product for yourself. Moreover, preferences for products differ from person to person. I quite liked Enlighten but fellow Cotter Dolphin didn't. How do you like your foundation? Matte? Full coverage?

              Most EL foundations are quite good, IMO. Enlighten was a breeze to blend and covered well. But you see, my skin type differs from yours. I'm not very oily, you see.


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                ya i went the reviews in MUA...n they recommended enlighten...heard its ok for oily skin. well, not very sure anymore. if only estee gives out samples more easily, it will be wise choice to try it on my face n see if it turns out good in natural light n the effect of oxidisation aft a few hours.

                i was previously using prescriptive. cant remember the range name though. it was an OK pressed foundation. not as good as chanel in turns of the flawless look but at least it doesnt give me pimples.

                oh...i was trying so hard to give chanel a chance....kept using it under a strong pimple cream but it doesnt work. sigh....

                so am trying to look for sth that combines chanel texture and prescriptives usauge of non-oily ingredients..

                coverage is not really important since i depend on my concealor for that. hence its light coverage for me. i also discovered that if i use heavy coverage gives a cakey n not-so naturel look. (my own experience so to speak). flawless complexion is more easily achieved through light foundation.

                guess thats y people with really good skin only needs to apply a light layer of foundation or simply just a coat of loose powder.

                rmk is good? haven heard of it in MUA but will check it out later.


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                  Actually, Enlighten is quite creamy. Equalizer would be a better choice for oilier skins, IMO. You seem to prefer powder foundations. I can't help you here cos I don't use them anymore (too drying for me).

                  RMK isn't available in those parts of the world. It recently pulled out of Singapore. Its liquid foundation is indeed quite good. But somehow I prefer iPSA. I liked Px foundations too.


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                    ipsa, enlighten, rmk seems creamy...

                    from what i gather ipsa foundation (protect) recommended for less drier skin is less likely to score with sensitive skin...mmm...

                    just read in mua that clarins colour tint is great for combi-acne prone skin... n the best thing is it looks so naturel that one cant tell its makeup!!! woa....gotta check this out! a big plus since im a cult follower of clarins although this doesnt mean i only support clarins.
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                      Originally posted by Helethea
                      from what i gather ipsa foundation (protect) recommended for less drier skin is less likely to score with sensitive skin...mmm...
                      That so? How so? Protect is very light (watery) but covers well. You might wanna check out mineral makeup as well.


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                        If you're looking for a light foundation and aren't too particular about coverage, IPSA (Renew) is a good bet. Like the other girls have mentioned: SEARCH!! You'll find out a lot more than by repeating questions asked previously.

                        BTW, please edit your signature! It's a tad bigger than the size allowed. Check out CozyBulletin for more details about permitted signature sizes.


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                          Originally posted by Glossie
                          That so? How so? Protect is very light (watery) but covers well. You might wanna check out mineral makeup as well.
                          How good is the coverage for Protect? in comparison with Renew?

                          I love Renew's light texture, but the coverage is really too light for me.


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                            Lets just say it is not possible for Protect to give you a full coverage and from reviews it seems like it is a YMMV product. Personally, I feel that you can build up the coverage of Protect from sheer to medium. If you have the chance, try Protect on your face. The texture and feel of this foundation differs when on your hand and on your face

                            For me, Protect is good enough for daily use to even out skin tones and to lighten scars and marks considerably. However, it turns to look too "natural" for a more dressed up look. Hope you know what I mean


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                              totally understand! I'm just looking for something a bit better at covering but still quite natural. But my skin's quite dry so I'm a tad worried about Protect after reading Ponine's (?) review. Do you find it drying too?

                              Will definitely try the fdtn again soon! I wanna check out the IPSA air-feel (?) blusher too...