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MAKEUP NEWBIES: how to start making up?

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  • MAKEUP NEWBIES: how to start making up?

    Hi girls, I need help. I've never put on make up before. (err, yes, NEVER) cos my skin is not flawless and i somehow think putting make up will worsen my skin condition?

    But anyway, I'll be graduating soon, and i need to look for jobs, which means at least basic make up is necessary. But i don't know where/how to start?!?!?

    I would like to start with the most most most basic of foundation, a little blusher and lipstick. But there is like loose powder, liquid foundation? What is the difference and which is better?
    And ermm, is it not advisable to get like all these in different brands? or i can just "mix and match" anyhow i like? And ermm, what about the sunblock/suncreen beneath the foundation?

    Ermm..basically, i know NUTS and i have no cosmetics items...i really need help on how to get started...

    btw, i live in Singapore, so if you give me recommendations on a particular item/brands/SA, ermm, pls give me stuff that i can get in s'pore..and have combi skin, slightly oily around my T-zone.

    Your advices would be greatlyyyyy appreciated, girls. :wave:
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    hi there,

    perhaps going for a makeover might be a great place to start so you'll know what colours you'll like. i started off with very basic items:

    1. foundation

    *texture is dependent on your skin type and preference. if you've normal skin, you might like liquid, dry skins might go for creamier textures, oily skins can go for liquid or powder foundation.

    *shade: this is best determined at the counter itself

    some options to try: Prescriptives Virtual Skin, Lancome , Ipsa Renew or Protect, MAC, Estee Lauder's Ideal Matte

    2. loose powder

    *loose or pressed powder. depending on what you like. loose powder can be used at home for setting your foundation. pressed powder is great for touchups. i personally only use loose powder and don't like to touchup during the day coz i don't like to add on more powder as the day progesses. if you're not too oily, blotters should suffice.

    can try: KP, Prescriptives

    3. blush

    check out MAC for its dizzying array of colours. a safe option to try is MAC's sheertone colours. a popular colour is pinch-o-peach. this is a light peachy pink tone. the sheertones go on pretty light so you don't have to worry about having obvious streaks on your cheeks. and while you're there, you can check out the brush selection as well.

    4. gloss/lipstick

    this should be the easiest item to get. my current fav is one of the watershine colours from Maybeline. it's not terribly expensive and there are lots of colours to choose from.

    5. mascara

    once again, you can pick a cheaper alternative from loreal or maybeline.

    you can try out these basic items first before picking out:

    6. eyeshadows
    7. eyeliner
    8. eyebrow filler
    9. makeup primer

    have fun.


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      I agree with michannat, the easiest way to start off would be to go to a makeup counter and let them show you how to use the makeup. Definitely start off with the basic items first, else it will be too overwhelming. With items like foundation and powder, it's definitely a good idea to go with mid-high end brands. The sales assistant will be able to help you pick out the right shades and show you how to apply. However for mascaras, I often find the lower end ones comparable to the more expensive ones. I believe Fasio is popular amongst a lot of cotters.

      If you do not have dry skin, I think a powder foundation could be a good way to start. It's easy to use and you do not need the extra step of putting loose powder on. You probaby do not really need makeup brushes at this stage, although if you are going to be using blusher, it could be a good idea to invest in a blush brush. Check out Body shop for affordable brushes.

      Welcome to the fun and colourful world of makeup. Enjoy yourself!


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        And do remember to get a good makeup remover.

        Check up the following threads for ideas:-

        Personally, I use both cleansing milk and cleansing oil(Haba). Cleansing milk on days with light makeup and cleansing oil for heavy makeup. It is up to one's preference actually.

        Hope you enjoy making yourself up!


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          Actually if your skin is good, don't need to put on makeup. Just a bit of lipstick and draw some eyebrows are good enough.

          Frankly speaking, I regret starting on makeup. I used to have very clear skin that even when I went out bare face, people thought I put on foundation. Now....a lot of clogged pores due to wrong products used.....


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            Hey girl, I think Mich has said it all.

            Personally, I think the most basic things you need in relative order of importance is:

            a) CONCEALER
            - most people need concealers for their undereye area at least, if not for blemishes. If you find the right concealer, often you don't need foundation at all! Concealer is for specific spots whereas foundation is for general uneven skintone.
            - A very good undereye concealer would be KP's Undertone Lightup. The KP counter is in Bugis and all the SAs are very helpful!

            b) FOUNDATION (if necessary)
            - *only* use this is your skintone is generally uneven. And even if you do, just stick to your eye area, nose and chin because that's where most discoloration and redness is. Especially take note of the sides of your nose and your upper lip.
            - Personally, I like IPSA's foundations a lot. The one I'm using now, Renew, is light but provides good natural coverage. You can find IPSA at Tangs.

            c) POWDER
            - powder (whether loose or pressed) is essential for setting your makeup to prevent it from disappearing on you, and to avoid looking like an oil slick. But be careful, a light dusting would do! Our skin never looks powdery naturally, so too much powder can look v v nasty.
            - You can go for loose or pressed, depending on preferences. Personally, I prefer loose powder because I find it's generally finer. KP is famous for its ultra-fine LP and MAC is pretty good too.
            - Some people prefer pressed so they can touch up during the day. Right now I'm using IPSA's.

            d) BLUSHER
            - this is essential for looking awake! I love MAC for their range and they're relatively affordable. MAC can be found at Robinsons City Hall and Tangs. Personally, I find some MAC SAs quite annoying, but most are fine. If they act pushy or snooty, just ignore them and find someone else.
            - The other girls like Shu Uemera as well and I can definitely understand why! The products are of excellent quality, but that means the price increases accordingly as well.

            e) EYEBROW SHAPING
            - A madeup eyebrow is enough to make you look madeup and polished. If you're lucky and your eyebrows are thick, you can even get away with not having to do anything!
            - Get your eyebrows shaped professionally the first time (and even subsequent times) to avoid botched jobs. I would recommend Jason at Trinity Tricolore. He's excellent, though costly.
            - After that, you would need a brow pencil or colour. I prefer using powder because it's more natural.

            If you stick to these few items, you won't need much in terms of tools, except for a blusher brush which can double up as a loose powder brush. I prefer applying powder with a brush to avoid picking up too much powder.

            Good places for brushes would be (from cheapest to most expensive)Body Shop, I Nouvi, MAC and Shu Uemera.

            If you're still willing to experiment a bit more, lip products, mascara and eyeliners would be good.


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              wow thanks girls, for all your detailed info on brands and stuff. I really appreciate it.

              But i was a little overwhelmed by all the different brands for different items...

              Ermm...cos now i don't even know how to start, i really don't know how to go to many make up counters and ask for help...
              Is there any particular brand counter which has a very nice SA that can help me pick out suitable colours and is not pushy and can teach me from step 1 how to start like, powder, then blusher, lipgloss, mascara etc etc....cos i heard from some of my friends some young SAs are quite ermm "not very friendly" and tends to be pushy....

              fornight : i don't exactly have a flawless skin, my face is not pimply but pores are quite apparent... and i need make up because the "teacher" taught us that basic make up is courtesy for job interviews..that's why i'm trying to learn now..

              I do have thick eyebrows but they're trimmed.....i do go for eyebrow trimming since some years ago but that's about all i do....never tried make up i feel very "lost"...


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                Originally posted by scribbles
                Ermm...cos now i don't even know how to start, i really don't know how to go to many make up counters and ask for help...
                Is there any particular brand counter which has a very nice SA that can help me pick out suitable colours and is not pushy and can teach me from step 1 how to start like, powder, then blusher, lipgloss, mascara etc etc....cos i heard from some of my friends some young SAs are quite ermm "not very friendly" and tends to be pushy....

                I do have thick eyebrows but they're trimmed.....i do go for eyebrow trimming since some years ago but that's about all i do....never tried make up i feel very "lost"...
                1. SAs: Vanitha at the Raffles City MAC counter is quite nice. I also find that the IPSA SAs at Raffles City are generally really nice, not pushy at all. There is also a particular SA (she wears a white coat, not one of those in black) at the Shu Uemura counter at Raffles City - I'm afraid I can't remember her name, but she has long brown hair and bangs - also very very nice, friendly and obliging.

                2. Eyebrow trimming: if you want to go have them done again, you could try Lee Ching at Fancl Suntec whom I tried after reading the raves in this thread. She's really very good, and patient too! I was such a fusspot

                Re: not knowing where to start, why not just get the basics as suggested by the lovely cotters who've already posted? They are really all you'll need for now



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                  I really suggest you going to MAC. You can pick up everything there. I am not sure about Singapore, but MAC SAs in Hong Kong are mostly very nice and NOT pushy at all... Just a rave for them (There's one really handsome in the Festival Walk called Techni, the other one I really like is Bonnie of Pacific Place, SAs in Sogo are generally less friendly) The following is me advise:

                  1. Concealer - Try select cover up. It's very easy to manage though it may be a little bit dry at first. You can add some eye cream (preferrbly oil-free, MAC fast response eye cream is good) to it but it still give great coverage. I use it for undereye circle. If you want to use it for blemishes, I recommend adding some mattifier to it to make it more pasty. That will help the concealer to adhere to the skin for whole day.

                  2. I haven't really try the powder but I am sure you can get one there. I recommend getting a pressed first because it's easier to manage at first. Select Sheer will be good.

                  3. Lipstick/lipgloss - tons to choose from.. no worry at all. But I recommend you trying the tinted lipbalm. It can act as a lipgloss and a lipbalm. It gives a nice tint to your lips and tastes yummy too.

                  4. Blusher - I recommend you getting the sheertone blushes. There are quite a lot to choose from. I recommend getting Pinch 'o' Peach, Blushbaby or Coygirl.


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                    Hi Gal!

                    I think the girls here have given you pretty good advice.
                    It may seem a little overwhelming at first but I think what you need to do is read through and jot down the basics that you need. Once you've gotten the basics and if you're willing to experiment a little bit then you can always come on in and let us show you the fun with e/s, myriad of lipgloss shades etc...

                    Like you, I'm also in graduating in about 2 months time and I've only been to one interview so far. The girls here gave me good advice specifically with regards to the INTERVIEW. Less is more really. You just need to look presentable and neat. I personally would do my whole face for the interview meaning - light foundation only on areas I need, loose powder, blush, eyebrows and a light coat of gloss or muted lipstick.

                    As for SAs, it's a matter of luck I believe. Here's my take on approachable SAs I've encountered so far:

                    MAC - Vanitha (Robinsons), Mervin (Tangs, more comfortable with him though).

                    Shu Uemura - Maz (Tangs)

                    Bobbi Brown - Suzannah (Isetan Scotts)

                    RMK - Phoebe (Isetan Scotts), I strongly recommend you try RMK for foundation if your budget allows you to

                    I believe at every counter there will be SAs who can help but the above are the SAs who've made me feel totally at ease, without much pressure to purchase.

                    Good luck and have fun!


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                      Forgot to add, pls remember to get yourself an effective makeup remover too. Just as important (if not more) as putting on your makeup

                      Personally I use cleansing oil to remove everything, more convenient, no need for a separate eye makeup remover.


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                        Thanks girls! (i've really found the right forum to ask for advices, whee~)

               right now to get started i should look for : first concealor (for eye bags), loose/pressed powder, blusher, lipstick/ that right? Ermm...what about sunscreen? Heard that we should put sunscreen underneath make up to prevent face from turning darker?

                        So now i should go to a counter (say, MAC since it's mentioned by most of u), get everything there, then when i'm more familiar, start to experiment with different brands and stuff? That would be better right? btw, does MAC has a good make up remover?

                        Another question, is it ok if i just use loose powder, blusher, gloss and no mascara, eye liner/eye shadow? would i like look very "dead" without mascara?

                        popsicle : may i know where is the thread you mentioned that the girls gave you advices with regards to interview? hmm i haven't even started sending my resume yet! =P


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                          yup, I think for a start, concealer, loose powder, blusher and lippies are enough. That's what I use 99% of the time too because I'm no make-up expert. Eyeliner and mascara depend on the individual. If you've already got rather thick and long lashes, forget about mascara and save the money..Some of my friends feel that mascaras really "open up" their eyes but it doesn't make any difference to me so I skip it most of the time and use it only for special occasions.
                          As for eyeliner, it's meant for making your eyes look more defined and somehow "enlarges" your works beautifully for my sis who's got small eyes with single eyelids but not for me ( eyeliner always makes my eyes look too scarily huge) so again, it depends on you..
                          I think the best way is to try out everything at the counter to see if you think you need that particular item because there's really no hard and fast rule about what you need since this is something very personal.

                          Oh and one last thing, please do try I Nouvi concealer because it's really idiot-proof for makeup beginners.
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                            It's perfectly fine to skip mascara. But unless you already have naturally curly eyelashes, you might want to get an eyelash curler. I find that just curling your lashes alone is enough to open your eyes up, even without mascara.

                            Btw, sunscreen is a MUST whether you're using makeup or not. Do use a sunscreen everyday to protect your skin from sun damage.


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                              i think loose powder, blush and gloss is more than enough, skip the eyeliner and mascara since you are new to makeup.

                              do practise your makeup BEFORE the interview, we dont want any terrible mistakes on the day of the interview. you would be nervous enough and dont need bad makeup to freak you out further

                              have fun experimenting with the brands and colors, ask a makeup savvy friend to go down to the counter with you if you are afraid