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  • Waxing

    Hollywood secrets for waxing.

    K, I know the service there is a little wanting but Emily's really good for this.Especially bikini waxing. She has got a quick hand and she does a clean job of it. Do try it if you have the time.

    Only thing is you have to tell her how much you want to take it off. The first time I went, she took off only what's not covered by my underwear. That was also my very first experience with bikini waxing so I thought that was the norm. I was a little disappointed. Then my friend told me you can request to take more hair off.

    And I'm a repeat customer since then.

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    Originally posted by clpersonal
    OUCH! 8O Sounds really painful! What's the pain comparable to? Do you have to really go naked during the process?
    never tried bikini waxing before. but from what i understand(or imagine), they just wax the part where the hair is showing out of the bikini/underwear u r wearing.
    so, mags always recommend u bring along the bikini so that they can wax away the correct amount.


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      Need a good recommendation for a place that do waxing for face and body.
      Thank you in advance.


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        AFAIK, Strip at Holland V offers a pretty comprehensive range of wax services, though I have never been there so I can't comment on their customer service.

        Erm, joce???


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          pandora76 >>> It wil be better if u can call them like at least 5 days in advance cause they're always fully booked even on weekdays!!

          I called them last week, I wanted so badly for a Saturday appointment & it's fully booked left with only a 1.30pm slot however I am only available @ 2pm onwards after work. The lady took down my request and inform me that she will check and get back to me. I was thinking to myself that they're not gonna call (( cause I've been told so many times by customer service that they'll call but they don't :piss: ))

          I am sooo wrong. 10 mins later after the call. I think her supervisor called me personally and ask me if I am able to stick to the slot, I told her no. In the end both of us compromise to make it to a before 2pm appointment which I have to rush down as soon as I knock off. She even politely asked if I have any preferred ladies to do the waxing for me. I decline her offer cause I dun wanna make things so difficult.

          The sessions ended like 1hr 30 mins later b'coz I requested for a last min full leg strip.


          XXXX strip : $42
          Full leg strip : $48
          Arms : $30 something

          I will list out the pricelist once I found my brochures.


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            Originally posted by jemay
            can anyone educate me, actually how long can the waxing effect last?? Need to go back often or something like that???

            Adessa, what is that XXXX wax about??? :huh:
            Not adessa but the effect of waxing depends on individual... since it involves yanking (ok, not exactly a painless sounding word to use) hair out from the roots, the regrowth will be the time it takes for new hair to grow. Normally that's 2-3 weeks for most people. Waxing ensures that regrowth is fine and not coarse, as oppose to shaving where u just cut off the hair above the skin, leaving a blunt edge, resulting in stubbles soon after. Some people will also experience lesser regrowth with numerous waxing.

            XXXX? Jemay u ready for this?

            XXXX: Ala Brazillian style... all gone, nada! :booty:
            XXX: A tiny strip of hair is left behind, everything else will be off!


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              Originally posted by Jewel
              I do have one question though:
              What's the pain factor like? I was comtemplating on bikini wax but still sitting in the fence for it..

              Ok, I admit, I'm a whim..... at first thought I was tough enough to take the pain, plus the fact I ask for numbing lotion to be applied (at an extra cost). The whole procedure was ok, till I got home and the numbing lotion wore off.... argh! Let's just say I did not sleep well that night, and as I had quite sensitive skin, I suffered some bruising for a few days.

              Do note that that is just my personal experience... u may take it better than whimmy old me.


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                I guess if i have to do it the aftermath will be much worse. If i just wax my calves, all the pores will be swollen and red. Don't know if i am allegy to the wax. It was a horrible experience! But i must say that the regrowth are really finer. Now i have change to epilating which is similar to waxing except no wax (chemical) ! Phew!!

                Joce7878, you must have alot of courage to do it!! Do you feel itch after that?


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                  Originally posted by YuFFiE
                  Joce7878, you must have alot of courage to do it!! Do you feel itch after that?
                  No itch, just bruising and soreness.


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                    hmmm.. and what do you girls think, would it be better to buy a epilator and DIY?


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                      how does the epilator work then?

                      and won't plucking have the same effects as waxing?

                      i know some girls do complain that as the new hair grows out, it can be quite itchy (but this is more if you shave). also, the risk of ingrown hairs is very hair around *that* region. most 'beauticians' recommend applying tea tree oil to prevent the embarrassing problem of having red spots there.


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                        I only epilate my legs. Xue, you are right it's the same plucking action but it does it strand by strand. No chemical is another plus point. You normally applied the wax to the whole area even those without hair so kind of hurting the 'innocent' skin as well. But i never epilate my ***** . Afraid..... Do you need to wax after the first time at the you know where?


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                          Originally posted by jemay
                          can anyone educate me, actually how long can the waxing effect last?? Need to go back often or something like that???

                          Adessa, what is that XXXX wax about??? :huh:

                          Jemay >>>> Waxing lasted me for almost 1 month which the hair after regrowth will be finner IMO. As for XXX & XXXX has been explained by Joce7878.

                          They also mention waxing for the first time can be pretty pain for 1st timers however after finer hair regrowth the 2nd & subsequent times won't be as pain.


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                            argh..sounds very painful especially after the numbing lotion wears off..because me thinking of getting the armpits' hair keep complaining even though i have shaved them...but there are the small dots that he keep grumbling...:roll: :roll:

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                              What I do is, I go for waxing every 5-6 weeks. In between, I use epilator to get rid of hair down below. Saves money. hehe.