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  • My Very 1st Virgin Brazilian Wax at STRIP!

    I was invited for a Strawberry Brazilian Wax, from Strip SG.
    It was my 2nd invitation, I had rejected 1 invitation last year because I was scared of pain. Back then, my perception of Brazilian Wax was nothing but pain and itch!

    I was so wrong!

    I had mine at the Raffles City outlet. Not easy to find because its main entrance is from outside the mall, facing Chjimes. If you are to go through the shopping mall’s shops, the outlet is just behind the GUESS boutique.

    My very First Brazilian Wax flavour is Strawberry!

    STRIP’s latest Strawberry Wax is a gentle and soothing formula that is perfect for Brazilian Virgins. This pretty pink wax contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts which are well-known to calm even the most delicate skin.

    This one-time Strawberry Brazilian Wax package includes:

    [1] Consultation with the experienced Waxpert

    [2] 7 drops of Bach Flower Essence (to calm anxiety)

    [3] Hygiene Pack (wipes and spatulassssssss, many of them!)

    [4] Brazilian Virgin Kit (5-piece travel-sized aftercare products)

    [5] Aftercare card stating the Do’s and Dont’s, with Strip Hotline details.

    Upon my arrival, I went up to their funky-designed reception to “report my attendance”! The folks from Strip were all so friendly, making me feeling so at ease.

    I had Samantha explaining to me about what’s going to happen during the Brazilian wax session.

    She gave me an idea of which area of the Brazilian areas has the most pain but assured me I would be in good hands as the Waxpert whom she assigned to me was their senior in the outlet, and had a lot of experiences in Brazilian waxing.

    Samantha also shared with me their Stripology, Hygiene, Speed, Quality.

    Hygiene as in every waxing dips their customers have, the Waxpert is always using a brand new “ice cream stick”. There will be NO chance of double dip. Double dip as in using an “ice cream stick”, dip once, apply on the skin, dip again, strictly NO!

    Speed, especially Brazilian Wax Virgins, we will want to have the waxing process done once and for all in a swift so as to lessen and get over with the pain! And yes, Strip Waxperts wax at full speed with good accuracy!

    Quality, in their products. All their products are specially formulated and will never have imitated ones!

    The consultation was a short one and before I knew it, I was going to meet my Waxpert, Sally!

    Strawberry Brazilian Wax is starting soon!

    In this one-time package, everyone is entitled to a Hygiene Pack which consists of wipes and many “ice cream sticks” (serves as a spatula). The wipes are meant to cleanse the pubic area before allowing the Waxpert to attend to me, while the “ice cream” sticks are to be dipped into the warm wax and applied to the Brazilian area.

    The wipes are in sachets, unexposed to the dirty air, safe to wipe before wax!

    A wall full of Hygiene Packs! Sure enough for all customers!

    Inside the room!

    I was not alone!

    I had these cute Eazy Peazy Squeezy with me at my bedside throughout my session! At any point of time if I need to hold on to something to endure the pain, I was free to grab any one of them and squeezed them hard! :O

    And oh, if you like to bring home anyof these Eazy Peazy Squeezy, it is retailing at $10 each. Can be used as a de-stresser while at work or school!

    If the Eazy Peazy Squeezy is still not enough for you, open your eyes and start reading the Mantra scribbled everywhere in the room, be it on the walls or ceilings! They will ****** help to divert your attention during Brazilian waxing!

    Every room has walls scribbled with Mantra, so Brazilian virgins, not to worry!

    Lying down, naked bottom!

    This is where I had my Virgin Brazilian Wax done, on this bed, in this room!

    The colour of the strawberry wax was exactly the same as Yam Yam in Strawberry, pink! The wax looked creamy and rich but in actual fact, it felt soft! The strawberry scent was very light, I could hardly smell it during my wax!

    To be applied in warm temperature. Texture is soft, easy to apply as a thin layer on the skin. Because of the thin layer, hardening process is very fast! It dries quickly and evenly, ensuring a minimum discomfort during peeling for Brazilian Wax Virgins.

    While I was lying on the bed, my Waxpert gave me 7 drops of Bach Flower Essence which was meant to calm anxiety, a remedy to calm one’s emotion. The 7 drops were on my under-tongue and tasted like…. Brandy?

    Sally was nice and gentle, she tried to talk to me to divert my attention, and it worked! In the end I didn’t get to touch the Eazy Peazy Squeezy! Haha! She told me she would take about 10 strips to wax off my pubic hair.

    She talked to me throughout the waxing process, while dipping and spreading the wax on my Brazilian area, waited for the wax to harden, and each time when it’s time to peel off the hardened wax, she would tell me to wait, to signal to me she’s going to peel off.

    My first pull wasn’t very painful, it was done in a swift. Immediately after the wax was peeled off, Waxpert had her palm pressed on the “freshly-waxed” area to calm the skin, it helped to reduce the pain very efficiently.

    And when she came to the two most painful areas (Labia), she would asked me to take a deep breath in and breath out as she peeled in a swift!

    She showed me my pubic hair which was waxed off, explaining to me the differences of the pubic on different areas, wow, I never knew pubic hair was different on the different areas on the delicate skin.

    Towards the end, I was left with abit of touchup to remove the uber short ‘leftovers’ using a tweezer. She was quick and I didn’t feel anything. The pain was over!

    At the end of the wax, she applied the Peace ampoule on my Brazilian area to soothe and calm the skin. I didn’t feel any pain, the pain was REALLY over!

    Yeah, I survived my Virgin Brazilian Wax!

    Okay, I’ve survived! No screaming, no kicking, no jumping, no tearing! Everything went smoothly and I was really really well-taken care of!

    Not so bad, not painful, just redness and a little “plumpness” on the Brazilian area.

    Anyway, the redness was nothing, I didn’t feel anymore pain immediately after waxing. Treat the redness as a mosquito bite (okay, many mosquitoes bites?) but without the itch and pain?

    The wax alone took me about 15 minutes. After factor in the consultation, changing and unchanging, touch-ups, taking Peace ampoule, and after-care kit collection, I only stayed for about 30 minutes inside Strip!

    Some little tips to share, what I did.

    Here are just some suggestions from myself, not in anyway suggested from Strip.

    [1] Before I went for my Brazilian, wax, I took a shower, cleansed myself. You won’t want to embarrassed by the weird smell infront of the Waxpert!

    [2] I wore a panty made of cotton material, so that my Brazilian area would feel comfortable after the wax.

    [3] Wear cotton/silk panty for the next few days after the Brazilian wax, you won’t know if the lace will cause itchiness or discomfort to the Brazilian area.

    Do’s and Dont’s recommended by Strip

    [1] No hot baths.

    [2] No swimming or sunbathing.

    [3] No heat or UV treatments like sun beds or saunas.

    [4] No tight clothing.

    [5] No perfumed products including deodarant, anti-perpsirant, self-tanner or make-up.

    [6] No touching, scrubbing or rubbing of the area unless you want a bacteria infection!

    [7] No intense exercise, you won’t want to pull or stretch the delicate skin!

    [8] Do apply their recommended after-wax care products regularly, so as to prevent/treat ingrown hair.

    [9] Do exfoliate every 4-7 days, starting 3 days after the wax. The after-wax care products will include a scrub.

    Let’s take the day (Monday 16 May 2011) when I did my Brazilian wax as Day 1. Yesterday’s my Day 2, there’s still some redness, but less “plumpness” on the skin. No itch, no pain, but very clean and smooth down “there”!

    Especially when I bath, I can’t help but feel so naked and cleaned! And when I apply my shower gel, the Brazilian area feels Xtremely smooth!! ^.^


    • I did it again! This time, Chocolate Brazilian Wax! Shiok!

      My Experience!
      Had my 2nd-time full Brazilian Wax at Strip at Wheelock Place.

      501 Orchard Road
      Wheelock Place #05-04
      T +65 6734 0040

      Open 10am – 9pm Daily
      Closed on Selected Eve of & Public Holidays

      I met Chloe who gave me a rough idea what I was going to expect since this was not my first visit. =)

      Walking to my room…

      This was the room where I experienced Chocolate Wax!

      There were 3 flavours of wax to choose from, Strawberry, Chocolate and Lavendar.

      I had tried Strawberry Wax previously so I did Chocolate wax this time.

      Before the waxing started, my Therapist gave me a Hygiene Pack to clean myself.

      Like the other rooms at Strip, there were mantra being scribbled on the walls for me to read so as to divert my attention from the waxing pain.

      All in all, I had about 14 strips on my front and 2 strips at the back. Yes, towards the end, I actually turned my back at my therapist, haha, weird eh?

      Throughout my session, the waxing procedure was very swift and accurate.

      Stripology: Hygiene, Speed, Quality.

      How the wax was applied
      An ice cream stick was used to scoop the warm wax, Therapist will wait for the wax to cool down for a few seconds before spreading into the skin area. Wait for a minute or so, the wax will be harden enough to be peeled off, this is what i termed it as “strip”. Immediately after stripping, Therapist will press her palm on the area to calm the skin, it works! The same procedure will repeat. As and when, Therapist will use the hygiene pack to clean the skin area before the next strip.

      During the session, out of the 16 strips, only 2 strips gave me the most pain, but all pain were bearable. I just had to breathe in and be ready. Therapist will use her palms to press on my skin immediately after each strip, so as to calm and soothe the skin.

      I was allowed to ask the Therapist to press longer as and when I needed it.

      Staff at Strip are very friendly and professional. They sure know how to make me comfortable.


      From now till 31st December 2011, Strip will donate $1 to PETA for every Brazilian Wax done. Liberate yourself and the animals with a Brazilian Wax at $40 (U.P. $5. Here’s another good reason to go bare skin and not wear skin!

      Also, Strip, together with havaianas, are having a promotion!
      Buy 1 brazilian wax session and slip your delicate feet into a pair of havaianas! Top up $45 will get yourself a ruby red pair while $40 will get the purple pair!

      I picked the Ruby Red!

      Not only that, Strip includes a body moisturizer and a body scrub of you to take home!


      • ohh mine... sunkisstiffy, your naration of your experience is so detailed that I wana go try BW @ Strip.

        How much is it each time? Plan to go for one real soon.


        • Originally posted by en.flyve View Post
          Hey ladies, how much does Blush charge for brazilian waxing without package ? Do they use hardwax?
          they charge $38 for first trial. that's for hardwax.

          should you sign up for the package on the first trial, i think you get a 50% off for the trial.

          the do use partial softwax (only on the top area where the skin is less delicate) as well but i'm not sure how much it costs.

          you can call them at 68365421 to confirm the details.

          do ask for lynn to do the waxing. most cotters/podders prefer her.


          • Originally posted by cherrykisses View Post
            does anyone know if BW is safe during pregnancy? i am 13 weeks pregnant now but have stopped my regular BW sessions since i found out i'm pregnant for fear it might cause any adverse effects. i tried shaving but it gets too itchy and i miss the "clean" feel with BW!
            yes, it is! checked with Lynn from Blush Wax the other day and she said after the first trimester when the foetus should have been more stable already, it should be fine all the way till delivery.

            she recommends that preggie mothers do so for hygience i.e. ease of cleaning the area during confinement.


            • Lotions and whitening products for feminine areas?

              I love Pink Parlour too and go there for my BW Was very interested in their after-wax lotion but I want something that will lighten the area too.

              They only had the Cardon post-wax lotion and the SouthBeach lightening gel, but they didn't have one that combined moisturising and whitening.

              Anyone know of any gentle lotion that can be used in the intimate area that both moisturises and whitens the area? Really want to get something like that...


              • Originally posted by percussionbeat View Post
                I love Pink Parlour too and go there for my BW Was very interested in their after-wax lotion but I want something that will lighten the area too.

                They only had the Cardon post-wax lotion and the SouthBeach lightening gel, but they didn't have one that combined moisturising and whitening.

                Anyone know of any gentle lotion that can be used in the intimate area that both moisturises and whitens the area? Really want to get something like that...
                hey babes! i was at pink parlour too and saw the southbeach lightening gel... it's at their counter right? i think it's pretty popular in the states! maybe you wanna give it a try first to see if it does what it says -lighten the sensitive areas? i think when a product is packed with too many "duties" may not deliver also. so if u need something that lightens these areas, maybe focus on that first and then get a moisturizer that is suitable for the gentle areas. just my two cents! but yes, do intro if u know any awesome product! xx


                • Originally posted by cherrykisses View Post
                  does anyone know if BW is safe during pregnancy? i am 13 weeks pregnant now but have stopped my regular BW sessions since i found out i'm pregnant for fear it might cause any adverse effects. i tried shaving but it gets too itchy and i miss the "clean" feel with BW!
                  my therapist told me it's quite safe, as long as the doctor allows. So it's better for you to let your gynae know about it and seek her advices.

                  Originally posted by DanceAway View Post
                  ohh mine... sunkisstiffy, your naration of your experience is so detailed that I wana go try BW @ Strip.

                  How much is it each time? Plan to go for one real soon.
                  i guess chocohazonut has answered your question on the price. It wasn't really very painful and the after-wax feeling is really good.


                  • Just went for BW at Pink Parlour orchard central. It's my second time waxing, but my first time is sooooo long ago that it's as good as my first time again. It was more painful than my first time, which was at Blush. I think it was because the therapist waxed larger areas at one shot. After telling her that it's pretty painful, then she reduced the area >.<

                    The whole process was so quick. Including shower time, I was in and out in 30 mins. She used a combination of hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax for the main brazilian area, soft wax for the fine hairs higher up the abdomen area. I kind of didn't like how she made me open my legs both at the time, as in both my legs were bent at the knees and open at the same time!?! At Blush, I remember that I only 'open' one leg at a time. This felt so much less exposed and comfortable for me.

                    I don't know the therapist's name, but other than waxing large areas at a go initially, she's still a rather nice lady. She chatted with me throughout the waxing session and tried to make me feel at ease.

                    After my experience at PP, I think I will go back to Blush next time...


                    • Fugly or FURgly? It is no secret that Strip: Ministry of Waxing is against fur - be it on our bare skin, bags, coats or shoes.

                      So it's only natural for Strip to team up with international animal group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for the UNFURGIVABLE campaign in the battle against Fur.

                      Strip has provide me with a complimentary Brazilian Wax to help them promote their Anti-Fur movement.
                      Thank you so much Strip and PETA!!!

                      I have been wanting to try Brazilian waxing for ages but didn't go because I have nearly zero tolerance for pain and I am shy.
                      So thanks to Strip and PETA for giving me this chance to try out Brazilian Waxing.
                      When I received the email to go for Brazilian Waxing, I hesitated on whether to give it a try.
                      There is always a first and if you don't give it a try, how would you know whether it's painful a not.
                      So there I go for the appointment on 17 Oct at Mandarin Gallery outlet of Strip.

                      When I arrived, I was greeted by a very friendly counter staff to file up some forms.
                      Then she introduce me to another friendly colleague of hers to explain to me the things I should know before i go for my Brazilian Waxing.
                      Strip's Mantra is Hygiene, Speed and Quality.
                      Hygiene - The tools they use are all brand new for their customers instead of wash and reuse again. *thumbs up*
                      Speed - From muff to buff in 30 mins flat!! *another thumbs up because the longer the session the longer you have to tolerate the pain right?*
                      Quality - They produce the best results, whenever results you want. *thumbssssss upppppp!!! It's not call Ministry of Waxing for nothing!*

                      The girl who was explaining me also introduce this remedy for me to put under my tongue so to calm myself down before the Brazilian Waxing.
                      So cool!!!

                      And this cute little thing for you to squeeze when you are in pain.
                      Then I was introduced to my therapist who will be doing the session for me.

                      My therapist knew that I am first time doing it so she talks to me a lot during the session so to make me calm and comfortable!!
                      I have to thank her for that because it's rather shy to let other people see your "that area" right.
                      They have two flavors for the waxing - strawberry and chocolate.
                      My therapist let me try both.
                      So nice of her!!!

                      So it started...
                      Starting was okay...
                      When she is about to pull the wax she will inform me.
                      If there is a certain area that is pain, she will tell me and let me prepare myself.
                      "It's gonna be pain, breathe in", she tells me.
                      *Me squeezing the cute monkey and take deep breathe*

                      Finally 30 mins of the session is over.
                      I have stated that I have nearly zero tolerance for pain.
                      My reaction when the session is over " OMGGGGGGGGG!!! PAIN!!!!! yes its bearable but still PAINNNNNNNNNNNN!*no energy*"
                      The Strip staff when she was going through with me, she did mention that there is one area whereby it will be very pain!!
                      I am grateful that at least they inform you and let you be mentally prepared.
                      That area is ULTIMATE!

                      You have heard people saying it's pain, it's really pain.
                      It's something that can't be avoid but it's bearable!!
                      It's painful for me at the ultimate area but it's really bearable for someone like me who has nearly zero tolerance for pain.
                      I am satisfy with the results and the therapist who does it for me.
                      A good therapist really helps a lot and STRIP has them!!
                      They make the session comfortable and bearable for you.
                      With this first step of trying the Brazilian Waxing, I can now consider continuing with my Brazilian Waxing in future.

                      On top of that, get a strip down and you will have a pair of havaianas!
                      Purple and Red havaians for you to choose

                      I got the red one! Thank you strip and PETA!
                      They even give you a tube of body butter, body scrub and $5 discount voucher!!!

                      Strip even give you this card on what should you take note of after waxing.
                      The aftercare waxing tips!!!
                      Such as no hot baths, no scrubing etc for the next 24 hours!

                      Join STRIP and PETA in the Anti-Fur movement!
                      Support the anti-fur movement and get your Brazilian waxing at $40.

                      From now till 31 December 2011, Strip will donate $1 to PETA for every Brazilian Wax done.
                      Liberate yourself and the animals with a Brazilian Wax at $40 (U.P. $5.
                      Here's another good reason to go bare skin and not wear skin!


                      • Anway, did you girls know...

                        Lynn from Blush was from STRIP before she set up her own business.

                        can read more about Blush from Zoe Raymond's old blog posts

                        ZOE RAYMOND: My Monthly Hair Appointment(s)!
                        ZOE RAYMOND: Best way to chill... over ice cream! (:
                        ZOE RAYMOND: Blush Wax!
                        ZOE RAYMOND: Blush Wax!


                        • Just wanna share my experience at Strip.

                          I loved their services so much that I booked another appt this mth.


                          • I did my very first Brazillian Wax with Jennifer from Pink Parlour (NEX). I'm not the bravest and most open person about these things, so I really just wanted to go in and get it over and done with. When I found out my waxer was a Filipino, I was a little scared. Don't mean to stereotype here, but I've had several beauty treatments done by them before and none of them were satisfactory, and they hardsell like mad.

                            Thankfully, Jennifer was really good and fast! After I lied down she gave me a Pink Parlour kitty plush to hold. She talked to me through the whole thing, told me about her past experience, and alerted me where and when it was going to be painful so I could prep myself (I won't comment about pain because I have a mega high threshold). I didn't feel uncomfortable at all!

                            Tried to hard sell the creams a little to me after but I knew what I wanted and didn't want and told her even before we finished waxing so she probably knew she couldn't change my mind. For those interested in post waxing care – I bought the Caron Bump Eraser. It wasn't cheap but I am so prone to ingrowns and didn't want to deal with any messy situations down south so I got it. Of course friends who've also used it said it was not bad or I wouldn't have bothered. I didn't have a single ingrown hair (it's now 5 weeks and the hair is almost all grown out again, just waiting for the time of the month to end before I go for another appointment) so I've started using it on other parts of my body.

                            I'm not going to lie. Pink Parlour's NEX outlet, while as girly as the rest (and yes they have a shower too), is not as high class looking as the ones in town. They don't use the same fancy tactics that Strip uses and they might be slightly more expensive than Blush from what I hear from friends (I'm paying about $38 with my package). But I suppose I'm the kind that just wants to walk in, get the procedure over and done with, and walk out, and it is easy to do that in Pink Parlour (NEX) given the lack of people and staff.


                            • I was invited by Pearlin to try out this Brazilian Waxing. Was quite curious about the unfurgivable campagin.

                              Strip had launched an anti fur Campaign together with PETA to fight against fur, which means we do not want to get animals killed for their fur just because we want to wear them. Strip inconjuction with this, is launching a promotional price for Brazilian waxing for 1st timer at a price of $40.00 before GST (usual price $58.00 before GST) and for each new customer that take up this offer, Strip is going to donate a $1.00 from this to PETA. Love them and don't kill them - please do support this campagin.

                              Initially, I hesitated, well why did I because I never had one and I had this fear that it will of course going to be painful.

                              Nevertheless I decided to go for my 1st brazilian waxing. An appointment was fixed on 27 October 2011 at the Ion unit 03-17A

                              Overall, I like the experience, will continue to support this.


                              • STRIP - Unfurgivable Campaign

                                Firstly, I went to the outlet at Paragon.
                                I must say, the staff was very friendly and patient with me, walking me through the whole process as
                                it was my first time doing a Brazilian Wax.
                                I was very nervous but the explanation before the wax itself definitely helped me understand more and their secret weapon [know more = less fear] really works!

                                Another notable mention is the ambience and layout of the place; the lighting created a soft
                                ambience and I noted a mild scent [can't quite point out which scent it was.]

                                The staff that served me, Hazel, was very friendly and made small talks with me to keep me relaxed
                                and make the atmosphere less tense. She has over 3 years of experience, which certainly helped to
                                further reassure me. I asked her if people go back again after their first wax and she told me that
                                a huge number of customers do return for "follow-ups." The way the whole process was done is
                                very transparent [from taking the gloves/ items needed for the procedure] and is very sanitary.

                                The whole process was quick and while not entirely painless, it is very bearable; I will probably
                                rate it somewhere around 3/10 on my pain meter. The whole waxing took a mere 10-15 minutes
                                and viola~ I felt really clean [albeit naked ^^;;] after the waxing. In fact, I have the answer to a question
                                I asked Hazel during the waxing; I definitely can see myself going back again!

                                If you have not tried Brazilian waxing before, I will say that you really don't have to be too shy about
                                it as to the professionals, it is just hair to them that needs to be removed. STRIP is definitely a place
                                I will recommend you for your virgin brazilian wax or even for people who have done it before (:

                                Full review can be found here: Unfurgivable, No Better Reason To Strip!; Join the Anti-Fur Movement with Strip | ����ɱ�ҤθĿ�����


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