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    Anyone use Shu's travel brushes before?The extra small set of 4.

    I bought a concealer brush from Shu but I don't think I need it. I have not opened it yet so I thought of exchange it with Shu's small set of brushes. They are abt the same price.

    The SA told me their travel brushes are made of the small quality as regular size. All of them are made of Sable or Pony hair.


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      hi fornight, how much is the set? how about trying MAC's brush set? it looks like a good brush set to own especially if you don't have the basics (like lil miss here ). buying individual ones upfront is a hefty investment.
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        hi fortnight and michelle!

        I have heard some negative comments about the shu travel size brush set. I've seen it at the counter and they look really tiny!

        I got the MAC brush set! really like it! esp the #266! it's great to use for lining and for drawing eyebrow! it's $95 for 5 brushes. so average it's only $19 for one brush! the only rant is the container - the red looks very "PVC-ish" and the zip is difficult to zip!

        I also have the KP GWP brush set. am putting it up for swap at MUA. don't need so many brush set lah.


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          hi kab, can remember your purchase on sat. getting good use out of the MAC brush set? you scored yourself a wonderful purchase.
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            Its about SGD 46 or so.

            I like it being tiny because it can fit into my pouch. Its about half the length of MAC's travel size.

            I am thinking of MAC's one but it is red...too loud for me. I like to touch up without people noticing me. I will go to DFS's MAC and take a look at theirs. Maybe they will have one old set that is black.

            I have THREE SETS of KP brushes. But I don't like the texture....

            I have one regular size set of brushes at home, from PLATO. But those are too large to bring out.


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              i have the shu travel brushes. great for travel or touchups but can't substitute proper brushes. actually i seldom use mine nowadays. i prefer my TM petite brush set. even smaller than the shu but the brush heads (with the exception of the blush brush) are normal full sized so they're much better for applying makeup.


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                Even Smaller than Shu???? But the brush heads are as large as regular size??

                How much did you pay for them? I think yahoo auction has it but I was skeptical if it is worthwhile to get it.


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                  michelle -----> yup love my new brushes!

                  fortnight -----> i went down to DFS last month, they still have three sets of the black brushes left. (but the pouch is in white) it's $90 for six brushes. but i went down recently again and it's not there anymore. dunno whether they keep the brush set in the store room or they are sold out.


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                    Originally posted by fornight
                    Even Smaller than Shu???? But the brush heads are as large as regular size??

                    How much did you pay for them? I think yahoo auction has it but I was skeptical if it is worthwhile to get it.
                    here's a pic for you to compare.

                    i got mine in a swap. i think it retails for US$75. might be able to get it cheaper on ebay. or if you get the fast trak palette, it also comes with the 4 brushes. i've seen the palette on ebay for US$65 so its really good value.


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                      The brushes I saw in Shu are really mini. Around 9 cm tops.

                      Do you really bring your TM brushes out everyday for touch up???


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                        the shu blush brush in the photo is slightly over 10cm. the TM blush brush is 6.5cm, that's how small the brushes are. and no i dont really bring them out for touchups coz i dont touchup! but i like them for travel or when i'm staying overnight at the bf's.


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                          Is this brush set any good??? :huh:



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                            Anyone tried Chanel's brushes before?


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                              Has anyone splurged on the By Terry face/body brush? It's the one that looks like a kabuki. I figured that instead of CP'ing a Cat, I could just get the By Terry locally. TIA!


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                                Hi gals, need help!

                                I'm currently in search of brushes for applying eyeshadow and those glittery pigments.

                                I only own a Shu 15 sable. What else do I need?

                                Can any gals describe how Shu 10? Is this a good-buy? I wouldn't mind splurging on a Shu brush coz Shu brushes last so long. I'm still using my Pony 20 brush after 6 years.

                                Any other good recs?

                                *Handles must be black.