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    Reviews, recs and prices for all things brushes!
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    My brush collection is all mix and match. I have some brushes from Stila, Paulas Choice, BE, Cat, SK, and BBW (maybe more?).

    Try searching on Productville on MUA for reviews. It seems that we had a discussion on this some time back, but here's some info from my experience:

    PC: I have the blush brush and I love it. It's super soft and the perfect size. The price is certainly right. I also have an eye brush that I use for the outer corner of my eye and another brush that I use to blend my shadows. They are all great quality brushes and I use them everyday.

    Stila: Stila's brushes rock, but they are pricey. I have the #8 powder brush which is awesome and sooooooo soft. I have the short handled one and it's perfect for me. The #21 brush is the flat-top brush and it's another of my faves. This one retails for almost USD$60 ... I found one on Ebay, new and unused, for 1/2 that. I also have the #7 crease brush for shadows and I love it!

    The Cat Kabuki has got to be my all time favorite brush and I use it for mineral foundation. Also use it to apply Stila IPF.

    If I were to buy a complete set, the PC brushes are good quality brushes at a reasonable price. If I had seen the set when I started my brush collection, I probably would have bought it. But, as has been mentioned on the forum before, most of us here have brushes from many different lines ... picking out our faves from each line.



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      i usually stick to MAC and stila for my brushes as they've got some pretty darn good ones. i'm terribly in love with the stila #8 powder brush but it's also darn pricey, so i'd totally lose it if some little kid decided to cut off some of its "hair"/bristles.

      TBS makes some nice soft ones too, and there are many other brands that make brushes like lancome (i think they've started selling their brushes to the public now. at least in melbourne they are, or just started), laura mercier, bobbi brown, even origins.

      MAC, stila and paula's choice have good reps for their brushes so i'd recommend looking at them if you can! PC's especially good value for money.


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        hi all,
        need recommendations for the following:

        1. blush brush for MAC sheertone.
        2. powder brush - loose powder.
        3. concealor brush.
        4. e/s brush.

        now i have NO brushes. ZERO.
        wat i have are those that come with the makeup.
        any sets that are good value for money? or shd i get indiv brushes?
        how much will PC set cost and how long do i have to wait?

        brushless schoolbus


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          magic schoolbus,

          if u want OK brush which don cost an arm & a leg, check TBS! i only own the powder brush, it's synthetic but it's soft & works for me!

          blush & e/s brush - i like shu's. check them out. then again there are a whole lot of e/s brush, depends on what u want. get the shu SA to help u.

          i use my fingers for concealer so cannot help u on this!


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            thanks farah and Mag!
            my budget is quite flexible.
            i just want to get good brushes.
            but at the same time, of cos wld be highly pleased if i can get cheap good ones.
            anyone tried pc ones?
            they seemed to belong to the value-for-money category.
            somehow i wld rather pay more for the actual cosmetics than the brush? cos nobody sees the brush u use? :sotong:


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              Originally posted by hjmsb
              somehow i wld rather pay more for the actual cosmetics than the brush? cos nobody sees the brush u use? :sotong:
              but the brushes touch your face darling! u don't want to be abusing yr face, do you?


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                1. blush brush for MAC sheertone.
                KP KP KP.....I hv been eyeing this one for a long time. Very soft

                2. powder brush - loose powder.
                RMK! Or BB (but I find my brushes shedding)

                3. concealor brush.
                Don't use but I use to own a Nars. I prefer fingers

                4. e/s brush
                Nothing beats Shu e/s brushes (esp no. 10 !). U can also try Stila no. 15 or SK has pretty cheap and decent brushes.


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                  Originally posted by hjmsb
                  hi all,
                  need recommendations for the following:

                  1. blush brush for MAC sheertone.
                  2. powder brush - loose powder.
                  3. concealor brush.
                  4. e/s brush.

                  I'm all mix-n-match when it comes to brushes are my recs...I feel that these are the BEST in the business for each category....but this is strictly just MY opinion.

                  1. Blush brush - By Terry Pochoir
                  2. Loose powder - either Shu's red squirrel hair, or RMK's face brush (the latter is very good value for $)
                  3. Concealer - Shu Uemura 6M sable
                  4. Shu uemura 10 sable, or Stila #15 double ended brush - v. versatile!


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                    Since brushes last a long long time, I think it's worth all your makeup money to invest in a few good brushes.

                    I like the brushes from Paula Dorf, but since they're not available here, so I shan't say more.

                    I think if you really want to shortlist your brushes, the following are MUST-Haves:

                    Powder brush - soft ones are a delux. I've been using the Versace one which is really very soft.

                    Blush brush - I used to own the Bobbi Brown one, but now I only use the Lancome Optic Fiber brush. It's otherwise called the Skunk brush. Makes blushes go on sheerer. But it's not for everyone as the shape is not flat. The hairs are rather few and in between.

                    Eyeliner brush - if you are using the Bobbi Brown gel liners, or using any e/s as liners, then MAC 266 goes all the way!!

                    Eyeshadow brushes are not a necessity in my book. Fingers work just as well. When I'm lazy, I will use my fingers instead of the brushes. Fingers allow the colours to go on sheerer (so it's buildable) and more natural.


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                      Stila #15 $55 before GST hike to 4%!

                      By Terry i think $108.


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                        How about Sonia Kashuk brushes? You can try swapping or custom purchasing these?

                        They are really cheap imo, and worth the money.


                        blush - I like MAC 150 - can double up as powder+blush brush OR the KP one. really exp but worth the splurge

                        concealer - a cheap and good one is probably a taklon one from Spotlight...taklon is good and firm for control when it comes to applying concealer and many art stores carry taklon brushes. Otherwise, you can try a Shu one or the Stila eye concealer one (this one is a little more unwieldy to me since I bought the long handled one but it works nciely)

                        eyeliner - MAC 266 - grabs cream/powdered colour well and is perfect for uplifted line. Otherwise a firm nylon straight cut paint brush at the art stores would suffice too

                        e/s - MAC 217, 219, one for shading, one for crease although the latter can be used for blending too.

                        #15 stila double-sided brush is great - 2 in 1 e/s and liner/crease brush



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                          i like the becca no 3 n 4 brushes for concealers-i'm such a dunce when it comes 2 putting on concealer with my fingers, especially those in pots, cos i find that i'm usually wiping lotsa it off when i try 2 blend it in. they help to apply concealer precisely on spots n other icky stuff

                          ooh yeah, i'm looking for a good blush brush that's not flat-somehow i can't seem 2 use them, i end up with blotches n streaks across my face. kinda odd. any recs?


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                            I think the brush set is a GWP they gave away not too long ago. My opinion - don't get it. Those brushes are not KP, just some generic low quality brushes.


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                              how about getting stila #24? this is double sided and can be used as both a powder brush and blush brush. the larger and flater side is actually a smaller version of the #8 powder brush. you can even use this as a blush brush too. the other smaller 'rounded' side can be used to dust shimmer powder on for highlighter purposes. i also use this to apply blusher right on to the apples of my cheeks (works similar to by terry pochoir brush). i love this brush lots, really very versatile and the bristles are really soft. plus its size and multi-purpose use means that its great for travelling. i'm not too sure how much it retails for in singapore though. i paid AU$145 for it here and even though the price is so marked up, i think its worth every penny i paid.

                              <a href="">Stila #24 brush</a>

                              for eyeshadow, stila #15 is very versatile too. this is also dual side and you can basically use this to do your whole eye, applying to the lid/browbone/crease/undereye, shading this corner etc etc.

                              <a href="">Stila #15 brush</a>

                              as for concealer, i love my becca retractable concealer brush. perfect for applying concealer with creamier/thicker consistenct such as becca. this is very portable coz the design is similar to stila's retractable lip brush so its only half the size when its closed. it looks nice too coz its sleek silver. this shouldnt be too expensive, i paid around AU$38 here.