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  • TheFaceShop

    There is another Korean cosmetic brand shop open at Parco Bugis Junction named The Face Shop (next to Missha). is quite similar to Missha, pricing wise also similar.

    Their yogurt pack's packaging is quite cute, duno how to describe but something like the tartar sauce packaging u get at Macdonald . they have range like strawberry, if i remember correctly there is also grape ...

    They also have hair pack, body wash, lotions, soap, skin care, etc etc...

    Ladies do go check it out ya!

    I bought 2 pencil eyeshadows at @ $8.90ea, prefer this to Missha cos is not so "metallic" ...

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    Wow .. both the shops are side by side ?
    I haven visit Missha yet .. so excited to hear this piece of news!
    Maybe will be going down this weekend and check both shops out .. my poor wallet!
    Anyway, pls comment on The Face Shop products as well!


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      I like their nail colors!! & is only $2.50.. but is kinda "watery" ... but is sooo cheap isn't it...


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        I bought an Anna Sui look-alike mirror from The Face Shop when I was in Seoul. It is cheap and pretty. Do check it out if they carry this in the Singapore branch.


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          Direct competition between MissHa and The Face Shop! So many brands to try, so little time! How's the pricing like? Will drop by soon... :note:


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            Was there yesterday. The SAs were really friendly. Would consider trying some of their stuff as the prices are reasonable.

            I think the nail polishes are not bad at $2.50 only, including nail nourisher, base & top coat!

            The eyeshadows are said to arrive later.

            Will try some of their skincare, then maybe can switch the makeup removers / cleansers to them.


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              I was there today and the friendly staff really left me with a good impression. I was just looking at the nail polishes and the lady boss offered to try it on for me. I happily gave her my hand and she gave me a free "manicure" on the spot. She then offered to put concealor on for me as I had some old acne marks that I didn't cover, then what proceeded was a mini makeover where she applied pressed powder, blusher and lip gloss on me. But she was really nice about it so I wasn't intimidated and because I was so impressed with her service, I bought the pressed powder and the tomato mask. I have not tried the tomato mask but the pressed powder is very fine. Also tested their loose shimmer eye shadows and was impressed because they're very pigmented, the colour showed up immediately.


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                I just bought their mask sheet, currently having a promotion 3 sheet for $10. can't wait to try it tonight will post my review soon...

                Heard from the SA that more cosmetics will be coming in!
                (btw, their stick eyeshadows are out of stock.)


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                  I went to check it out today. Seems like right now they have more skin care items than makeup. I bought a grape yogurt pack ($7.90 for 4 servings), haven't tried it yet. I saw on a display card that that shows a grapefruit yogurt pack, but SA told me they didn't bring in this scent. Bummer.

                  I also bought a grapefruit body scrub (5oz, $11.90). It was only so so. My complaint is that I can't smell any grapefruit at all right after I shower off. But exfoliation-wise, it's slightly inferior to St Ives body scrub.

                  Let's hope the grape yogurt pack will be a hit!


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                    The eyeshadow stick is not out of stock. It just havent make it way to sg... because the authorities still testing many of their products. Hopefully they will be passed and come to our shore.

                    Packaging wise, TFS scores better.
                    Pricing wise, Missha is more wallet friendly, however, TFS offers better quality products.


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                      mmm... but i had bought 2 eyeshadow stick on the 1st day... :roll:
                      & when i check with the SA yesterday cos my colleague wanted to buy, she told me is out of stock & shld be arriving soon together with the other new items...


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                        I went on the 2nd day, and it's already sold out on the 1st day. Maybe they just brought a few in to test response?

                        So how're the eyeshadow stick you got?
                        What colors are they and do they crease?


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                          Maybe you r right, they just bring in a few to test the response.

                          Quite happy with my stick eyeshadow, i actually prefer it to Missha. i find Missha's too "metalic" for me, while TFS is just nice with a bit of shimmer...

                          IIRC, they have it in blue, green, pink, purple & white. While i bought the white & pink. Like the white, I use it as a eyeliner.

                          May i know ... how do i test if the e/s creased? So sorry, I am very bad at describtion

                          Quite like the mask sheet. It's no mess at all. I tried the Caviar in Rose...Can feel my skin is smoother & nourished cos i have dehydrated skin, so this works well for me
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                            You know, I have oily lids, so my eyeshadow or whatever eye products will "melt" after a while(unless i apply a mattifying base, which i dislike its drying after feel), and they kind of gather at the fold of the lid.

                            How much are the eye sticks? same as Missha? like to get some when the stocks arrive. hehe


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                              Visited the shop with my friend last weekend. The SAs are really friendly

                              Truly agreed that the shop carries more skin care product than cosmetics. The prices of the products are pretty reasonable.

                              My friend and I bought a few bottles of nail polish....really cheap.... $2.50 per bottle.

                              Will definitely drop by the place again to check out their skin care products