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  • Himalaya Herbal Products

    hi, performed a search and can't find related topic. thus starting this thread.

    saw the products in watsons earlier on and am rather interested in some stuff. there's 'relaxant' (for sleeping disorders), 'increasing alertness', 'balancing metabolism' and 'promotes blood circulation' etc. it's all natural ayurvedic products from india.

    wonder if anyone tried before? appreciate your comments. thanks.

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    Himalaya Herbal Products

    hi all,

    am new here and am wondering if anyone has used this brand called himalaya herbals?

    any thoughts on it? I recently purchased the neem face wash hoping it will help my blemished skin but its been 2 weeks and my face feels the same.


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      I only used the body lotion and shampoo/conditioner. But heard there were some raves for the Neem Face Mask?


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        Have the neem face pack. Satisfied with the cleaness and smoothness aftermath but not really a wow product. But there are tingling sensation while applying the mask.


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          thanks girls =) ill go check the face pack out..hopefully it helps..


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            Tried these from the range:

            (a) Neem face pack
            Skin feels clean and there is a slight glow. Bt i **** the glow comes from the tumeric coz my fingers were a teeny bit stained with yellow after applying the mask.

            (b) Fruit pack
            Feels the same as the neem

            (c) Acne n pimple cream
            Hee no effect at all

            I say if you really wana buy smting, the neem one is satisfactory


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              im starting to love himalaya's products. firstly its because its almost free from chemicals.
              i tried the neem pack, feels a lil harsh on my face but wanting to try the fruit pack! i love their Gentle Face Wash Cream alot =)


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                with purifying neem fash wash for more than a yr nw. suits me well.

                others than that ever used the :-
                - mudpack
                - apricot scrub
                - revitalizing night cream
                - ashvagandha herbs


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                  i used it last time the Neem face wash, neem mud pack, and the acne cream

                  my face gets worst, and ive got lots of blackheads which i dont have before.

                  i even used their supplement for skin, i finished two bottles but nothing happens.


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                    Himalaya Herbals

                    Not sure where to park this thread since Himalaya Herbals products include beauty and hair care and vitamins.

                    Would luv to hear from Cotters who have used their stuff. The , the bad, the still-not-sure-yet. I've been using the Hair Revitaliser Oil. For now, it's in the "still-not-sure-yet" category.
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                      Must've been wearing other people's lenses when I started the thread on Himalaya yesterday. Now that I'm reading earlier posts, mine is so no-talk (bo ****). Ignore me.


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                        i used this brand before.. Not too bad but not 'wow' either.. I tried their neem face wash (not bad), gentle face wash (harsh to my skin, probably cos its for oily skin), face moisturising lotion (ok, but i can't seem to finish it!), neem face pack (quite good, made my face feel firm and clean), gentle refreshing toner (just like other toners, but i like the fact that it is alcohol free), exfoiliating walnut scrub (ok, but i prefer st ives) Dun bother trying the pimple cream, it doesn't work! But besides that, i think its not bad..


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                          but did anyone try the deep cleansing milk? Any reviews? Feel like trying it..


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                            neem mask makes my skin glows. but nt effective in treating zits. heard their protein shampoo is super gd?


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                              i think HH products are pretty ok for this price
                              im using the refreshing toner (alcohol-free) and face moisturising lotion (lightweight and non-oily... good for day use)